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Marketing march2014

Marketing march2014






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    Marketing march2014 Marketing march2014 Presentation Transcript

    • Getting StartedGetting Started Describe your business in a phrase What aspect of marketing worries you most? Your questions are welcome – ask as they occur
    • Now that you have a business or an idea for a business… what about marketing? What is marketing, anyway?
    • Marketing is everything you do (or don’t do) to promote your business.
    • Marketing 4Ps or 6Ps? 1- Product (quality) 2 & 3- Price & Place 4- Promotion Positioning People Textbook MarketingTextbook Marketing In practice, there are details like naming…
    • What’s In a Name?What’s In a Name? Maybe the Success or Failure of Your Business.Maybe the Success or Failure of Your Business. A Business Name Should Be… •Unique (Saelig) •Topical (Travelocity) •Short (Apple) •Easy to spell (Not SzczepanskiIndustries) •Available as a Web domain •Keyword in the name (Findlaw) •Brand worthy & appealing (Wayfair) •Web worthy (unique & available)
    • In practice, marketing includes a devilish number of bedeviling details. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. • Phone answering/messaging • Facility/location/access • Attitude • Website/URL/design/content • Business/product name
    • Don’t Push. Pull.
    • What most marketers do: Sell the product/service Sell the features & benefits
    • What you should do
    • Rosser Reeves 1910-1984 USP Concept Developer
    • USP Deployment • Unique product (Saelig) • Redefine & Disrupt (Orabrush) • Guarantee (Ledco) • Functionality/Support (Apple) • Very specific niche (RawPower)
    • Why should you consider a very targeted niche? • You can’t please everyone – and trying to do so is the most common mistake startups make • People like a very specific solution • No direct competition • Targeted solutions generate brand advocates • And…
    • Warren Wegert - Portland, OR
    • Differentiate & Break The Rules Of Marketing No Marketing? • No advertising • No sale pricing • No website • No Facebook page • Poor location • Rundown facilities • Limited parking • Very limited days/hours • Very limited menu • (Almost) always waiting Crowd Marketing! • Sensational food • WOM advertising • Impressive Web content • Social media content • Live social interaction • Rave online reviews
    • There is a very small difference between… • Failing and scraping by • Scraping by and being profitable • Being profitable and securing your retirement
    • Depending on your business, it could be one sale per…
    • Entrepreneurs…
    • Build a team! • Get some help – most people can’t do this alone • Brainstorm – record all ideas without discussion • Lay ground rules for discussion • Take a break of a day or two • Record more ideas • Discuss and select – or repeat process till you have selected the “best ideas”
    • Knowing and using your promotion resources • Delighted customers • Brand Advocates – Rob Fuggetta • Friends and family • People who share your causes • Vendors, complimentary businesses • People in your network
    • Marketing Base • Vision for your Brand (Positioning) • USP – Differentiation • Knowing and using your resources • WEBSITE! • (Without these things, you’re cutting your chances for success)
    • Who is this Guy?
    • How social media has flipped the landscape of marketing – Guy Kawasaki explains: In the past - - • A small number of gurus, influencers, experts, reporters, A-listers, reviewers, editors, analysts, engineers, advisors, oracles, etc have the monopoly on insight and influence. You must get their attention. Today - • The pyramid is now inverted. We may reach out to the “A-listers” (or not) but today’s real influencers are bloggers, tweeters, fans, volunteer brand ambassadors, and other “nobodies.” When they recognize your product, the A-listers have to react.
    • How Do You Spell Opportunity?
    • The Web is why you need to be in continuous learning mode to keep up. As Jim Rohm said, “A formal education will earn you a living...”
    • Small Business Marketing Resources SmartBrief Newsletters http://www.smartbrief.com/signup Ad Age e-newsletters http://www.adage.com/register ClickZ Newsletters http://www.clickz.com/newsletters Online Media (many titles) http://e-newsletters.internet.com Chief Marketer http://subscribe.chiefmarketer.com/subscribe.cfm MarketingProfs  https://www.marketingprofs.com/login/join.asp Media Post https://www.mediapost.com/publications Search Engine Watch http://searchenginewatch.com Social Media Examiner http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com Duct Tape Marketing http://www.ducttapemarketing.com JM Internet Group http://www.jm-seo.org/free/ The E-Myth Newsletter http://www.e-myth.com Jeffrey Gitomer’s Newsletter http://www.gitomer.com Mashable http://www.mashable.com YouTube http://www.youtube.com Facebook http://www.facebook.com Google Alerts http://www.google.com/alerts Google Places http://places.google.com Google+ https://plus.google.com Google Adwords http://www.google/com/adwords Google Analytics http://www.google.com/analytics LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com Twitter http://www.twitter.com http://search.twitter.com Yelp http://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=&ns=1&find_loc=14450 Pinterest http://pinterest.com
    • For everything else you need to know… Google it!
    • What can I do with social / new media? • Put your info in more places online • LINK those pages to your WEBSITE • Build your Google ranking (better SEO) • Get and give expert advice • Inform and engage customers • Innovate with your own promotions
    • Before the Web, Newspapers, Magazines & Broadcast Media Companies Owned All The Megaphones
    • The Web and social media have given anyone and everyone the power to be a broadcaster.
    • Social Media Has Put Media Companies, Merchants & Consumers Around The Same Table
    • What did it costWhat did it cost United Airlines?United Airlines? • $180 million lost equity value for shareholders • Hundreds of thousands of frequent flyers who have avoided flying United since the 2009 incident
    • Business As Usual Is Not As Usual Anymore
    • Customers want engagement. That doesn’t mean marriage. Just being responsive is all it takes. • Reply to a question, comment or request • Information about company, product or price • Solution to a problem • Prompt quote • Product technical help • Listen to a suggestion • Simply being personable and responsive
    • Social & Online Channels offer engagement • Facebook • YouTube • Linkedin • Google+/Places/Adwords/Analytics • Twitter • Pinterest • Daily Deals (Groupon, Living Social)
    • • 1.15 Billion users (>1/2 all US adults) • Near 1 Trillion minutes/month on Facebook • Far more time on FB than Google • Business/professional demographic ↑ • Start a Facebook business page: • http://bit.ly/9ZgTZg
    • • >3 Billion videos viewed each day • Free to post your videos • Make your own YouTube channel • Link to your website • Post links in social media • Leverage user-generated videos • Use videos from your suppliers • Reference the YouTube Creator Playbook • http://www.youtube.com/creators/playbook.html • YouTube will help tell your business story • http://www.youtube.com/mybusinessstory
    • • 238 MM users, 95 MM in the US • 65 million monthly unique US visitors • Passive & active B2B customer access • Powerful search capabilities • Cross-link with your other sites • Great for opportunity hunters
    • • Teenagers & bored housewives • Celebrity gossip & location check-ins • Tweets, peeps, RTs & #hashtags • Breaking news ahead of the networks • World-wide 24/7 networking event • SMBs are beginning to “get” it
    • Twitter 101 • Quite often, people’s gut reaction to Twitter is, “No one needs to know what I’m doing” or “I don’t care what other people are doing.”  • While this may be the surface view, Twitter is also a great way to expand your network. In the words of Chris Brogan, Twitter is a useful communication tool that allows you to interact with people around the world in three ways: 1) Send a short message to a bunch of people publicly 2) Send a short message to a specific person publicly 3) Send a short message to a specific person privately  From “How to Use Twitter for Business”  www.hubspot.com
    • What is Twitter?
    • Twitter Power! • 200 million peeps, >50 million in the US • 200 million tweets per day • An older, upscale demographic • Share useful links: http://bit.ly/fJeVTp • Build your brand • Give customers a reason to follow • Add value, useful info, specials • Consult with experts worldwide
    • • A baby just over 2 years old • Built-for-business • 340 million active users • 600 million users • Social Extensions critical mass is just <200 followers for a business profile
    • Typical Startup Problems • Consumers don’t know you exist • Or if they do, they are not engaged • Minimal or no traffic to your website, office or store • You need customers NOW Solution?
    • Target Facebook (or LinkedIn) Ads By: • Location • Industry • Company • Job title • Interests (FB) - Group (LI) • Gender • Age
    • Facebook ads can be highly targeted!
    • 75 Groupon: The 50% Solution
    • Use Wisely • Know your costs • Estimate how many people will return • Consider the value of a new customer • Make the offer in your “sidecar” • Instead of Groupon, make a Youpon • LivingSocial, Get My Perks, Eversave, and dozens more
    • Some Social Media Success Stories • http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/9- small-business-social-media-success- stories/ • http://mashable.com/2010/06/02/small- business-social-media-success-stories/
    • --- Julie Canning, president and CEO of Banff Lake Louise Tourism –late summer 2009 • "Two years ago, we launched an integrated social media program including the weekly Real Banff video report, a blog, Facebook page and Twitter profile," said "When the "Crasher Squirrel" literally popped out of nowhere, our social media team was ready and able to quickly take advantage of the opportunity."
    • VIRAL ! • National Geographic,The Web, Photoshop, Banff website, blog, video, smartphone app,Facebook & Twitter • 80 million impressions in Sept 2009 • >200 million impressions since
    • My Tweet… • Folks in Banff really "get" social media, but 82 million impressions for a squirrel? http://tinyurl.com/n8oyc3  - For photos: http://tinyurl.com/pnj6ce - Five minutes later BanffSquirrel was following me
    • There is so much to love about a small business success story when it includes marketing genius plus generosity: http://bit.ly/53HPF • Operation “Hi Mom” • Mom Goes On the Road • Traditional and new media galore • Non-profit donations w/link additions • Icons for Facebook fans • “Canvas Crazy” evangelists
    • http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/top-10-small-business-facebook-pages-2012-winners/
    • Regardless of the evidence… • Many small business do not use social media at all • Of the others, most are only taking advantage of a fraction of the potential
    • • Crash Davis speaks: “You know what • the difference is between hitting .250 and hitting .300? • I got it figured out. Twenty-five hits a year in 500 at bats is 50 points. Okay? • There's six months in a season, that's about 25 weeks -- you get one extra flare a week -- just one -- a gork, a ground ball with eyes, a dying quail -- just one more dying quail a week and you're in Yankee Stadium!”
    • Summary • Easy to focus on your fastball • And forget that you need other skills • You will be facing Big League competition • Continuous learning essential for success • It’s a small margin between success & failure • You need to build a team to grow • Integrate the new tools into your business • Or you’ll be sent packing
    • E-mail: devansroc@gmail.com Twitter: danrevans Connect on LinkedIn