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In this short 45-minute session, you will learn how to quickly prototype and build analytic apps. You will learn how to integrate reports with Visualforce pages by leveraging the Analytics REST API and the popular open-source charting engine D3.js.

This will be a hands-on training session where you can follow along with the instructor. We will start from scratch and work our way through building a customized analytics app. There are very few prerequisites; please be prepared with the following list to get the greatest benefit:

1. A matrix report with a rich data-set.
2. Basic knowledge of Visualforce, Javascript. You don’t have to be an expert but you will need basic knowledge to follow along in the code walk-through.
3. Your own use-cases for custom analytics.

Key Takeaways:
::Hands-on app building experience - Build a custom Analytics App with Analytics API.
::Gain skills to create great charts that will be beneficial to your entire company.

Intended Audience:
Salesforce Admins and Developers-No coding experience required!

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    Show folder tree dragging
    Open a report and show role hierarchy hiding
    Show historical trending setup
    Go into oppty history report and show tabular report with changes.
    Change it into matrix report and save it
    Add it to account as embedded component

  • Salesforce1 Analytics API Hands-On Training

    1. 1. Hands-on Training: Analytics API June 26, 2014
    2. 2. #forcewebinar Speakers Arunkumaran Varadharajan Sr. Product Manager @arun_sfdc Lauren Peterson Analytics Marketing @SFLaurenJ
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    4. 4. #forcewebinar Go Social! @salesforcedevs / #forcewebinar Salesforce Developers +Salesforce Developers Salesforce Developers Salesforce Developers The video will be posted to YouTube & the webinar recap page (same URL as registration). This webinar is being recorded!
    5. 5. #forcewebinar July 11- 13 July 18- 20 July 25- 27 July 18- 20 #summerofhacks
    6. 6. #forcewebinar Don’t Miss Out on Dreamforce 2014! $899 Discount Code: D14DVLPR
    7. 7. #forcewebinar Please Join the Success Community  Login at  Join the “Salesforce Reporting and Dashboards” group  Please ask questions to this group to keep the conversation going
    8. 8. #forcewebinar Have Questions?  Don’t wait until the end to ask your question! – Technical support will answer questions starting now.  Respect Q&A etiquette – Please don’t repeat questions. The support team is working their way down the queue.  Stick around for live Q&A at the end – Speakers will tackle more questions at the end, time-allowing.  Head to Success Community – More questions? Visit
    9. 9. #forcewebinar Agenda  Intro  Demo 1  Demo 2  Q & A
    10. 10. Salesforce Analytics’ Vision and Values Salesforce Analytics Monthly Active Usage 71% OpenEasy Mobile
    11. 11. #forcewebinar Background: Analytics API
    12. 12. #forcewebinar Salesforce Analytics API: Launched Winter ’14 Easily Build Analytics Apps, Faster Than Ever Extend Salesforce Analytics to Custom Applications For example, create a tool for managers to monitor pipeline Easily customize to business needs, no code required (only clicks!) Same UX that you are comfortable with For Developers: Extend Anywhere For Business Users: No Code Required
    13. 13. #forcewebinar Expedia Has Loved Using the Analytics API Extend Dashboards to Big Screens with Salesforce API Objective: Encourage Service Teams Strategy: Real-time Access to Key Performance Metrics Tactic: Leverage Analytics API to project onto big- screen
    14. 14. #forcewebinar Let’s Explore Some Key Areas 1. What are the use cases apart from visualizations? 2. What if I I’m not a developer, and cannot code? 3. What are the limits? 4. What about Apex support?
    15. 15. #forcewebinar What are the use cases apart from visualization? 1. Notifications in Chatter 2. Analytics Apps 3. Integration Example: App created by TAS Group that acts as a Sales Leaderboard Share your API Integration use cases at In the Salesforce Reports & Dashboards group
    16. 16. #forcewebinar I’m not a developer, and can’t code… 1. Download MyCharts on AppExchange (No Code Needed) 1. Check out these ready-to-use examples on GitHub Arun’s Collection of Analytics API Code
    17. 17. #forcewebinar What are the limits for the Analytics API? Not many! 1) Data size is capped to 2,000 rows 2) Run up to 1900 reports an hour* *No one has ever hit this limit
    18. 18. #forcewebinar Tell me about APEX Support… Native APEX Support is coming in Spring ’14. • Easy to integrate Analytics w/ existing Apps • Create workflows based on Report updates, key metrics, etc.
    19. 19. #forcewebinar Demonstration
    20. 20. Please Join the Success Community  Login at  Join the “Salesforce Reporting and Dashboards” group  Please ask questions to this group to keep the conversation going
    21. 21. #forcewebinar Q & A Arunkumaran Varadharajan Sr. Product Manager @arun_sfdc