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Devesh12 cv

  1. 1. DEVESH VYAS Mobile: +91-9461455009, E-Mail: OBJECTIVE My objective to work with a good and skilled organization, communities which provide me a platform and encourage me to become a leader so, I can support and enhance the vulnerable sections of society and develop our nation, our world technically as well as economically. I believe in “Revolution by Evolution”. PROFESSIONAL SYNOPSIS  Graduation: B. Tech. (Electronics and communication).  Well versed with the concept of embedded system and artificial intelligence.   Encourage the Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship. I am a very enthusiastic and creative person who is innovative, experimental and applies full strength in making things to work with perfection. ELECTRONICS PROFICIENCY Microcontrollers: 8051, 8052, 8031, AVR (ATMEGA 8, 16, 32). Development IDE: KEIL COMPILER, AVR STUDIO 4, ATMEL STUDIO 6, TOPVIEW SIMULATOR. Programming Languages: BASIC, C, Embedded C, ASSEMBELY LANGUAGE, C++, VLSI. PCB designing Tools: PROTEOUS 7.6, EXPRESS PCB. Peripherals used: DC motors, Stepper motors, Servo motors, LCD, 7 Segment Display, LED, IR sensor, LDR, TSOP, RF module. Protocols used: RS232, ADC, PWM. Other ICs familiar with: 7805, L293D, L298, LM324, HT12E, HT12D, MAX232, 741, 555, MT7880, 7400, 7446. ISIS, TOPVIEW SIMULATOR. Simulation Tools: SUMMER TRAINING Undergone 45 days summer training on EMBEDDED SYSTEM at PRIGANIK TECHNOLOGIES, JAIPUR PROJECTS HANDLED • Fully automatic heavy load transporter robot:Technology used:- High torque high motors, Truck’s wiper motor(heavy current raiting), IRFP 640 power mosfets, heavy current relays, ULN 2803IC, BC 547 transistor, ADC, PWM, ATMEGA 32. Description:- It is a fully autonomous robot capable of picking an object of maximum weight 10 kg and placing that to any predefined point, it can sense the object at a range of 50 cm, it is based on wall sensing and collision avoidance, made in the year 2012. • Fully automatic stairs climbing robot:Technology used:- 6 High torque dc motor, IRFP 640 power mosfets, heavy current relays, ULN 2803IC, BC 547 transistor, ADC, PWM, ATMEGA 32. Description:- It is a fully autonomous robot capable of climbing stairs of maximum height 25 cm with maximum load of 10kg on it. It is based on wall sensing and collision avoidance, made in the year 2012. • 3 Dimensional LED display:Technology Used: - ATMEGA-32 microcontroller, BC547 transistor. Description:-It is a display made of LED (5x5x5) which can display alphabets, digits, message in scrolling form and some objects in 3-D view, made in the year 2013. • 2 Dimensional LED display:Technology Used: - ATMEGA-16 microcontroller, BC547 transistor. Description:-It is a display made of LED (15x5) which can display alphabets, digits, message in scrolling form in 2-D view, made in the year 2012.
  2. 2. • Path finder(line follower):Technology Used: - 8051/AVR (ATMEGA 16, 32) microcontroller, LM324 IC, IR sensor/LDR, L293D IC. Description: - Developed an autonomous bot which can follow a line without diverting from its path, in this 300 rpm motor is used with PWM control in 2013. • LCD message display :Technology Used: - 16X2 LCD, ATMEGA 32 microcontroller. Description: - It is a message displayer which displays the text, numbers. • Wireless racer:Technology Used:-RF module, L293D IC, HT12E/D. Description: - Developed a manual controlled wireless robot in the year 2012. • LED message display:Technology Used:-8051 microcontroller, 4X8 LED. Description: - It is a message or information displayer which displays the text, number. • MECHANICAL ARM:Description: - Developed fully manually operated ARM of three different designs, in year 2012. ACADEMIC CREDENTIALS    Graduation: B.TECH. (Electronics & Communication engineering) from Global Institute of Technology, Jaipur (Rajasthan Technical University) with 60% marks (pursuing,final year). Class XII from MAA BHARTI Senior Secondary School, Kota (RAJ.), (R.B.S.E. Board) in 2009 with 67% marks. Class X from Divine Angels Secondary School, Hindaun City (RAJ.) (R.B.S.E. Board) in 2007 with 69% marks. BEYOND ACADEMIA        Participated in an international robotics competition ROBOCON (ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest 2012). Marketing manager of AIESEC JAIPUR (Rajasthan), INDIA. Have Good Communication Skills. Awarded as “Best Innovative Engineer of Rajasthan-2012” by Govt. of Rajasthan, India. Member of IIT-BOMBAY E-CELL (entrepreneurs) and CR (college represented). Member of START-UP Committee (Entrepreneurs group), Jaipur, India. Attended one week workshop of Ethical Hacking Expert organized by IIT-B and TECH-DEFENCE in JAIPUR.  Conduct workshop and seminars on YOUTH EMPOWERMENT and ENTREPRENEURSHIP as well as on WOMEN LEADERSHIP by me.   Active Member of Speed-Mech (NGO), Jaipur.  Advance level knowledge of ADOBE PHOTOSHOP (Image editing, POSTER and LOGO designing), PINNACLE STUDIO 16, AFTER EFFECT (Movie Making), Video Editing.     Core Member of Robotics Club of GITS.  Coordinator of Rob-Floor in, Jigyasa’12 and Jigyasa’13 (Annual Technical Festival at GITS Jaipur).  Won prizes in various technical events at School and College Level. Participant of two days NATIONAL CONFERENCE on MICROWAVE DEVICES and COMPONENTS in association with IEEE and BES, in year 2012 at GIT, JAIPUR. Active member of ROBOCON 2012 GITS team. Actively working on RFID and WIRELESS POWER TRANSMISSION. Actively organized workshop on basic & autonomous robotics for GIT & GCT students in the session 2011-2013. PRIZES WON AT NATIONAL LEVEL TECHNICAL FESTIVAL
  3. 3. S NO. 1. COMPETETION DATE PLACE POSITION EVENT NAME 7/4/11 TSVP,JAIPUR 1st Robo Soccer 8/4/11 TSVP,JAIPUR 2nd Robo Sangram 3. 4. ABHIVYAKTI(ABVP) 2011 ABHIVYAKTI(ABVP) 2011 VIVACITY 2011 RENAISSANCE 2011 27/2/11 4/3/11 LNMIIT,JAIPUR JECREC,JAIPUR 1st 1st 5. 6. RENAISSANCE 2013 ROBOCON 2012 22/3/13 1/3/12 to 3/3/12 JECREC,JAIPUR MIT,PUNE 1st Quarterfinal 7. 8. 9. PRAVAH’11 PRAVAH’11 PRAVAH’11 24/3/11 24/3/11 26/3/11 SKIT,JAIPUR SKIT,JAIPUR SKIT,JAIPUR 1st 1st 1st 10. 11. PANACHE’11 PANACHE’11 16/3/11 16/3/11 VIT,JAIPUR VIT,JAIPUR 1ST 1ST 12. 13. 14. JIGYASA’11 JIGYASA’12 JIGYASA’12 8/3/11 17/1/12 17/1/12 GIT,JAIPUR GIT,JAIPUR GIT,JAIPUR 1ST 1ST 1ST 15. MANTHAN’11 4/4/11 SBCET,JAIPUR 16. 17. MANTHAN’11 AYAM’11 4/4/11 23/2/11 2ND 1ST 18. 19. 20. LETHAC’12 LETHAC’12 ENILAZE’11 5/9/12 6/9/12 10/3/11 SBCET,JAIPUR GYAN VIHAR,JAIPUR GIT,JAIPUR GIT,JAIPUR KITE,JAIPUR Robo War Robo survivor (SemiAutonomous) Robo War ROBOCON’12 (Manual and autonomous) Robo Soccer The Robo War Line Marathon (Semiautonomous) ROBO WAR FORMULA A TO Z (manual and autonomous) Fight Club Robo War Robo Jumper (Semiautonomous) Inforea (autonomous) Inflatus Robo War 1ST 1ST 1ST Bond It Quick Pehchaan Kaun Robo Blood Shed 21. ESPERANZA’11 20/4/11 IIMET,JAIPUR 2ND Track-O-Mania 22. ESPERANZA’11 20/4/11 IIMET,JAIPUR 1 ST Robo Soccer 23. ESPERANZA’11 22/4/11 IIMET,JAIPUR 1ST Pick-N-Place 24. ESPERANZA’11 22/4/11 IIMET,JAIPUR 1ST Deadly War 2. 2ND HOBBIES  Dancing (hip-hop)  Reading Technical articles  Chess, Badminton  Marketing PERSONAL DOSSIER Date of Birth Address : : 12th APR, 1991 S/o Mr. RAJKUMAR VYAS G-1-69, RAJGOPAL ENTERPRISES RIICO AREA, Hindaun City District- Karauli (Rajasthan), India Pincode-322230 Mobile no.- +91-9461455009 I hereby declare that all the information given above is correct to the best of my knowledge.