Elevate Your Career as a Cloud Developer Webinar


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Force.com is the leading cloud platform that enables you to build applications with ease. Rapid adoption of the cloud is driving a huge demand for cloud developers. How can you gather the required developer skills to move to the next stage in your career? Check out this discussion with salesforce.com and Hire On-Demand, a cloud staffing firm, plus a panelist of developers on the job landscape and opportunities for Force.com developers.

Watch this webinar to learn about:

:: How Facebook uses Force.com and their staffing needs
:: Projects that drive demand for talent
:: Your next career path options

This webinar is for those considering a Force.com career as well as for experienced Force.com Developers looking to advance their career.

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Elevate Your Career as a Cloud Developer Webinar

  1. 1. Elevate Your Career As a Cloud DeveloperKimberly WallinsHire On-Demand@HireOnDemandMike LeachFacebook@dlogKevin ShukPalantir Technologies@surfous
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  3. 3. SpeakersKimberly Wallins Mike Leach Kevin ShukPrincipal Force.com MVP Force.com DeveloperHire On-Demand Facebook Palantir Technologies@HireOnDemand @dlog @surfous Follow us @forcedotcom
  4. 4. @forcedotcom / #forcewebinarDeveloper Force Groupfacebook.com/forcedotcomDeveloper Force – Force.comCommunityyoutube.com/developerforce
  5. 5. Agenda• Introduction• Cloud Revolution/ Developer Job Landscape• Get Started• Get Promoted• Facebook & Force.com• Life as a Force.com Developer• Q&A Follow us @forcedotcom
  6. 6. Meet Kim• Salesforce Account Executive 2+ years• Salesforce-Certified• 9 Years Tech Recruiting• Hire On-Demand Launched 2007  Facebook/HireOnDemand  www.HireOn-Demand.com Follow us @forcedotcom
  7. 7. 100% Cloud Staffing Follow us @forcedotcom
  8. 8. Services• Direct-hire• Contract Follow us @forcedotcom
  9. 9. Job Positions• Cloud/Force.com Developers• Salesforce Administrators• Solution Architects• Project Managers• Implementation Consultants Follow us @forcedotcom
  10. 10. Meet Mike• Cloud Solutions and IT Integration Specialist• Force.com MVP• Focus on enterprise application engineering Follow us @forcedotcom
  11. 11. Meet Kevin• Force.com Developer• Experience integrating open software and systems with corporate information systems and processes Follow us @forcedotcom
  12. 12. Cloud Revolution Follow us @forcedotcom
  13. 13. The Numbers60% of organizations in next 5 years moving to cloud Source: 2011 IBM Global CIO Study: The Essential CIO Follow us @forcedotcom
  14. 14. Salesforce Evolution___________________________________ 1999 2004 2007 2006-07 Today Follow us @forcedotcom
  15. 15. The Growth 159%Growth in demand for Salesforce talent since 2008 Hire On-Demand 2012 Follow us @forcedotcom
  16. 16. Demand forForce.com Developers Hire On-Demand 2012 Follow us @forcedotcom
  17. 17. #1 Cloud Initiative Development of Cloud Applications Source: 2011 IBM Tech Trends Report Follow us @forcedotcom
  18. 18. Hiring Trends 2009 2012• Contractors, part-time • FTE’s• Individuals • Force.com Teams• Metropolitan areas • Everywhere• Enterprise • All sizes (ISV’s)• Salary = Java Developer • Salary = $$$• No Hiring Incentives • Dot.com 2.0 (options +)• Individual Contributors • Management Follow us @forcedotcom
  19. 19. Follow us @forcedotcom
  20. 20. Full-time & Contract 2009 <50% full-time Last 12 mo. >70% full-time Hire On-Demand 2012 Follow us @forcedotcom
  21. 21. Hot Cloud ProjectsCustom, Social, Mobile!• Customize UI• Program Business Logic• Extend to social enterprise and devices Follow us @forcedotcom
  22. 22. Projects• Building new apps & replacing legacy• AppExchange (ISV)• Integrations• CRM Enhancement• Mobile & Social Follow us @forcedotcom
  23. 23. Facebook Use CaseBusiness Issue: Datacenter server part-repair casesSolution: Lead Force.com DeveloperResult: Extended SFDC enterprise-wide Follow us @forcedotcom
  24. 24. Palantir Use CaseBusiness Issue: Performance ManagementSolution: Lead Force.com DeveloperResult: Enterprise-wide application Follow us @forcedotcom
  25. 25. Employer Types• Implementation Partners• In-House• Big 4• ISV’s Follow us @forcedotcom
  26. 26. Hottest Roles• Force.com Developer/Manager• Technical Architect• Solutions Architect• Principal Consultant• Product Manager Follow us @forcedotcom
  27. 27. Developer Path Force.com Developer Technical Architect Solutions Architect Implementation Consultant Management Follow us @forcedotcom
  28. 28. Follow us @forcedotcom
  29. 29. Supply Shortage• Force.com – announced 2007• Classes started in 2008• Originated in metropolitan areas• Global pipeline of cloud initiatives! Follow us @forcedotcom
  30. 30. Developers’ Market• Salary• Benefits• Work from home• Remote job opportunities• Growth potential• Platform visionary• Leadership Follow us @forcedotcom
  31. 31. Salary Trends Source: Hire On-Demand, Salary.com, HireRight Follow us @forcedotcom
  32. 32. Force.com Developer StatsAverage Salary Increase/New Job: 59%Salary Increases Up To: 200% Hire On-Demand 2012 Follow us @forcedotcom
  33. 33. Desired Skills• Any level• Certifications• Real-world experience Follow us @forcedotcom
  34. 34. Where Do I Begin? Follow us @forcedotcom
  35. 35. Career ProgressionSalesforce Admin Developer (Java, .Net, Ruby) Cloud Developer Follow us @forcedotcom
  36. 36. Get Started• Sign up for a FREE Developer Edition account: http://www.developerforce.com/join• Visit http://developer.force.com for more resources – Study Force.com workbooks and Quick Tutorials – Get active on the Developer Force Discussion Boards – Watch Intro to Force.com and Intro to Apex Code recordings• Explore Salesforce Developer Training/Certification• Follow Social media (@forcedotcom, @hireondemand)• Register for Dreamforce ’12• Gain real-world experience: – Volunteer for nonprofits (over 15,000 on Salesforce) – Explore Internship Opportunities – Job Boards (Developer Force, Hire On-Demand) – Staffing firms Follow us @forcedotcom
  37. 37. Tips to Advance Your Career• Know your stuff – Review new releases (release notes and video) – Get certified• Network – Educate Management – Interview stakeholders, especially Salesforce Admins – Reach out to the Developer Community for support – Attend Dreamforce ’12 – Connect with Salesforce Account Executives• Prove it – Design a Proof of Concept (Sandbox) Follow us @forcedotcom
  38. 38. Career ResourcesConnect with Hire On-Demand • Visit http://www.HireOn-Demand.com • Attend “Careers in the Cloud” session at Dreamforce ’12 • Read White Paper “Developer Job Market Quickly Shifting To The Cloud” • Read monthly eBriefing on open jobs • Learn how to earn promotions • Salary Trends Follow us @forcedotcom
  39. 39. Prime Time• Today’s Developers = Tomorrow’s Leaders• Serve as platform visionary• Build teams• Career advancement• LOTS OF JOBS Follow us @forcedotcom
  40. 40. Q&A Please complete our surveybit.ly/developerjobsurvey