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4 p dabur

  1. 1. 4P Analysis of Dabur Chyawanprash Group -9 Mayank Bhawsinghka Devansh Doshi Soumya Pritish Akshay Modi Shubhangi Dutta Greeshma Rao Sachin Gupta
  2. 2.  Chyawanprash – Dabur’s popular Ayurvedic health supplement  Started with Regular variant, now comes with Orange, Mango & Mixed Fruit also  Includes herbs like Amla, Giloy & 40 other natural ingredients, clinically tested to boost immunity  Anti aging benefits claimed due to Anti-oxidant properties  Deep red packaging  The new Dabur packaging comprises a leaf and the use of bold red colour suggesting growth, energy and rejuvenation.  Derived from 2500 year old Ayurvedic formula- totally chemical free, natural & safe  Protects from cold, stress, cough, infections Product
  3. 3. Products Frameworks • Strengthens immunity systemCore Benefits • Jam like mixture of herbs, spices and other ingredients Basic Product • Tangy, sweet-sour, palatable Expected Product • Natural anti-oxidants with pleasurable nourishment Augmented Product • Chutney, sauce, or seasoning Potential Product Product Levels Brand Variant: Orange, Mango & Mixed Fruit Flavour Product Line: Ayurvedic Tonic Product Class: Health Supplement Product Family: Health Care Need Family: Immunity Product Hierarchy
  4. 4. Pricing - SKUs  Competitive pricing  Uses second-degree price discrimination i.e. more the quantity, lower the price  SKUs:  2kg Rs 380.00  1kg Rs.240.00  500g Rs.125.00  250g Rs. 65.00
  5. 5. Pricing Strategy  Dabur is today seen as far more proactive in the market – stepped up investing in ad spend and marketing  The increase in credit period is helping them to increase their revenue margins  Main factors affecting the pricing strategy:  Cost: Maintained operating margins over last two years through judicious price hikes across products and reduction in pack sizes  Competition: Competitors to Dabur Chyawanprash include Ranbaxy Chyawan Active, Himalaya, Himani Sona Chandi, Zandu Kesari Jivan, Zandu Baidnath and other local brands. Dabur still holds 67 per cent market share  Consumer Demand: Loyal consumer base - market leader in the segment
  6. 6. Place  Present in all major cities in India along with tier 1/2/3 cities and rural areas  It has 4,500 distributors in the country; reach over 2.5 million retail outlets across the country  Ubiquitous international presence
  7. 7. Place  Available at Modern Trade Outlets, General Trade Outlets and Alternate Channels of Distribution  Modern Trade- Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, Specialty Stores  General Trade- Kirana Stores, General Stores, Bakeries, etc  Alternate Channels- , E-Retail- Online Groceries (satvikshop.com, aaramshop.com)
  8. 8. Promotion  Chyawanprash is the oldest brand in the world.  Dabur uses MS Dhoni to endorse its Chyawanprash which has helped create a new market for the product – the kids  Promotion - TV Campaigns, Social Media, Outdoor & On ground Activities. •TV ads- Released in many local languages •Social Media- FB Page (90,000 fans), promotes itself as a shield against change in weather •On Ground Activities- free health check-up, engagement activities, movie screenings, spot sales •Outdoor- Bus Hoardings, Billboards  They also have a swasthya chetna abhyaan
  9. 9.  Feedback on 4P Assignment  Group 9- Dabur Chyawanprash  Slide 2- Product  Covered well and in detail  Slide 3- Product Levels & Hierarchy  Expected product should cover- Boosting immunity and health benefits as it is one of the primary promises of the product  Augmented Product: Here you could cover tasty, tangy, palatable, as usually most healthy products are not associated with taste  Potential Product: By making it a chutney paste- you are changing the complete format- that is a line extension (will be taught to you); The potential product could be a chyawanprash that is created for different diseases, etc.  Slide 4- Price  Should have given prices of competitors as well- to clearly show the competitive pricing  Slide 7- Place  Not done in detail at all; just the jargon taught in class was pasted back here.  Examples of each type (or pictures) are not given  What type of specialty stores are you talking about?  It is not available in bakeries as far I know. Please check and give an example  The pictures put are examples of promotion strategies, its not the place  Slide 8- Promotion  No details of an ad was covered, what message is trying to be conveyed through their communication  Billboards/Hoardings hold true for all brands- show pictures,  Details of Swasthya Chetna Abhiya should have been covered  Very vaguely and poorly done- could hold true for any brand; please ensure you go through the promotion- ads, etc in greater detail