Provisioning Toolchain Introduction for Velocity Online Conference (March 2010)

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Lee Thompson (from DTO Solutions) presentation given at Velocity's Online Conference on March 17, 2010. …

Lee Thompson (from DTO Solutions) presentation given at Velocity's Online Conference on March 17, 2010.

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  • 1. Open Source Provisioning Toolchain
  • 2. Web Operations 1.0
  • 3. Web Operations 2.0
  • 4. Toolchains = software assembly line!
  • 5. Follows historical precedents... Core tenet of Industrial Revolution is interchangeable parts Unix is less an operation system and more a federation of small utilities Free Software Foundation Development Toolchain emacs->autoconf->autoheader->automake->libtool->gcc->ld
  • 6. Benefits of a provisioning toolchain... Smaller interchangeable parts mitigates risk Help users figure out how tools fit together Stop the constant reinvention of the the wheel Consolidate terminology Help toolsmiths align efforts
  • 7. Why now?
  • 8. The rise of clouds and virtualization
  • 9. Awareness of DevOps problems
  • 10. Criteria for fully automated provisioning... 1. Be able to automatically provision an entire environment -- from "bare-metal" to running business services -- completely from specification 2. No direct management of individual boxes 3. Be able to revert to a "previously known good" state at any time 4. It’s easier to re-provision than it is to repair 5. Anyone on your team with minimal domain specific knowledge can deploy or update an environment
  • 11.
  • 12. What is missing?
  • 13. So we’ve been talking it over... 10/09 - Provisioning Toolchain 11/09 - dev2ops blog 01/10 - OpsCamp, Austin, Texas 02/10 - DTO Customers and Industry Contacts
  • 14. Controls and Utilization Provisioning Activity De-Provisioning Activity (Current toolchain concept only covers provisioning part of this!)
  • 15. Scope Creep! CMDB/ Pkg Mgmt / Artifact Repositories Monitoring / Dashboarding / Alarming Roles / Access Controls / Audit And that whole devops thing...
  • 16. Announcing!
  • 17. DevOps-Toolchain Document methodologies and best practices Define an architectural vision of the tool chain with an eye towards phased evolution Maintain a repository of design patterns and anti- patterns that describe useful approaches to tool builders Mailing list to discuss approaches, anecdotes and applications of approaches and tools
  • 18. Join the Conversation Share a Best Practice See you at Velocity in Santa Clara!