Go mobile or go away detroit chamber 11.08.10


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Go mobile or go away detroit chamber 11.08.10

  1. 1. Go Mobile… Or Go Away B 2 B Mobile Benefits • Mobile Tools• Mobile Tips
  2. 2. Think Mobile Is Only For B2C Audiences? (Think Again.)
  3. 3. When was the last time you saw business professionals without their mobile phones?
  4. 4. Make No Mistake: Mobile media is Business media.
  5. 5. While Marketers Have Been “Going Social”. . .
  6. 6. Their markets have ALREADY gone mobile.
  7. 7. The numbers are positively Mind- Blowing
  8. 8. Half The Planet Is Currently Mobile. 3.4 BILLION People Have Mobile Phones. (and that number is forecast to soar higher) Findings here
  9. 9. 14.7% 106.5 Million Viewers 50%3.1% 500 Million Users 1.7 Billion Netizens As Compared To Mobile’s 3.4 BILLION Subscribers?
  10. 10. The tools are Wide- Ranging
  11. 11. M O B I L E Mobile Web Sites SMS Alerts & Campaigns Video & Audio Mobile Advertising Mobile Apps, Utilities & Extensions Location- Based Services QR/2D Barcodes Mobile Augmented Reality Mobile Social Media T O O L S
  12. 12. The B2B Benefits Are Rock- Solid.
  13. 13. Exponentially Increase Reach Anytime-Anywhere Purchasing Opportunities Wide Variety of New Marketing Tools Uniquely Personal, “Immediate” Media 100% Measurable ‘First-Screen’ Brand Impression Lead-Generation Opportunities Maximize Existing Investments, And Content #1 #8 #7 #6 #5 #4 #3 #2 #9 #10 10 Benefits Of B2B Mobile Marketing Brand Presence In Mobile World Extend Brand Value Across Mobile Media TOP
  14. 14. And The Web? That’s also going Full-On Mobile
  15. 15. Morgan Stanley analysts predict the Mobile Web will be bigger than desktop Internet use by 2015—with Gartner projecting mobile devices to overtake PCs as the most common Web devices by 2013. ‘First Screen’ In 3-5 Years Morgan Stanley findings here. Gartner findings here.
  16. 16. You think mobile is Only (Smart)Phones?
  17. 17. (which are mobile devices, too.) Don’t forget the exploding new market category of tablet computers.
  18. 18. Think Apps Are Just For Fun? They’re Taking Over The Enterprise, Too.
  19. 19. IBM predicts that Mobile applications will surpass traditional platforms in the enterprise market by 2015 as the popularity of smart phones and tablets continues to surge. Mobile Apps To Surpass Traditional Enterprise Apps By 2015 Findings here
  20. 20. How Does Mobile Change The Way We Live Now?
  21. 21. We Simultaneously Live In 2 Worlds.
  22. 22. And We Expect Media That Moves With Our Every Move.
  23. 23. We are A Multi-Tasking, Multiple Conversations, Multi- Channel Society The New Normal
  24. 24. So That Leaves One BIG Question
  25. 25. What Ways Can B2Bs Be Using Mobile NOW?
  26. 26. Mobile Web Sites Web sites that are developed for the small screens of mobile phones to deliver a superior experience for prospects and customers.
  27. 27. Have you viewed your site on a mobile phone, lately? (Um, Yikes!) … Chances are, you need to optimize your site and other content for the smaller mobile environment.
  28. 28. Make Your Web Site Mobile Friendly (Not Mobile Foe) An imperative for all B2Bs is optimizing your EXISTING and FUTURE content for mobile environments. This can mean creating mobile-friendly Web sites, not just mobile access to your current Web site, and providing users with shorter versions of lengthy content pieces, as well as in different content formats(e.g. video, audio).
  29. 29. MobilePlaybook.360i.com: Web site
  30. 30. MobilePlaybook.360i.com: Mobile Web site (optimized for smartphones)
  31. 31. MobilePlaybook.360i.com: Mobile Web Site (optimized for iPad)
  32. 32. Keep In Mind! Unlike Apps, Mobile Web sites are viewable from ALL Web-enabled Phones. (as they are browser-based)
  33. 33. Start Smart! Implementation Tips 1. Choose content wisely (not much room on mobile!). 2. Keep copy tight and to the point. 3. Consider all mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) 4. Enlist an experienced design/tech partner. 5. Auto-detect all sites. 6. Promote! 7. Track Mobile ROI. Mobile Web Site
  34. 34. Video The use of video in campaigns, case studies, discussion of best practices, branded entertainment segments, tips, etc. Note: Video pertains to mobile devices like smartphones that have the capability to view video.
  35. 35. “Show” The Stories You Already Tell. Due to the complexity of B2B industries and offerings, their content is often lengthy and technical and thus, very difficult to view on small mobile screens. It’s not that B2Bs need to rethink their content, but their formats… with video (and audio!) a ripe option for audiences accessing content from their mobile devices. Produce quick video (or audio) segments that show the tips you tell in your articles and creating visual case studies in addition to the longer text formats available at your Web site.
  36. 36. Keep In Mind! Video (and audio) Not Only Works For Mobile, But For All Web Efforts, Including Social Media, Web Site, Landing Pages, etc.
  37. 37. Start Smart! Implementation Tips 1. Audit all content for video opportunities. 2. Differentiate from competitors’ use of video. 3. Create an editorial calendar. 4. Keep videos short. 5. Promote! 6. Track Mobile ROI. Video (and Audio)
  38. 38. SMS Alerts BMW: Joy is here: http://bit.ly/aju1hy Text alerts that are sent to mobile device users via short message service (SMS) that can’t be longer than 160 alpha-numeric characters. Note: All SMS Alerts Must Be Sent Only To Opt-In Subscribers!
  39. 39. Create A New Communications Channel With Your Content. Just as you create opt-in email newsletters to “push” content to your audience, opt-in SMS alerts can open an entirely new, uniquely personal and instantaneous communications channel with your audience. And where B2Bs can win over their business audiences is by delivering information that is of a timely and breaking nature to their business audiences, as with alerting them to important developments, industry news and thought leadership tips to overcome challenges.
  40. 40. Keep In Mind! You Can Share A Shortcode To Get To Market More Quickly/ Economically or Buy your own.
  41. 41. Start Smart! Implementation Tips SMS Alerts 1. Determine Budget— dedicated or “shared” shortcode? 2. Pinpoint an SMS vendor. 3. Identify Content Focus. 4. Grow your SMS list organically—100% opt-in. 5. Pinpoint frequency of SMS alerts. 6. Promote! 7. Track Mobile ROI.
  42. 42. Mobile Apps An application, downloaded by the user to their mobile device, that is small in comparison to comprehensive desktop applications, but can be quite sophisticated, and very popular.
  43. 43. Engage Your Audience Through Apps. One approach that can offer a new level of utility for your business audience—and a way to get your brand top of mind—is through the development of mobile applications, or “apps”. For example: If your B2B develops enterprise software, and your brand’s value proposition is rooted in streamlining business tasks, your app could help them by streamlining several of their mobile-centric tasks. In order for your B2B to stand out at a tradeshow teeming with top competitors, you could create an “in-venue” app for attendees to use while at the event that improves their experience.
  44. 44. Apps can produce new revenue streams and business models by extending the brands’ key value proposition.
  45. 45. Apps can leverage breakthrough technology—such as LBS and Augmented Reality—to produce rich benefits for business professionals.
  46. 46. Mobile extensions apps can introduce new levels of usability to existing programs.
  47. 47. Keep In Mind! Apps have FAR MORE functionality than Mobile Web sites… but they have to be developed for EACH And EVERY Mobile OS. (e.g. iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, WinMo, Nokia, etc)
  48. 48. To Succeed With Apps… Ask and Answer: Value Proposition: How will your app EXTEND your brand's value proposition into the mobile environment? Core Value: Does your app make the works tasks of business professionals better, faster and/or easier? Does it solve a problem or produce a compelling benefit? Price: Will your app be free or available for a fee (and at what price)? This depends upon your goal—whether it’s to increase awareness or introduce a new revenue stream. … continued
  49. 49. To Succeed With Apps… Timely: Is your app for the long-term... or a finite program period? There's no wrong answer here as some apps are long- term in focus while others, like in-venue apps for tradeshows, are finite in nature. Support Existing Programs: Do you have an existing online program where an app—as with a mobile extension—would prove helpful? Promotion: How will you promote your app? There are hundreds of thousands of apps already… how will your app rise above the clutter?
  50. 50. Start Smart! Implementation Tips 1. Determine platforms. 2. Plan early and ahead. 3. Find an experienced development partner. 4. Keep your app current. 5. Brand your app well (naming). 6. Promote! 7. Track Mobile ROI. Mobile Apps
  51. 51. Mobile Barcodes Also known as “QR Codes” (for Quick Response) or “2D Codes” (for Two Dimensional), are used through subscribers’ snapping a picture of the icon with their mobile phone camera—with software on their phones translating it and performing the associated action within a few seconds.
  52. 52. The actions that marketers can link users’ to through their QR or 2D Codes include (but are not limited to!): • Connect to a URL • Menu of options • Download a MP3 • Initiate an email with the QR owner’s name in the "send to" field • Initiate a call on the phone • Download a PDF/brochure • Receive a multimedia file via SMS
  53. 53. People can scan the Danica Patrick bar code and they are taken to a mobile page featuring the lineup for the race, a schedule of events, information about Danica and social-media links.
  54. 54. Keep In Mind! QR Codes Do Not Need To Only Be Featured Online—Use Them In Your Printed Materials, Tradeshow Signage, Promotional Apparel and More.
  55. 55. Start Smart! Implementation Tips 1. Identify how you'll use QR codes. 2. Determine where to place QR codes. 3. Assess vendors. 4. Optimize landing pages. 5. Remember to Educate Audiences. 6. Promote! 7. Track Mobile ROI. Mobile Barcodes
  56. 56. But The BIG Question Is . . .
  57. 57. With Half The Planet Already Mobile …
  58. 58. With So Many Innovative Mobile Marketing Approaches Mobile Sites
  59. 59. Exponentially Increase Reach Anytime-Anywhere Purchasing Opportunities Wide Variety of New Marketing Tools Uniquely Personal, “Immediate” Media 100% Measurable ‘First-Screen’ Brand Impression Lead-Generation Opportunities Maximize Existing Investments, And Content #1 #8 #7 #6 #5 #4 #3 #2 #9 #10 And So Many BIG Benefits Brand Presence In Mobile World Extend Brand Value Across Mobile Media
  60. 60. What Are You Waiting For B2Bs?
  61. 61. Thank You! (and good luck going mobile) Blog: CKBlog.comWeb: CKB2B.com Twitter: @CKsays