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122 naver-deview2013-tizen-universal-device-platform-r20131014


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  • 1. Tizen – Universal Device Platform 이원석 수석 / 박정혁 선임 , 삼성전자
  • 2. Table of Contents • What is Tizen ? • Introducing Tizen web framework • HTML5 features on Tizen • Upcoming cutting-edge HTML5 features • Tizen Web Device APIs • Tizen SDK Demo 2
  • 3. What is Tizen ? • Tizen is an open source, standards-based software platform • • smartphones, tablets, netbooks, in-vehicle infotainment devices, TVs, and more. • Tizen provides a robust and flexible environment for application development, based on HTML5 • HTML5: the preferred development environment for apps/services for the future robust capabilities and cross platform flexibility • The Tizen project resides within the Linux Foundation • 3 The Linux Foundation: non-profit technology consortium chartered to foster the growth of Linux.
  • 4. Why Tizen ? • Market Growth Millions of Units 1200 1000 800 775.79 600 677.18 561.42 400 200 458.01 362.45 270.93 169.73 17.61 2010 0 114.58 235.69 69.08 2011 2012 2013 2014 Smart Phones 318.32 2015 Media Tablets Worldwide Smartphone and Media Tablet Shipments, 2010-2015 *Source: Gartner, Inc.,, Emerging Technology Analysis: Mobile Business Intelligence, 13 July 2011 4
  • 5. Why Tizen? • Mobile OS 주도권 경쟁이 타 분야로 확산 5
  • 6. Introducing Tizen Web Framework
  • 7. Tizen Architecture • Tizen is a Linux-based platform providing both Web and native APIs 7
  • 8. Tizen Web APIs Tizen Web APIs Device API W3C Miscellaneous Application HTML5 Web GL Bluetooth CSS3 Web Worker Typed Array Calendar Geolocation WebAudio Full Screen API Contact Touch Event WebSocket JSON Messaging File Widget URI Scheme … 8 … …
  • 9. HTML5TEST.COM Score of Tizen 9
  • 10. HTML5 features on Tizen
  • 11. HTML5 Feature Set Specifications Description DOM, Forms and Styles HTML5 Forms, Selectors API, Media Queries, CSS Transforms, CSS Animations, CSS Transitions, CSS Color, CSS Background and Borders, CSS Flexible Box Layout, CSS Text, CSS Basic User Interface, CSS Fonts, WOFF File Format 1.0, DOM Support fundamental Web document structure and styles Device Touch Events, Device Orientation, Battery Status API, Vibration API, Browser Online State, Screen Orientation API, Network Information API Support device capabilities such as sensors, network connectivity information, etc. Graphics Canvas 2D, SVG Support Canvas graphic and SVG Media Video/Audio Element, getUserMedia, Web Audio API, HTML Media Capture Support Video and Audio capabilities in HTML Communication Web Socket API, XMLHttpRequest Level2, Session History, Server-Sent Events, Web messaging Support fetching remote resource, communication between client and server, remote event dispatch, etc. Storage Web Storage, File API, File API: Writer, File API: Directories and System, Application caches, Indexed DB, Web SQL Database Support device storage capabilities 11
  • 12. HTML5 Feature Set Specifications Description Security Cross-Origin Resource Sharing, iframe sandboxing, Content Security Policy Support secure mechanism for origin protection and content isolation UI Clipboard API and Events, Drag and Drop Support rich user experience Performance and Optimization Web Workers, Page Visibility, Animation Timing Control, Navigation Timing Support parallel execution, performance optimization methods Location Geolocation API Support location watch capabilities 12
  • 13. Upcoming cutting-edge HTML5 features
  • 14. Upcoming HTML5 Features • Media • Media Source Extensions, Encrypted Media Extensions, WebRTC • Device APIs • Ambient Light Events, Proximity Events • Security • Web Cryptography • Storage • 14 Quota Management API
  • 15. Tizen Web Device APIs
  • 16. Why Tizen Web Device APIs? • Limitations of standard specifications • • Most of them are still working drafts No full support for the Tizen characteristic features • Tizen Web device APIs • • 16 Device APIs give the characteristic features of the Tizen platform Device APIs have been updated agilely
  • 17. Tizen Web Device APIs Design • Follows W3C specification API style • • • Numerical constants avoided but string enumerations used Most methods are asynchronous Success and error callback, and constructors used • Based on standard technologies • • Tizen Web device API specifications are written in WebIDL Implementation follows the fundamental rule of ECMAScript 5.1 and W3C WebIDL recommendation (for example, type conversion) • Defined tizen namespace • • 17 All Tizen device APIs exist in the tizen namespace tizen is the global object to which all Tizen device APIs are bound
  • 18. Tizen Web Device APIs Design • Defined tizen namespace typeof window.tizen // returns object var notification = new tizen.StatusNotification(“SIMPLE”, “Hello Tizen !”);; 18
  • 19. Tizen Web Device API Modules Tizen common Tizen Content Content Download Application Communication Alarm Bluetooth Application Messaging Data Control Network Bearer Selection Package NFC Push Social System Bookmark Power Calendar System Information Call History System Setting Contact Time Data Synchronization Web Setting Secure Element Input/Output File System Message Port User interface Notification 19
  • 20. Tizen Common Tizen APIs (1/2) Tizen • Tizen • Provides Tizen’s common functionalities • • 20 Contains object interfaces that are commonly used throughout the other modules The tizen object is the topmost object providing the foundations for accessing Tizen device features
  • 21. Tizen Common Tizen APIs (2/2) Tizen • Tizen’s common object interfaces • Generic asynchronous callback handling • • • Generic error and exception handling • • • Tizen APIs throw a WebAPIException object and returns a WebAPIError object through error callbacks These follow the style and types of error of DOM4 specification. Filters and sort modes • • 21 Success callback for methods that do not require a return value Error callback for methods that require an error as input parameter Filters are used to limit query results and compose complex queries Generally, filters are used with the find() method in Calendar, Call History, Contact, Content, and Messaging modules
  • 22. Application Application APIs (1/2) Alarm Application Data Control Package • Alarm • Schedules an application to be launched at a specific time • Application • • Manages current application Manages other applications • • Launches other applications • 22 Retrieves information of applications Application Control
  • 23. Application Application APIs (2/2) Alarm Application Data Control Package • Package • • • 23 Retrieves information of installed packages Checks the updates of the installed package list Installs or uninstalls packages Package is a piece of applications that the system can install and uninstall, such as wgt or tpk
  • 24. Communication Communication APIs (1/2) Bluetooth Messaging Network Bearer Selection NFC Push • Bluetooth • • • Manages Bluetooth devices Discovers nearby devices, and bonds or pairs with found devices Connects to devices to exchange data with them • NFC • • • Manages NFC devices Detects NFC tag and peer Exchanges NDEF data • Messaging • • 24 Secure Element Sends or receives SMS, MMS, or email messages Retrieves the message storage
  • 25. Communication Communication APIs (2/2) Bluetooth Messaging Network Bearer Selection NFC Push • Secure Element • Provides functionality to communicate with applications in several secure elements, such as UICC/SIM, embedded Secure Element, or Secure SD card • Push • 25 Secure Element Receives push notifications from the Tizen push server
  • 26. Content Content APIs (1/2) Content Download • Content • • • • • 26 Discovers and manages images, video, music, and other files Scans content or directory metadata in the device and updates the content database Retrieves content from content database using filters Browses content by getting a list of content directories Views and edits content item details
  • 27. Content Content APIs (2/2) • Download • • Downloads files from a specific URL Enables applications to manage download operation details • • • • 27 Sets the stored location of a downloaded file Sets the network type: cellular, Wi-Fi, or default Get operation status: current received size and events Gets the file MIME type Content Download
  • 28. Input / Output Input/Output APIs File System Message Port • Filesystem • Accesses the file system virtual root locations • • Manages file storage • • • • Documents, downloads, images, music, videos, ringtones, wgt-package, wgt-private, and wgt-private-tmp Internal and external Mounted, removed, or unmountable Accesses files and directories Creates, reads, edits or deletes files and directories • Message Port • 28 Communicates with other applications: IPC based on application ID
  • 29. Social Bookmark Social APIs (1/3) Calendar Call History Contact Data Synchronization • Contact • Manages contacts in device address books • • Manages persons • • Including adding, searching, updating, and deleting Person is the aggregation of one or more contacts that are the information of the same person Supports vCard 3.0 Contact repository Persons Address book #0 [phone] Address book #1 [Facebook] 29 Address book #2 [Google]
  • 30. Social Social APIs (2/3) Bookmark Calendar Call History Contact Data Synchronization • Calendar • Manages events and tasks • • • • Including adding, searching, updating, and deleting Each event or task has a series of attributes, such as purpose, starting time, and duration Monitors the changes in events and tasks Supports iCalendar v2.0, based on RFC 5545 • Call History • • • 30 Browses the call history of a device Removes call history entries Monitors changes
  • 31. Social Social APIs (3/3) Bookmark Calendar Call History Contact Data Synchronization • Data Synchronization • Synchronizes device data to the server using the OMA DS 1.2 protocol • • Manages the OMS DS profile slots • • 31 Contact data or calendar data Tizen platform sets a limitation on the number of supported profiles Adds, updates and removes profiles
  • 32. System System APIs (1/2) Power System Information System Setting Time • Time • Provides TZDate type that is an extended type of ECMAScript date • • It contains the time zone information as well as time information Provides utility functions for managing system time and duration • • Methods for getting local time or time zone Methods for calculating time duration • System Information • Enables access various properties of the system • • 32 Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi, Front/back Camera, Flash, GPS, Sensors, Platform and API version, USB host/accessory Monitors the change of system information
  • 33. System System APIs (2/2) Power System Information System Setting Time • System Setting • Sets or gets the system setting values • • • • HOME_SCREEN: Home screen background image LOCK_SCREEN: Lock screen background image INCOMING_CALL: incoming call ringtone NOTIFICATION_EMAIL: email notification alert tone • Power • Manages the power state for the screen resource • • • 33 Sets or gets the state of the screen: off, dim, normal, or bright Monitors the changes in the state of the screen Sets the CPU not to sleep
  • 34. User Interface Notification User Interface APIs • Notification • Posts UI notifications about application events ONGOING notification PROGRESS notification SIMPLE notification 34
  • 35. Tizen SDK Demo
  • 36. Tizen Developer Site • 36
  • 37. Tizen Developer Summit • The Ritz-Carlton Seoul • Seoul, Korea • November 11 - 12, 2013 37
  • 38. Thanks for your attention!
  • 39. Appendix.
  • 40. Tizen Web Application
  • 41. Configuration for Web Applications • config.xml file • • Defined in the W3C Packaging and XML Configuration specification Tizen namespace is defined for describing Tizen specific features • Properties related with device APIs Element tizen:application Describes the application ID and package ID. tizen:app-control Defines the application control that this application provides. <tizen:app-control> <tizen:src name="controller.html" /> <tizen:operation name="" /> </tizen:app-control> tizen:privilege 41 Description Example Describes the privilege that this application needs. <tizen:privilege name="" /> <tizen:application id="UJedH64lXL.Test" package="UJedH64lXL" required_version="2.1" />
  • 42. Application Signing • Applications must be signed with 2 signatures: • Author signature • • • Distributer signature • • 42 Determines the integrity of an application package as intended by the developer Confirms that all applications that are signed with the same author certificate are trustworthy Generated by an application publisher Determines the privilege level of the application.
  • 43. Privilege Levels • Privileges are categorized into 3 levels • • • public: open to all Tizen application developers partner: for partners registered on the Tizen store platform: for managing the Tizen platform API privilege level Nonprivileged public partner platform public O O X X partner O O O X platform O O O O Application distributor certification 43
  • 44. Privileges • Some APIs require privileges for using them from an application • • Privilege level: application needs to have higher privilege level than the required one to use the API Privilege: needs to be described in config.xml Required privileges are described in API specification documents 44
  • 45. APIs with partner or public privileges Privilege 45 kill / getAppCert Network Bearer Selection Secure Element System Information ALL ALL imei, msisdn, msin Package Platform Methods Application Data Control Partner Module install / uninstall setVisible Bluetooth Bookmark ALL ALL
  • 46. Application Control (AppControl)
  • 47. Application Control • Application control enables launching other applications based on the functionalities needed • For example: Contacts app uses the Gallery app to select an image file Launching Gallery app through the application control Reply with the path of the selected file 47
  • 48. Application Control Request launch with the ApplicationControl instance Tizen application AppControl registry Resolve app ID to launch from given app control operation : ‘ /view’ url : ‘’ mime : ‘text/html’ AppControl manager Caller applicationgets the Caller application gets the response data response data 48 Launch the selected application and pass the ApplicationControl instance key : values key : values … Reply the result Base application
  • 49. Example: Requesting Application • Requesting AppControl: var appControl = new tizen.ApplicationControl( '', null, 'image/*', null); tizen.application.launchAppControl(appControl, null, function() { console.log("Launching AppControl succeeded"); }, function(e) { console.log("Launching AppControl failed"); }, { onsuccess : function(data) { console.log("AppControl returned success"); data.forEach(function(v, i) { console.log("["+i+"] key : "+v.key); v.value.forEach(function(vv, vi) { console.log("---- value#"+vi+“ : "+vv); }); onsuccess function is invoked when the }); base application returns the result data }, onfailure : function() { console.log("AppControl returned failure"); } } ... ConsoleMessage ... :Launching AppControl succeed Printed log ... ConsoleMessage ... :AppControl returned success ); ... ConsoleMessage ... :[0] key : ... ConsoleMessage ... :---- value#0 : /opt/usr/media/Images/image2.jpg 49 Launch Reply
  • 50. Providing AppControl in Your Application (1/2) • Edit AppControl in the IDE: Tizen tab <tizen:app-control> <tizen:src name="control.html" /> <tizen:operation name="" /> <tizen:mime name="image/*" /> </tizen:app-control> 50
  • 51. Providing AppControl in Your Application (2/2) • Handle passed ApplicationControl instance and reply the result RequestedApplicationControl instance has the received AppControl, the caller’s appID and functions for reply function initAppControl() { var currentApp = tizen.application.getCurrentApplication(); var reqedAppControl = currentApp.getRequestedAppControl(); var appControl = reqedAppControl.appControl; ApplicationControl instance has the same value with the AppControl instance sent from caller application Replying the result, if any console.log("operation:" + appControl.operation + " / uri:" + appControl.uri + " / mime:" + appControl.mime); // Do something reqedAppControl.replyResult( [ tizen.ApplicationControlData('key0', ['value0_0']), tizen.ApplicationControlData('key1', ['value1_0']) ] ); } window.addEventListener('load', initAppControl, false); 51
  • 52. Application Control Model Description Example Operation • Defines the action to be performed by the application control • Mandatory item for application control • IRI style URI • Data on which the action is performed http, tel, mailto … MIME • Specific URI type • If MIME is not set and URI has a file scheme, the MIME is automatically determined by local file audio/*, video/* … Application control data Used for resolution • Key-value pairs providing additional information for the service request • Dataset * AppControl Manager resolves the application whose operation, URI, and MIME type match the requested ApplicationControl instance exactly 52
  • 53. Base AppControls Base application Operation URI MIME Internet (Browser) http - MusicPlayer - audio/* VideoPlayer - video/* Phone tel - Call tel - Camera - image/jpeg, video/3gpp FileManager - */*, image/*, audio/*, video/* Email mailto - ImageViewer - image/* … * The base AppControls are provided by the system default applications 53
  • 54. Example: Requesting Application Operation var appControl = new tizen.ApplicationControl( URI "", "file:///opt/usr/media/Images/image1.jpg", null, MIME is null, but would be determined to be null); image/jpeg based on the URI value tizen.application.launchAppControl(appControl, null, function() { console.log("launch appControl succeed"); }, function(e) { console.log("launching appControl failed : " + e.message); } ); Launch ImageViewer 54
  • 55. Providing AppControl in Your Application • 3rd party application can provide a new AppControl by describing a new AppControl in the config.xml file The path of HTML file launched initially when <tizen:app-control> this AppControl is requested <tizen:src name="[PAGE]" /> <tizen:operation name="[OPERATION]" /> <tizen: uri name="[URI_SCHEME]" /> <tizen:mime name="[MIME_TYPE]" /> </tizen:app-control> 55
  • 56. Attribute Filter - Flags string caseonly sensitive SQL ‘WHERE’ expression Description EXACTLY X O ATTR = 'VALUE' Match exactly with the specified value FULLSTRING O X ATTR LIKE 'VALUE' Match with the whole string but case-insensitive CONTAINS O X ATTR LIKE '%VALUE%' Contain the specified string and case-insensitive STARTSWITH O X ATTR LIKE 'VALUE%' Start with the specified string and case-insensitive ENDSWITH O X ATTR LIKE '%VALUE' End with the specified string and case-insensitive EXISTS* - - IS NOT NULL or ATTR <> '' Have any value not null nor empty string * If the EXISTS flag is set, the matchValue is not necessary and can be ignored 56