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This slide was prepared by me, Dev Poudel for a short presentation about state of the art robot technology.

This slide was prepared by me, Dev Poudel for a short presentation about state of the art robot technology.



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    ASIMO ASIMO Presentation Transcript

    • ASIMO Advance Machine Learning Jacobs University, BremenPresented By: Dev Bahadur Poudel
    • What is ASIMO?• Name of Humanoid Robot• ASIMO : Advance Step in Innovative Mobility• Japanese Corporation: Honda Motor Company. Ltd(Masato Hirose)• Name after Issac Asimov (Three Laws of Robotics)• Disclose in 2000 after 15 years of Research• State of the art in field of Humanoid Robot7/30/2012 Jacobs University, Bremen 2
    • Intelligence of ASIMO• Recognition : face, gesture, sound, moving and stationary obstacles• Recognize person from face and name• Address People by their name• Performs task according gesture of human being• Recognize sound of human, can be operated by voice command• Avoid Obstacles while moving• Connect to Internet for Information(answer people about weather, news)7/30/2012 Jacobs University, Bremen 4
    • Recognition• Follow movement of people• Greet a person when he/she approaches• Recognize the indicated location shown by human and move to that location• Handshake and hand wave• Recognize when it is called and turn to person calling it• Avoids human obstacles when suddenly appears in path7/30/2012 Jacobs University, Bremen 5
    • Degrees of Movement Latest ASIMO has 57 degrees of freedom7/30/2012 Jacobs University, Bremen 7
    • Operation• Has its own advance processors• Controlled by laptop, wireless controller, voice• Nickel Zinc Battery for power• Cameras, gyro-sensors, force sensors in each joints, speed sensor, microphones• Infrared sensors, Range finder7/30/2012 Jacobs University, Bremen 8
    • Design Policy• Compliance Control Landing impact absorbed by rubber in foot• Posture Balance Floor Reaction Control and Zero Moment Point Control Mechanism• Movement i-Walk Technology, predictive movement planning. Can adjust trajectory to balance the posture7/30/2012 Jacobs University, Bremen 9
    • Intelligence Techniques• Vision System for human tracking, facial recognition, gesture recognition• Gets pixels of images Algorithms: 2D gesture recognition Bayes statistical model(hand swing, farewell) Face Recognition by eigen vector MethodObstacle Detection: Makes local map using vision. Range finder detects obstacles reconstruct the map7/30/2012 Jacobs University, Bremen 10
    • References[1] ASIMO sheet.pdf. Technical report.[2] ASIMO Technical Information 2007 Technical report.[3] K. Hirai, M. Hirose, Y. Haikawa, and T. Takenaka. The development of honda humanoid robot. InRobotics and Automation, 1998. Proceedings. 1998 IEEE International Conference on, volume 2,pages 1321–1326 vol.2, 1998. ID: 1.[4] Y. Sakagami, R. Watanabe, C. Aoyama, S. Matsunaga, N. Higaki, and K. Fujimura. The intelli-gent asimo: system overview and integration. In Intelligent Robots and Systems, 2002. IEEE/RSJInternational Conference on, volume 3, pages 2478–2483 vol.3, 2002. ID: 1.7/30/2012 Jacobs University, Bremen 12
    • Thank you!7/30/2012 Jacobs University, Bremen 13