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How to Conduct a Highy Effective Job Search : Gary Erikson
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How to Conduct a Highy Effective Job Search : Gary Erikson


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PP presentation by Gary Erikson used at the 6 association event

PP presentation by Gary Erikson used at the 6 association event

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  • 1.
    • Do your research
    • Prepare your Marketing Materials
    • Develop your Marketing Plan
    • Gary Erickson
    • Executive Search Partners
  • 2. Do your research
    • Goal: Know your product - you
        • Develop a comprehensive list of your accomplishments
        • Write down 10 accomplishments for each of your last 10 years
        • Use PAR Format:
          • Problem
          • Action
          • Results
    • PAR’s help:
        • Improving self confidence
        • Resume writing
        • Networking
        • Interviewing
  • 3. PAR Example
    • P:   A regional bank with 120 branches was losing revenue opportunities because there was little cross channel selling.
    • A:  Implemented a multi-channel marketing program was developed and implemented that identified the next best bank product to promote to a new customer, what channel to use to communicate the message, and the timing and contact cadence.
    • R:   This program generated $25MM in new checking and savings deposits, 3,000 new credit card customers, and 500 new home mortgage customers.   
    Shorter: To improve revenue generation for a regional bank, , implemented a multi-channel marketing program that generated $25M in new checking deposits and 500 new mortgage customers.
  • 4. Prepare your marketing materials
    • Develop your value proposition :
        • Summarizes who you are professionally and what you have to offer a potential employer
        • Short and focused - 4/5 sentences
    • EXAMPLE:
      • Senior sales and marketing executive with 20+ years of increasing responsibility experience in sales, client services and marketing. Have been r
      • esponsible for up to $110MM in revenue and 45 employees. Have developed and delivered highly effective marketing solutions for customers across a wide spectrum of industry verticals and have given back to the industry by serving on an industry association board .
  • 5. Marketing Materials: Resume and Cover Letter
    • Goal of the Resume is to:
      • Convey who you are professionally
      • Make it obvious why you are a fit for the job to which you are applying
      • Provide the reader with your:
        • Career history
        • Other information that adds depth to your profile
    • Goal of the cover letter is to e xplain why you are a fit for the position
      • A separate cover letter is frequently not read
      • Provide a short paragraph in your email that explains why you are a fit for the position
      • Respond to the most important requirements listed  
  • 6. Resume
    • Start with your PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY
    • Write in reverse chronology order
    • Include ALL positions and dates
    • Write in third person
    • Include specific accomplishments – use your PAR’s
    • Place EDUCATION at end
    • Length – one size does not fit all
        • Just out of college – 1 page
        • Non – executive positions – 2 pages
        • Executive positions – 3-4 pages - include
          • Presentations
          • Honors/Awards
          • Community Activities
          • Any other significant items
  • 7.
      • 4-5 sentences – similar to your Elevator Speech
      • Company Name, Location Dates
      • Summarize company – size, locations, business
        • Title Dates
        • Summarize responsibilities including scope, budget, number of people, and to whom you reported
        • Significant accomplishments:
          • • Par 1
          • • Par 2
          • • Par 3
  • 8. Develop your Marketing Plan
    • Goal: get an appointment with the buyer: i.e. an interview with the hiring manager
    • You want someone in your network to recommend you to the hiring manager
    • You do this by networking
    • The marketing plan helps you plan, keep track of what you did, and follow-up
  • 9.
    • Marketing Plan
    • Develop a list of:
      • Target companies
      • Individuals
      • Recruiters
    • Use internet resources to identify companies that are hiring and people you should meet (i.e. LinkedIn, Monster, Execunet, Indeed)
    • Add to this list as you network
    • Cull this list regularly to keep it manageable
    • Use the list to follow-up regularly with your network
    Name Company Phone Email Contact date Summary Follow-up
  • 10.  
  • 11. Closing the Deal
    • Interview – closing questions
        • Ask the interviewer what the top 2-3 project, problems, or issues, the person hired would have to deal with in the next year.
        • Ask the interviewer how he felt your qualifications matched up against the position requirements.
    • Follow-up
        • Send thank you letter/email within 2 days
        • Contact for updates – every two weeks
    Copyrighted 2004 by Executive Search Partners
  • 12. Closing the Deal
    • Responding to a Job Offer
    • Evaluate - evaluate the offer along several dimensions.
        • Location, Compensation, Position, Company
        • Key question: 2 years from now, if I am interviewing for another position will this move look like a good move or a bad move
    • Negotiating changes to the offer
        • Negotiate in good faith – don’t keep changing the deal.
    • How long can you wait to respond to an offer?
        • 3-4 days; sometimes up to a week
  • 13. Summary
    • Preparation is critical
    • You must work at Marketing yourself – networking is the key
    • Interviewing is a skill – you can develop it
    • Be persistent- finding a job is a full time job
    Copyrighted 2004 by Executive Search Partners