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PHDVirtual Backups for VMware
PHDVirtual Backups for VMware
PHDVirtual Backups for VMware
PHDVirtual Backups for VMware
PHDVirtual Backups for VMware
PHDVirtual Backups for VMware
PHDVirtual Backups for VMware
PHDVirtual Backups for VMware
PHDVirtual Backups for VMware
PHDVirtual Backups for VMware
PHDVirtual Backups for VMware
PHDVirtual Backups for VMware
PHDVirtual Backups for VMware
PHDVirtual Backups for VMware
PHDVirtual Backups for VMware
PHDVirtual Backups for VMware
PHDVirtual Backups for VMware
PHDVirtual Backups for VMware
PHDVirtual Backups for VMware
PHDVirtual Backups for VMware
PHDVirtual Backups for VMware
PHDVirtual Backups for VMware
PHDVirtual Backups for VMware
PHDVirtual Backups for VMware
PHDVirtual Backups for VMware
PHDVirtual Backups for VMware
PHDVirtual Backups for VMware
PHDVirtual Backups for VMware
PHDVirtual Backups for VMware
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PHDVirtual Backups for VMware


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. “Reader’s Choice”
    Preferred product
    PHD Virtual Technologies
    Architecture makes a difference
    Devansh Chowdhary
    Territory Manager
    Jim Rosco
    Sr. Pre Sales Engineer
  • 2. Agenda
    • Corporate Overview
    • 3. Product Architecture
    • 4. Product Demonstration
  • Key Messages
    • Focused on backup software for virtual server and desktop deployments on multiple hypervisors.
    • 5. Leverage virtualization to backup virtual environments while building “technical adapters” to coexist and leverage investment in legacy vendors.
    • 6. Deliver architecture that enables valuable and unique features and benefits in both backup and restore.
    • 7. Financial resources to grow the business and realize our product roadmap.
  • Company Overview
    VCB Backup
    Agent Backup
    Service Console Backup
    • Founded in 2005
    • 8. Our Solution: PHD Virtual Backup for VMware has been in the market since 2006
    • 9. Over 2500 customer worldwide rely on our solutions
    • 10. Owned by Insight Venture Partners a $3 billion software investment fund
    • 11. Citrix invested 2010
    • 12. Global Partner network with over 300 partners
  • Company Overview – Customer Growth
    # of Customers
    2,500 Customers
    1,300 Customers
    “Reader’s Choice”
    Preferred product
    500 Customers
    Commercial esXpress release
  • 13. Sample Customers by Vertical
    Retail, Manufacturing & Healthcare
    Technology & Electronics
    Financial & Services
  • 14. Our Solutions
    • Current Solutions
    • 15. Upcoming Releases September 2010
  • 16. Architecture
  • 17. What is a VBA ?
    • VBA = Virtual Backup Appliance => Small Virtual Machine
    • 18. Deploy In Minutes
    • 19. Conduct Policy Based- “Hot Full or Virtual Full” Incremental Backups
    • 20. Backup Virtual Disks at Block Level
    • 21. Deduplicate at Source before sending data to local or remote storage target or multiple targets.
    • 22. Operate outside the hypervisor Console
    • 23. Ability to run during production Hours without impacting production
    • 24. Ability to run in Parallel
  • Virtual Backup Appliances
    Configuration Center
    Controls host backups across the entire ESX farm
    Fault Tolerant Deployment
    Multi User Interface
    Central Upgrade Management
    25:1 Average Compression
    No More more lengthy refresh of Fulls and Deltas
    De-Duplicates backups across the entire Backup target
    Saves Expensive I/O on backup target
    VBAs powers off when not running conserving resources
    New VBA is created for each backup
    Up to 16 VBAs can run per host
    Turnkey – automatically powered off when not running
  • 25. Competitive Architectures
    VCB Backup
    Agent Backup
    Service Console Backup
    • Server needed to control backups. Central point of failure
    • 26. Backups impact service console resources
    • 27. Backups impact LAN
    • 28. Not scalable – limited CPU & memory
    • 29. Single user
    • 30. Backup Server needed to control backups. Central point of failure
    • 31. Backups impact LAN
    • 32. Not scalable – limited CPU & memory
    • 33. Must choose between FLR or entire VM, cannot have both.
    • 34. Additional hardware and software required
    • 35. Two-step restore
    • 36. Limited by # of proxy servers
    • 37. Single point of failure
    • 38. Increase storage requirements
    • 39. Single user
  • The VBA™ Architecture Advantage
    VBA ™ Architecture
    Ease of Use
  • 40. Benefits of VBA™Architecture
  • 41. SureRestore™ Technology
    Technology Components
    Data integrity verification during and after backup process
    Self-healing data blocks on disk
    Patent-pending data protection schemes.
    Proper CBT implementation for reliabiltiy
    What good is a backup if you can’t restore the data!?
    Other vendors try to make sure your backups worked; PHD makes sure that your restore will be successful.
    We continually check backup data integrity and fix data corruption errors without user intervention so that backups restore as expected.
  • 42. SureRestore™ Technology
  • 43.
  • 44. Don't Affect Production VMs
    esXpress VBAs are VMs – use Resource Pools to limit Backup resource drain and keep Production Vms running smoothly
    Set CPU and Memory Shares to Low. This ensures VBAs get unused resources and Production VMs aren't affected
    There is no need to Reserve any Resources for VBAs. Leave Reservations set to 0.
    Don't set a limit on Memory or CPU. This allows VBAs to use all idle CPU and Memory for optimal backup times without sacrificing the environment
  • 45. Don't Affect Production VMs
    esXpress VBAs have advance controls for limiting I/O during backups SAN, Local Disks, and Network Drives won't be overtaxed
    Control Drive Read Speed in MB/Sec per VBA
    Set always on or by time of Day (Production Hours)
    Finally, a solution that can allow System Administrators to backup Production VMs during business hours without the fear of bringing mission critical systems to their knees
  • 46. Fault Tolerance – No Single Point of Failure
    • The Only fault tolerant virtual backup solution
    • 47. esXpress operates independently of Virtual Center
    • 48. In the event of a host failure, VMs that HA to a new host will be backed up
    • 49. Build Target Teams – Logical groups of storage for backup jobs ensure every backup succeeds even if one target is down
    • 50. Fully VMotion aware – backups continue even as VMs move from host to hose
    • 51. No Proxy Hardware to fail
  • vSphere Changed Block Tracking
    -Speeds backups by reducing I/O
    ESX 4.0
    In order to find changed blocks of data, backups read through the entire source VMDK looking for changes.
    vSphere vStorage API tracks changed blocks of data.
    esXpress reads only the blocks of data that have changed since the last backup. This reduces source I/O based bottlenecks and speeds up backups.
    vSphere vStorage API
  • 52. Increase Performance & Save Space
    Source Side Data is De-Duplicated and Compressed before leaving the ESX Host.
    Saves network resources with an average 25:1 compression.
    • Patent Pending Technology De-Duplicates all backups across the entire Backup Target
    • 53. No More Lengthy Refresh of Fulls – Every backup is a Virtual Full, but sends only changed blocks
    • 54. No More Lengthy Full/Delta Restores -Restore a VM in one step
    • 55. Saves Expensive I/O on backup target
    • 56. Perfect for backing up over the WAN
    25:1 Rate
  • 57. Meet your RTO/RPO objectives 4 times faster!
    • Up to 4 Concurrent Restores per ESX Host
    • 58. Restore data using the same VBAs that created the backup
    • 59. Keeps restores out of the Service Console
    • 60. One step restore to working VM
    • 61. Set Automatic Bulk Restores for easy Replication – Only changed blocks are copied after initial seeding
    • 62. Replicated data is ready to run
  • Advanced File-level Restore
    Advanced File-level Restore
    • Multi-user
    • 63. Drill-down interface
    • 64. No client software
    • 65. Restore to source
    • 66. Compressed data
  • Replicate your Critical VMs
    Change Blocks
    Only Changed Blocks are Replicated
    Performs Auto Restore at Recovery Location
  • 67. Integration with Traditional Backup Solutions
    esXpress Date Smart Dynamic Technology allows for intelligent selection of VMs for tape archival.
    De-Duplication Appliance “rehydrates” compressed backup data.
    Send data to tape backup system via a Windows share or natively with an agent installed directly on the esXpress De-Dupe Appliance for better performance.
    Data is sent to tape as VMware native VMX and VMDK files, allowing for one step restores from tape as data is not locked in a proprietary format.
    Windows Share
    Networker EMC
    Legacy Backup Server
    Legacy Agent
  • 68. Date Smart Dynamic Export
    -ReHydrate and Access Backups from a SMB/Windows Share-Only Copy the Data you need to tape
    -Setup a recurring tape job, exports are Dynamic
  • 69. Web-Based Interface & Multi-user Hierarchy
    Web-based Management Console
    Multi-user Hierarchical Configuration
    • Multi-user web-based interface allows users to administer from anywhere
    • 70. Delivered as virtual machine appliance for ease of installation and setup
    • 71. Virtual machine appliance can be deployed as duplication target upon role selection at startup
    • 72. Central management console provides one place to change all backup settings
    • 73. Policy-based hierarchical architecture simplifies configuration by using Global and Group-based settings
    • 74. Central backup target configuration allows choice in backup targets
  • Resource Allocation & Statistics
  • 75. Pricing/ Licensing Options
    esXpress Enterprise
    esXpress Pro
    • $1,000 per ESX host
    • 76. 4 concurrent backups per host
    • 77. Built-in replication for DR
    • 78. Source-side global de-duplication
    • 79. Bundled support 11 hr / 5 day week
    • 80. $2,000 per ESX host
    • 81. 16 concurrent backups per host
    • 82. Built-in replication for DR
    • 83. Source-side global de-duplication
    • 84. Bundled support 11 hr / 5 day week
    Platinum 24x7 Support
    • $100 Upgrade on PRO and $200 Upgrade on ENT license
    Volume Purchase Pricing
    • Discount Pricing Available for Volume Purchases
    Enterprise License Agreement
    • Multi Year Commitment with Flexible Licensing Options
  • Summary - Why PHD?
    • VBA Architecture
    • 85. SureRestore™
    • 86. Verifiable and measurable Source Side deduplication
    • 87. Scalable: 16 Concurrent backup streams
    • 88. True Fault Tolerance
    • 89. No Impact Service Console
    • 90. No Additional Hardware
    “Reader’s Choice”
    Preferred product
  • 91.
    866-710-1882 (USA and Canada)
    +1-267-298-5320 (International)
    “Reader’s Choice”
    Preferred product