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Orbit Chewing Gum
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Orbit Chewing Gum



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  • 1. ORBIT Swetha S (29) | Devika Gupta (93) Advertising MBA | SIMC 2010
  • 2. Orbit chabao, Health banao
  • 3. About the Market
  • 4. An attractive market The confectionery market has grown steadily over the past five years at a rate of 5% (compound annual growth rate) Growth in developed markets, which represent around 60% of the total by value, has been at around 3% p.a. whereas growth in emerging markets, the remaining 40%, has been strong at around 10% p.a. Source: rates.ashx%3Fw%3D450%26h%3D355%26as%3D1&imgrefurl= markets.aspx&usg=__0yJGxogaOLebFfnQHhz8BBRHIG8=&h=355&w=450&sz=29&hl=en&start=39&sig2=xYEpOeA46vxd8cmxwQdNjw&tbnid=R5WNnXYkVgrrJM:&tbnh=100&tbnw=127&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dconfectionery %2Bmarket%2Bindia%2Bwrigley%2527s%26gbv%3D2%26ndsp%3D18%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DN%26start%3D36&ei=BTtfS7LCHZaXkQXU-8G0DA
  • 5. Global Confectionery Market Category Share: US Dollar Value Global confectionery market is the world’s fourth largest packaged food market it is 9% of that market. Retail value of US$141 billion. Source: 515043%26SessionID%3D7rCiWSCK0t83827&usg=__xqBET1rp6EfhzH8AASx_aLruWFo=&h=211&w=317&sz=6&hl=en&start=62&sig2=cT32pRTZgH5YdbzyhRSGIQ&tbnid=rbNFUWx6W4LeGM:&tbnh=79&tbnw=118&pre v=/images%3Fq%3Dconfectionery%2Bmarket%2Bindia%2Bwrigley%2527s%26gbv%3D2%26ndsp%3D18%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DN%26start%3D54&ei=ETtfS9jtKoygkQXLktWyDA
  • 6. Global Confectionery Market Category Share: US Dollar Value Developed markets Emerging markets Developed markets, account for around 67% of the global market grew by 3%. Sugar-free gum market grew at around 8% per annum. Source: 515043%26SessionID%3D7rCiWSCK0t83827&usg=__xqBET1rp6EfhzH8AASx_aLruWFo=&h=211&w=317&sz=6&hl=en&start=62&sig2=cT32pRTZgH5YdbzyhRSGIQ&tbnid=rbNFUWx6W4LeGM:&tbnh=79&tbnw=118&pre v=/images%3Fq%3Dconfectionery%2Bmarket%2Bindia%2Bwrigley%2527s%26gbv%3D2%26ndsp%3D18%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DN%26start%3D54&ei=ETtfS9jtKoygkQXLktWyDA
  • 7. Category : Confectionary Chewing gum Facts International Sugar-free market Market share Spain leads 54% Switzerland 49% Medicated candy had started dominating the Asian market in which China 40% Highest growth in China 36% 12 $ billion gum market is growing at 3% Sale of sugar-free gum growing at 15%
  • 8. Gum market in India • Growth 20% • Per capita consumption of gum 8 pieces/year • Per capita consumption of gum in US 200 pieces/year • Orbit closes at 10 million gum pieces everyday in India • Size of India’s total gum category is around Rs 1,000 crore Chewing gums 44% Bubble gums 56% *A C Neilson Report
  • 9. Use of chewing gum or bubble gum 59% of adults 89% of teens 91% of children 73% of children prefer regular gum to sugarless Average consumption per week Adults 08 pieces Teens 11 pieces Children 04 pieces
  • 10. - Confectionery market Rs 41 billion - Volume turnover 223500 tonnes p.a. - Urban areas 73% - Rural markets 27% - Hard boiled candy 18% - Eclairs and Toffees 18% - Gums & Mints & lozenges 13% - Digestive Candies & Lollipop 02% - Overall industry growth 23% Segment & sugar confectionery segment has declining by 19%
  • 11. Indian Confectionary Market • India is primarily a mono pack market while the market worldwide is a multi pack market. • The trade is also significantly different with the global market relying heavily on organised trade. In India retail outlets like paan shops, kirana outlets result in the bulk of the sales and organised trade is still insignificant in terms of sales. • Functional products and sugar free confectionery dominate the worlwide market while that trend is yet to pick up in India
  • 12. Consumption behaviour Female respondents who have use gum or mints are significantly more likely than their male counterparts to usually carry these products with them. When it comes to experimentation, it is seen that about half of respondents who use gum and mints strongly agree or agree that they really enjoy trying new flavours of gum or mints Only 60% prefer extremely bold flavours of mints and gum Just 55% of younger respondents, those aged 18-24 like extremely bold flavours Considering attributes of chewing gum, long-lasting flavour is an attribute desired by almost nine in ten respondents who use gum
  • 13. Competition
  • 14. Happydent White by Perfetti • Launched in India: 2001 • awarded the Indian Dental association (IDA) seal • Sub-Brands: Happydent white and Protex Happydent white Distribution: Factory – C&FA – Distributor – Wholesaler/Retailer – Consumer They have grown 25% in volume and 27% in value in the year 2002 over 2001.
  • 15. Them VS Us Brand Packaging Price (Rs.) Happydent White Bipack (one pillow pouch 1 & 10 with 2 dragees), Fliptop Happydent Protex & Blister Pack, Pocket 5 & 30 Happydent White Xylit Bottle Pack Wrigley’s Orbit Sachet, 6 Pellet Pack, 1, 5 & 30 Bottle
  • 16. Happydent White ads Happy dent white Smile please: Happy dent white elephant shine teeth: re=related Happy dent white city light roshan roshan: Happy dent white sweater: =related
  • 17. Orbit so far…
  • 18. Phase I Agency BBDO Selling point White sparkling teeth Consumer Insight Oral care Tagline " Its working“ Jingle " Yellow Yellow Dirty Fellow, White White Orbit White" USP of its ability to reduce the chances of tooth decay by 40% . Positioned as a functional gum Shows the gum working even on a cow Use the protagonist Dr.Bhatawdekar Link to the TVC:
  • 19. Phase II Advertising agency BBDO Selling point Being used by cricketing superstars Marketing Proposition Tying up with cricket Consumer Insight Cricket has a huge fan following in India Communicated value Being cool accessory
  • 20. Phase III Advertising agency BBDO Selling point Khaane ke baad Marketing proposition Dropping PH levels in the mouth after meals Consumer Insight Health consciousness and changing lifestyles Message communicated Launch of this chewing gum holds special significance, as this leads to the danger of teeth being susceptible to plaque acids, which leads to manifold increase in demineralization Link to the TVC:
  • 21. Phase IV Agency BBDO Selling Point Gleaming teeth Tagline ' Everyday Magic with’ Proposition The big idea is that a sweet smile creates magic in one's life; focusing on Smile Link to the TVC:
  • 22. Phase V Agency Mudra Selling Point IDA certified Proposition only gum to be certified by IDA Insight Prevents tooth related problems Link to the TVC: L943w
  • 23. Phase VI Agency Mudra Communications Selling point Role model Deepika Padukone as a health ambassador Proposition To promote Orbit as a ‘dental care specialist’ Tagline " It really Works “ Link to the TVC:
  • 24. Some International Ads For Orbit whitening
  • 25. Some International Ads For Orbit whitening
  • 26. Some International Ads For Orbit kids
  • 27. Some International Ads
  • 28. Some International Ads
  • 29. Some International Ads For Orbit clean feeling campaign
  • 30. Some International Ads
  • 31. Some International Ads
  • 32. Some International Ads
  • 33. Some International Ads: Khane ke baad | After any meal
  • 34. Packaging Blister pack 6 pieces Rs.5/- Bottle Rs.30/-
  • 35. India follows western trade Obesity hit the urban youth • Diabetic population which will i increase to 80 million people by 2030 Aspirers and seekers growing Retail trade increasing - more demand for sugar-free products
  • 36. People eat chewing gum for several reasons • Weight loss • Freshness • Health care • Anti – smoking propellant
  • 37. Weight Loss • Research from the University of Rhode Island shows : – After subjects chewed gum in the morning, their calorie intake at lunch was decreased by 68 calories – Additionally, when subjects chewed gum with a natural pace before and after eating, their energy expenditure increased and was higher by approximately five percent, as compared to when they did not chew gum. • Research from the Pennington Biomedical Research Center and Louisiana State University shows: – Chewing gum significantly reduced afternoon snack intake by 40 calories. – Gum chewers also reported that their energy levels were maintained between lunch and an afternoon snack, and they were significantly less drowsy than non-gum chewers. *Wrigley’s research
  • 38. Health • Emerging research shows that the act of chewing gum can increase blood flow to the brain. In fact, studies have shown that blood flow to the brain may increase by at least 25-40 percent when chewing gum. • 67 percent of everyday athletes who chew gum indicate they do so before their sporting event or competition to help relieve stress. • 56 percent of college athletes who chew gum indicated that they chew gum because in keeps them focused and 52 percent chew gum because it increases their concentration. • People's ability to learn, retain and retrieve information: gum chewers' scores were 24 percent higher than the control group on tests involving immediate word recall and 36 percent higher than controls on tests involving delayed word recall. *Wrigley’s research
  • 39. Our Target Audience
  • 40. Age: 18-35
  • 41. Educated
  • 42. Professional
  • 43. Professional
  • 44. Looks Fashion Conscious
  • 45. beauty Style
  • 46. healthy
  • 47. Social eats out thrice a week
  • 48. Strivers Global Indian Seekers
  • 49. chabao, Health banao Fight the seven deadly sins
  • 50. Objective To make ORBIT a healthy replacement to the habit of munching and promote orbit as an easy way to lose weight. Current Perception: Oral Care New perception: Overall fitness
  • 51. BIG IDEA • We play on the fact that our TG likes to be fit and healthy, yet with the kind of social life that they deal with, it’s difficult to do so. • So we suggest Orbit chabao, health banao • We will seek to play on the concept of the seven deadly sins with respect to health and food, and get people to not indulge in gluttony or lust for food etc rather chew chewing gums to kill the urge. • Disruption occurs in the utility of the product. • What better way to protect your teeth and lose weight!
  • 52. Consumer definitions of good health Being trim/not overweight 5% Immunity to illness/diseases 33% Physical fitness- well toned muscles, flexible body 12% Mentally alert Energy/stamina 20% to carry on routine activities without feeling tired 30% Source: The Knowledge Company, Technopak | The Marketing Whitebook 2009-2010
  • 53. What consumers do to stay healthy Any food related Going for preventive health check-ups 8 activity taking vitamins, tonic, health supplements 17 Cutting down on smoking/liquor intake 19 99% Regular exercise like walking, playing… 23 Reducing stress 31 Getting regular sleep 53 Eating less of fried items, sweets 41 Eating a well balanced nutritious diet 62 Eating more of home made food 67 Eating on time 71 Eating right quantities of food 72 Source: The Knowledge Company, Technopak | The Marketing Whitebook 2009-2010
  • 54. Where do we hit the consumer… • We thus, target the consumer at places where he is likely to munch on things or when he is likely to munch on things. • Such as: •Movie theatres (discard the butter popcorn) •At office (in between meals) •At gyms •While in transit (railways stations, airports etc)
  • 55. Concept: Seven Deadly Sins • Gluttony: don’t eat more. • Anger: if you’re angry quit the smoke and the food, take a gum • Greed: no more food • Sloth: if you get lazy don’t munch on that extra weight • Envy: don’t envy a neighbour with a good health, have good health of your own • Pride: be vain for a good body, it takes all that chewing to get there • Lust: get lusty for safe health not more food. • Basis these sins our campaign will focus on avoiding munching to gain health and remain healthy.
  • 56. Internet Point of Out-of- Purchase home Medias Used Events Radio
  • 57. Internet • Social media: – Facebook: quizzes on which sin are you, how much orbit do you need to stay fit, what does your eating pattern say about you . – Games: tie-up with zapak or a facebook game, based on the common striker games wherein people have to hit food and fat people using a striker which dispells orbit chews. – Fan page, orbit badges application • Banner ads for the same concept – Banner ads on “kill the urge” and “don’t be a sinner” concepts • Ads on the landing page of websites • Dedicated website for people to know more about the campaign – Take an oath/pledge to stay fit – Learn more about simpler ways to stay fit • Create funny viral videos after the campaign kicks off and try to promote the same idea
  • 58. Out-of-home • Hoardings/Bus shelters: – Hire hoarding and bus shelters to build frequency about the campaign and have • Helicopter: – Showers of blessings: have helicopter drop orbit sachets in main metros on prime locations such as malls etc. • Piñatas: • these are South American clay made hangings which when broken have things inside something similar to a khoi bag that people have at birthday parties. • There can be piñatas in the shape of fat or obese people which when hit break only to drop a shower of orbit satchets. • These can be placed in malls, corporate parks, colleges etc. • Mascots/human hoardings: – Get people to dress up as the seven sins and roam around malls, colleges etc distributing sachets of orbit . • Malls: – Have cut outs and banners hanging at malls
  • 59. Event • Anti obesity marathon: – Date: 22nd May – World obesity day – Is an effective way to launch the campaign – Celebrate world obesity day by conducting a marathon of joggers or health conscious people to pledge against extra eating, munching etc. – Orbit branding to be done there using placards, signage's. – Have the seven deadly sins mascot move around with the participants in the rally.
  • 60. Radio • Radio jingles to promote the marathon. • Also using radio promos to push the product by creating funny jingles all based around the concept of the seven deadly. • Get RJs to play quizzes with people and tell them which sin are they. • Start an anti obesity radio jingle by Orbit
  • 61. Packaging • Sachets: – Each pack containing two chewing gums – Rs.2 – 7 flavours for seven sins • Blister pack – Holograms at the back which have fluctuating images of fat people and fit people.
  • 62. Point of purchase • Vending Machines which dispense Rs.2 sachets of Orbit. • Create new stands for the blister packs and bottles, wherein they are stacked in a way that they form the belly of a fat man/woman. On top of the stand there is a head of a person as well. As the product keeps selling, i.e. the SKUs reduce one is revealed a thin body below the stocks, to show that the more you eat orbit the chances of getting healthier increase.
  • 63. Distribution • The vending machines to be placed at: Gyms Offices Movie Theatres Metro stations College canteens Airports
  • 64. Tie-ups • Tie-ups with dieticians/gyms can be done in order to both promote their brand and our product. • The blister pack paper cover can be branded by health related organisations, while the inside of the pack continues to have orbit details on it. These blister packs can be distributed by the organisations at their venues. • Probable tie-ups: – Talwalkars – Gold gym Branded blister pack of orbit
  • 65. References • • happening-ads.html • • • ages/Research/Armed%2520to%2520the%2520teeth1.pdf+happydent+white+mar ket+share+india&cd=7&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=in • MCMK0030.htm
  • 66. Thank you