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  • 1. Business 101 Using Facebook Fan Pages
    for sbdc © jay massey 2010
  • 2.
    • Every day, over 150 million people in the US visit Facebook to connect with friends and their favorite businesses, brands and organizations. Creating a Page for your business is the first step to building lasting conversations with your customers on Facebook. And it’s fast, easy and free!
    Lets Not Forget the FaceBook Mission-
    “Give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected”
  • 3.
    • Follow three steps to get started..
    • 4. Start Conversing with Facebook users
    • 5. Expand your Fan Base
    • 6. Analyze and optimize
    Lets…Get Started..
  • 7. Start Conversing with Facebook users
    Your Facebook business Page really comes to life when you engage your fans, and it’s important to remember that many relationships begin when your posts are published to your fans’ News Feeds. Here are some tips for getting started:
  • 8. Set your strategy
    • Know your business and how can mention a Brand story to life in a more authentic and personal way
    • 9. Knowing your customers and how will they connect with your brand
    • 10. You should know what kind of relationship you want to have with your customers which should positively result in driving sales and traffic.
  • 11. Some Simple But Very Effective Best Practices For Posting
    • Be conversational, personal and authentic. Share video and photos of your business, your community and your customers.
    • 12. Post photos, videos, recipes and anything else that gets people talking.
    • 13. Ask questions and reward responses
    • 14. Allow your fans to post directly to your wall with questions, feedback and compliments.
  • 15.
    • Post special offers just for your Facebook fans, like discount codes and exclusives on new products.
  • 16.  Expand Your Fan Base
    • Encourage visitors to like your Page by working with a developer to create a special landing page tab.
    • 17. Partnership with other brands or local business to create co-promotions and encourage viral sharing with incentives
    • 18. Fix a Like box on your homepage and a link on your newsletters and emails to drive the people to your Facebook Page.
  • 19.
    • Facebook Ads are the best way to build awareness of your Page and drive new fans. Sponsored Stories harness the power of recommendations, and they’re a great way to spread your content further.
  • 20. Analyze and Optimize
    • You can monitor key metrics, get insights about who visits your Page and what they do on it.
    • 21. Develop a plan to get more fans and increase interactions.
    • 22. Download the Facebook Insights Guide for an in-depth look at how to use the free tools available to you on Facebook.
  • 23. fbreveal.com Your Key To Success.
    Facebook is a massive super power that your
    business cannot ignore. Social proof is a very
    powerful weapon, it can make or break you. You
    need to make an impression on your customers, so
    that you can do the following……
    • Brand Your Business
    • 24. Connect with Customers
    • 25. Build your list
    • 26. Get more Sales
  • 27. Not having a fanpage is COSTING you money and LOSING your business
    “We are offering you a total facebook fanpage service at a rock bottom price”
    Visit- http://fbreveal.com/
  • 28. Thank You……..
    Visit- http://fbreveal.com/