OpenStack vagrant & dashboard

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Running OpenStack Compute and Dashboard using Vagrant and Chef

Running OpenStack Compute and Dashboard using Vagrant and Chef

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  • 1. Deploying Openstack with Vagrant and Chef
    VishIshaya & Devin Carlen
    Anso Labs
  • 2. OpenStack
    OpenStack is a collection of open source technologies delivering a massively scalable cloud operating system.
    NASA and Rackspace combined forces to create OpenStack, and have been joined by 50 partner companies in less than 8 months.
  • 3. +
    and many more…
  • 4. Vagrant
    Vagrant is a tool for building and distributing virtualized environments on your laptop/desktop.
  • 5. VirtualBox
    VirtualBox is cross-platform virtualization softwarethat works on all major platforms.
  • 6. Chef
    Chef is a systems integration framework for managing configuration for infrastructure.
  • 7. High Speed Install
    Install VirtualBox 4
    Install git, ruby, rubygems
    Run the commands below
    $ sudogem install vagrant
    $ gitclone git:// -b devpackages
    $ mkdiraptcache
    $ mkdir chef
    $ cd chef
    $ curl -o Vagrantfile
    $ vagrant up
  • 8. OpenStack Dashboard
    Devin Carlen
    Anso Labs
  • 9. OpenStack Dashboard
    Developed for NASA Nebula
    Released under Apache license in January 2011
    Used in production by Nebula users for over a year
    Based on Djangoand Python
  • 10. Overview
    For organizations that want a custom branded compute management interface
    Built with modularity in mind
    Pick one:
    Use provided example site and extend it
    Roll your own based on underlying django-nova code
  • 11. Future
    Add support for OpenStack Swift
    Add more sophisticated co-branding and theming
    Migrate from EC2 API to OpenStack API
    Support enterprise organizations with multiple customers
    Subdomain awareness
    Commercial grade administration tools
  • 12. Developers Wanted
    This is a brand new part of the OpenStack eco-system
    Come help build it!