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Real Estate Social Media 101 Remax Toronto Fall Connect Sales Rally 2009
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Real Estate Social Media 101 Remax Toronto Fall Connect Sales Rally 2009


Learn how to use social media marketing to attract new leads, engage with your local community, and build your own personal brand. This content richs seminar focuses on actionable strategies and …

Learn how to use social media marketing to attract new leads, engage with your local community, and build your own personal brand. This content richs seminar focuses on actionable strategies and tactics to start marketing yourself via Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, and other relevant social media sites. Key takeaways will include:

How to Create a System for Social Media Marketing

How to Find New Prospects by Listening to Your Audience

How to Engage with Your Community and Build Brand Awareness

How to Integrate and Track Your Marketing Efforts

Published in Real Estate , Technology , Business
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  • The most important part of social media is the social part. It’s all about the people


  • 1. Social Media 101 Power Prospecting for The New Age Realtor
    #RMFC09 @devbasu www.devbasu.com/remax
    future of thenewspaperindustryseries
    Dev Basu
  • 2. This seminar is for you if you want more:
    • Targeted Leads
    • 3. Brand Awareness
    • 4. Community Engagement
    • 5. First Mover Advantages
    • 6. And More Sales. Period.
  • Conversations + Networking + Relationships
    What is
    Social Media?
  • 7. Social Media
    is going from THIS to ...
  • 8. Conversations
    Which is 2 Way, Open, and Honest
  • 9. Why Should I Care?
  • 10. Social Media Influences Buyers
    91% say consumer reviews are the #1 aid to buying decisions - JC Williams Group
    87% trust a friend’s recommendation over critic’s review - Marketing Sherpa
    3 times more likely to trust peer opinions over advertising for purchasing decisions - Jupiter Research
    1 word-of-mouth conversation has impact of 200 TV ads - BuzzAgent
    * Slide courtesy of Digital Influence Group & Tactica Interactive Communications.
    Reason # 1
  • 11. Social Media Influences Buyers
    Social media sites are the fastest-growing category on the web, doubling their traffic over the last year.
    73% of active online users have read a blog
    45% have started their own blog
    57% have joined a social network
    55% have uploaded photos
    83% have watched video clips
    Universal McCann’s Comparative Study on Social Media Trends, April 2008. 17,000 respondents from 29 countries, *using internet at least every other day
    * Slide courtesy of Tactica Interactive Communications.
    Reason # 1
  • 12. Canadians Love Social Media
    40% of Canadian internet users have visited a community or social networking site
    22% of Canadians over 60
    50% of Internet users under 30
    25% of users 25-29 do so daily
    43% English speaking Canadians and 24% of French speaking Canadians visit these sites
    Canada Online, The Internet, Media and Emerging Technologies
    Courtesy: Tactica Interactive Communications
    Reason # 2
  • 13. Why Canadians Use Social Media
    • Younger users (under 45) and women use these sites for socializing
    • 14. Older users use these sites to obtain and share information ($$$$)
    • 15. Youth (12-17) use these sites for entertainment
    Courtesy: Tactica Interactive Communications
    Reason # 3
  • 16. So Engaging with Canadian
    Social Media Users
    Can Mean...
    Going From Getting Introduced To...
  • 17. Converting Prospects into Customers
  • 18. Great! So Where Do I Start?
    And More Sales. Period.
  • 23. Blogging
  • 24. Blog Marketing Do’s & Dont’s
    A Blog is a Website with Regular Entries or News Articles
    DO Blog About Your Local Neighbourhood
    DO Maintain Consistency in Your Posting Schedule
    DO Cross Promote Your Blog with Other Channels
    DO Respond to Comments
    DO Schedule Time to Blog. The #1 Failure is Lack of Time.
  • 25. Setting Up Your Blog (Cheat Sheet)
  • 26. What Should I Blog About?
    Writer’s Block Occurs to Everyone! Here are some Ideas:
    What to Ask Your Realtor Before Hiring Them.
    How to Choose a Good Realtor
    5 Totally New Ways of Sprucing up Your Condo.
    How to Sell Your Condo for Top Dollar.
    The Latest and Greatest in New Home Trends.
    10 DIY Home Renovation Tips You Can Use Today.
    Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Realtor.
    Key Takeaway: Write About The Questions You Receive the Most.
  • 27. What is Twitter?
    • Micro Blogging Platform
    • 28. @ Replies
    • 29. Tweets/Retweets
    • 30. 140 Character Messages (SMS)
    • 31. 2nd Fastest Growing Social Network
    • 32. Track Local Users
    • 33. Monitor Conversations
    • 34. Engage Prospects
    • 35. Close on the Opportunity.
  • 36. RE/MAX Agents on Twitter
  • 37. How Do I Use Twitter to Get Leads? – Monitter.com
  • 38. How Do I Use Twitter to Get Leads?TwitterHawk.Com
  • 39. Other Twitter Tools & Resources (Cheat Sheet)
    Tweet Beep – Get Automatically Notified When You’re Tweeted.
    Tweet Deck – A Twitter Client to Make Tweeting More Efficient.
    Twellow.com – A Twitter Directory of Local Twitter
    TweetMeme – Helps Your Tweets Spread Virally.
    TweetPic – Upload Pictures from Your Cell Phone to Twitter
    Search.Twitter.Com – Search Any Keyword in Real Time
  • 40. FaceBook
  • 41. Facebook
    Fastest growing social network in Canada and the world (200 million members)
    Powerful tools to engage and understand your audience:
    Brand pages
    Custom applications
    Targeted advertising
    Audience insights/metrics
    Opinion polls
    Slide Courtesy: Tactica Interactive Commuications
  • 42. Facebook
    Facebook Profiles
    Strictly for You – Not your Brand
    Connect with Close Friends
    Not as Effective for Prospecting
    Facebook Fan Pages
    All about your brand
    Events, Open Houses
    Photos, Videos and More.
    Facebook Groups
    Fan Pages Lite Edition
    Face Book Advertising
  • 43. FacebookProfiles
    Your own homepage on Facebook.
    Allow you to post photos, videos, events and other messages.
    Users interact with you by
    Writing on your wall
    Commenting on your posts
    Participating in discussions
    Post photos to your page
    Friends see your page updates in their newsfeed
  • 44. FacebookGroup Pages
  • 45. Facebook Advertising - Targeting
    Keywords (appear in your users profile)
    Relationship status
    Relationship interests
  • 46. How to Get Leads Using Facebook
    Setup A Fan Page and Invite Close Friends and Clients.
    Join Local Community Groups and Engage in Conversations.
    Use Demographic Targeted Facebook Ads.
    Eg: Target Males and Females Aged 27-35, in Toronto, who went to the University of Toronto, and are currently employed at Microsoft
    Bulk Message Fans and Group Databases
    Private Message Special Groups of Clients
    Publicise your Facebook URL or Fan Page URL on Your Blog, Business Card, or
  • 47. Video Marketing for Fun and Profit
  • 48. Youtube Channels
  • 49. Online Video Marketing
    Video sharing sites let you upload videos and share them with people.
    Perfect For:
    Video FAQs
    360 Degree Virtual Tours
    Customer Testimonials
    Team Introductions
    60 Second Property Listings
  • 50. Why Market Videos Online?
    Drive Traffic Back to Your Site
    Pre-sell Your Prospects
    Startup Costs are LOW. All You Need is a Webcam or Digital Camera.
    Videos are more easily digestable than text or images.
    Learn how to setup your own channel in our CHEAT SHEET.
  • 51. Putting it All Together The Leg Bone Connects To The…
    Integrated Marketing
  • 52. This Leads To a Better Customer
    Customer Service. social media is a great tool to connect with customers and find out what’s bothering them!
    And Helps Convert Prospects into Customers
  • 53. The most important part of social media is the social part. It’s all about the people
    People Shop Similarities
    But Buy The
  • 54. Thank you
    Reach Me At – dev@devbasu.com