4P analysis of Dabur Chawanprash


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4P analysis of Dabur Chawanprash

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4P analysis of Dabur Chawanprash

  1. 1. 4P Analysis of Dabur Chyawanprash Group -9 Mayank Bhawsinghka Devansh Doshi Soumya Pritish Akshay Modi Shubhangi Dutta Greeshma Rao Sachin Gupta
  2. 2. Product         Chyawanprash – Dabur’s popular Ayurvedic health supplement Started with Regular variant, now comes with Orange, Mango & Mixed Fruit also Includes herbs like Amla, Giloy & 40 other natural ingredients, clinically tested to boost immunity Anti aging benefits claimed due to Anti-oxidant properties Deep red packaging The new Dabur packaging comprises a leaf and the use of bold red colour suggesting growth, energy and rejuvenation. Derived from 2500 year old Ayurvedic formula- totally chemical free, natural & safe Protects from cold, stress, cough, infections
  3. 3. Products Frameworks Core Benefits Basic Product Expected Product Augmented Product Potential Product Product Levels • Strengthens immunity system • Jam like mixture of herbs, spices and other ingredients • Tangy, sweet-sour, palatable • Natural anti-oxidants with pleasurable nourishment • Chutney, sauce, or seasoning Brand Variant: Orange, Mango & Mixed Fruit Flavour Product Line: Ayurvedic Tonic Product Class: Health Supplement Product Family: Health Care Need Family: Immunity Product Hierarchy
  4. 4. Pricing - SKUs  Competitive pricing  Uses second-degree price discrimination i.e. more the quantity, lower the price  SKUs: 2kg Rs 380.00 1kg Rs.240.00 500g Rs.125.00 250g Rs. 65.00    
  5. 5. Pricing Strategy       Dabur is today seen as far more proactive in the market – stepped up investing in ad spend and marketing The increase in credit period is helping them to increase their revenue margins Main factors affecting the pricing strategy: Cost: Maintained operating margins over last two years through judicious price hikes across products and reduction in pack sizes Competition: Competitors to Dabur Chyawanprash include Ranbaxy Chyawan Active, Himalaya, Himani Sona Chandi, Zandu Kesari Jivan, Zandu Baidnath and other local brands. Dabur still holds 67 per cent market share Consumer Demand: Loyal consumer base - market leader in the segment
  6. 6. Place    Present in all major cities in India along with tier 1/2/3 cities and rural areas It has 4,500 distributors in the country; reach over 2.5 million retail outlets across the country Ubiquitous international presence
  7. 7. Place  Available at Modern Trade Outlets, General Trade Outlets and Alternate Channels of Distribution    Modern Trade- Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, Specialty Stores General Trade- Kirana Stores, General Stores, Bakeries, etc Alternate Channels- , E-Retail- Online Groceries (satvikshop.com, aaramshop.com)
  8. 8. Promotion     Chyawanprash is the oldest brand in the world. Dabur uses MS Dhoni to endorse its Chyawanprash which has helped create a new market for the product – the kids Promotion - TV Campaigns, Social Media, Outdoor & On ground Activities. •TV ads- Released in many local languages •Social Media- FB Page (90,000 fans), promotes itself as a shield against change in weather •On Ground Activities- free health check-up, engagement activities, movie screenings, spot sales •Outdoor- Bus Hoardings, Billboards They also have a swasthya chetna abhyaan
  9. 9.  Feedback on 4P Assignment Group 9- Dabur Chyawanprash Slide 2- Product Covered well and in detail  Slide 3- Product Levels & Hierarchy                    Expected product should cover- Boosting immunity and health benefits as it is one of the primary promises of the product Augmented Product: Here you could cover tasty, tangy, palatable, as usually most healthy products are not associated with taste Potential Product: By making it a chutney paste- you are changing the complete format- that is a line extension (will be taught to you); The potential product could be a chyawanprash that is created for different diseases, etc. Slide 4- Price Should have given prices of competitors as well- to clearly show the competitive pricing Slide 7- Place Not done in detail at all; just the jargon taught in class was pasted back here. Examples of each type (or pictures) are not given What type of specialty stores are you talking about? It is not available in bakeries as far I know. Please check and give an example The pictures put are examples of promotion strategies, its not the place Slide 8- Promotion No details of an ad was covered, what message is trying to be conveyed through their communication Billboards/Hoardings hold true for all brands- show pictures, Details of Swasthya Chetna Abhiya should have been covered Very vaguely and poorly done- could hold true for any brand; please ensure you go through the promotion- ads, etc in greater detail