Become a Hero of Mobile: Salesforce1 Mobile App Best Practices for Admins


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Salesforce Admins, now is your time to become the hero of mobile! Empower your users to work smarter by making your Salesforce applications available on their mobile device.

Join our discussion with Phil Maier, Systems Analyst & Salesforce Administrator at Design Within Reach as he shares best practices using the Salesforce1 Mobile App. Join us to get tips, real-life customer examples and best practices for getting started and using the Salesforce1 Mobile App in your organization.

This webinar is part of a series focusing on new and existing Salesforce1 Mobile App features. If you are ready to supercharge your career and make an impact at your company, join us!

Key Takeaways:

::Learn to understand the mobile needs of your users
::Learn best practices to drive mobile adoption
::Learn how to leverage your existing declarative development skills to customize the Salesforce1 Mobile App
::Hear best practices and advice from people just like you

Intended Audience:

This session is for Salesforce System Administrators, who want to learn more about new and existing Salesforce1 Mobile App features.


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Become a Hero of Mobile: Salesforce1 Mobile App Best Practices for Admins

  1. 1. August 7th 2014 Become a Hero of Mobile: Salesforce1 Mobile App Best Practices for Admins
  2. 2. #forcewebinar Speakers Mike Gerholdt Salesforce Admin Evangelist @mikegerholdt Phil Maier Systems Analyst Design Within Reach @dwr_tweets Kris Lande Salesforce1 Product Marketing @krislande
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  5. 5. #forcewebinar Have Questions?  Don’t wait until the end to ask your question! – Technical support will answer questions starting now. Ask your questions in the GoToWebinar questions pane.  Respect Q&A etiquette – Please don’t repeat questions. The support team is working their way down the queue.  Stick around for live Q&A at the end – Speakers will tackle more questions at the end, time- allowing.  Head to the Success Community – More questions? Visit
  6. 6. #forcewebinar Agenda  Salesforce1 Mobile App Overview  Salesforce1 Mobile App Best Practices & Demos  Real World Best Practices at Design Within Reach & Demo  Resources to Get Started  Q&A
  7. 7. #forcewebinar Salesforce1 Mobile App: Run Your Business on Your Phone Your AppExchange Apps Your CRM Your Custom Apps All your past investments... Feed First UI Notifications Platform Publisher Actions in the future
  8. 8. #forcewebinar Salesforce1 Unifies the Salesforce Mobile Experience Chatter Mobile Feeds People & Groups Files Native experience Salesforce1 Mobile App Salesforce Touch CRM access Custom apps Agility of HTML5 Logger & Forcepad Sales productivity tools Task management Call logging Salesforce Classic CRM data Analytics Tasks & events Native phone features
  9. 9. Salesforce1 Mobile App Best Practices
  10. 10. #forcewebinar Salesforce1 Mobile App Best Practices 1.Put Yourself in Your Users Shoes 2.Get in the Mobile Mindset 3.Put What They Need at Their Fingertips 4.Make the App Feel Like Your Company 5.Measure Success & Gather Feedback
  11. 11. #forcewebinar 1. Put Yourself in Your Users Shoes Map Out Use Cases Before Configuration. What Desktop processes do your users NEED on Mobile? Access Information Enter Information VF & Custom Apps
  12. 12. #forcewebinar 2. Get into the Mobile Mindset  Less is More – Essential fields – Really? – Limited real estate – “Above the fold”  Think About “Clickability” – Buttons are easier to tap than links.  Optimize for Page Performance – Images? Processes? Embedded charts? – Users are less patient on a mobile… Take some time think about your customizations and optimize them for mobile devices.
  13. 13. #forcewebinar 3. Put What They Need at Their Fingertips Create Publisher actions to help users get things done quickly Order the left navigation with the items they need most Compact Layouts Quick Tip! The item at the top of your left navigation is your users’ default landing page!
  14. 14. #forcewebinar 4. Make the App Feel Like Your Company to Increase Adoption Custom BrandingLanding Page Quick Tip! You can use your company icon as the publisher icon!
  15. 15. Demo: Custom Branding
  16. 16. #forcewebinar 5. Measure Success & Gather Feedback Measure Salesforce1 Usage Among your Users! Salesforce1 User Login Report! Quick Tip! Create a User Login Report! Details here: 7.
  17. 17. #forcewebinar 5. Measure Success & Gather Feedback Salesforce1 Feedback Custom Action Chatter Group to Gather Feedback Ways to Gather Feedback
  18. 18. Demo: Create a Feedback Custom Action
  19. 19. Phil Maier Systems Analyst/Salesforce Admin
  20. 20. #forcewebinar • Founded in 1999 by Rob Forbes • 40 design studios in North America • 1 Distribution center in Hebron, KY • Associates leverage iPads for personalized selling • Account Executives connect & collaborate in order to advise commercial clients while on site DWR designs personalized customer interactions with Salesforce1 “The Salesforce1 Customer Platform helps us offer the kind of service that–like great design–never goes out of style.” John McPhee, COO, Design Within Reach
  21. 21. #forcewebinar Mapping out Mobile Use Cases for Design Within Reach’s Users Our users needed to: • Manage Approvals • Access sales orders • Check order status • Access dashboards • Collaborate with other employees • Access CRM records like cases & opportunities
  22. 22. #forcewebinar Design Within Reach’s Left Navigation
  23. 23. #forcewebinar Use Cases for Design Within Reach’s Users in Salesforce1 Access sales orders Check order status Access dashboards
  24. 24. #forcewebinar Use Cases for Design Within Reach’s Users in Salesforce1 Collaboration Approvals Access CRM records
  25. 25. #forcewebinar Configuring for Mobile at Design Within Reach  Optimize Layouts for Desktop AND Mobile & Give Users the Most Important Information First
  26. 26. #forcewebinar Design Within Reach’s Visualforce Pages Made Mobile! • Identify Visualforce pages to make mobile: For Design Within Reach it was our Web Forms • Review security settings • Enable for Salesforce1
  27. 27. DEMO: Customizing Left Navigation & Enabling Visualforce Pages
  28. 28. #forcewebinar Salesforce1 Rollout at Design Within Reach • Start Small: Train a small group (Area Managers) for initial rollout • Gather feedback and ideas via a Chatter group from the initial users; build upon those ideas. • The Area Manager user group became advocates and super-users who could assist their teams with questions • After rollout to 200+ sales reps, we held 3 training sessions over 2 days, and continue to hold monthly training sessions • Provided training documents & on-demand training videos
  29. 29. #forcewebinar Survey Your feedback is crucial to the success of our webinar programs. Thank you!
  30. 30. #forcewebinar More Resources Salesforce1 in the Success Community Salesforce1 Mobile Resource Center
  31. 31. #forcewebinar October 13-16, 2014 • San Francisco, CA $899 ADMIN & DEVELOPER DISCOUNT CODE: D14DVLPR #devzone
  32. 32. #forcewebinar
  33. 33. #forcewebinar Q&A If we don’t get to your question you can post them at: Salesforce1 Group in the Success Community: Mike Gerholdt Salesforce Admin Evangelist @mikegerholdt Phil Maier Systems Analyst Design Within Reach @dwr_tweets Kris Lande Salesforce1 Product Marketing @krislande
  34. 34. Thank you!