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DREP-Transportation & Logistics


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DREP-Transportation & Logistics

  1. 1. Transportation Rankings Transportation Michigan is the 11th largest state by geographic area and 8th largest state by population. 18th in freight rail wages 2006 19th in railroad employment 2006 & Logistics 29th in rail carloads carried by state 2006 Trucking 31st in rail tons carried by state 2006 1st in surface merchandise trade with Canada, imports & exports 2007 Introduction 1st in Incoming trucks from Canada 2006 Passenger 1st in loaded incoming trucks from Canada 2006 2nd in incoming passenger vehicles from Canada 2006 3rd in surface merchandise trade with Mexico, imports & exports 2007 17th largest urban transit system by ridership GLOBAL ACCESS: LOGISTICS ADVANTAGES: 4th in incoming train passengers from The Detroit/Windsor/Toledo trade cooridor stands ready to assist you with The Detroit/Windsor/Toledo trade cooridor has a unique advantage in that Canada 2006 Air moving goods throughout the midwest. With the backlogs that are evident its an international trade cooridor boasting trade cooperation on both sides 4th in local rail mileage 8th in air transportation establishments in Chicago, the region has the capacity, skills and world class infrastructure of the Detroit River. 7th in Interstate miles 9th largest airport by passengers enplaned to move products effectively and efficiently throughout North America and 9th in Total Public Roads by miles 2006 the world. Transporation infrastructure is the single most important asset companies 11th in truck transportation establishments 10th in air transportation employment 2006 look for when relocating or expanding their business. The Detroit Region 2006 11th commercial service airport by Our airports offer more than -----flights to international destinations. Four of serves as the busiest northern border crossing into Canada and sits along 15th in truck transportation employment enplanements 2006 the 7 Class I railroads operating more than ------miles of track can access all the St. Lawrence Seaway. The region is centrally located in one of the 2006 37th Airport by landed weight of all-cargo North American Markets. The Ambassador Bridge is the busiest international largest economic and trade cooridors, moving more than $45 billion in 2008 operations 2002 –2006 land crossing from Canada handling more than $1 billion per day. through its border, and is home to a world class transportation, logistics & Rail distribution center. 1st in incoming rail full rail container crossings from Canada 2006 Waterway 1st in incoming bus crossings from Canada 9th in Intrastate waterborne shipments 2006 2006 10th Waterborne domestic originating in 2nd in incoming trains from Canada 2006 state shipments 2nd in rail tons metallic ores originated 15th in total waterborne Shipments 2006 (20.2% of U.S. total) 3rd in rail tons metallic ores terminated (17.9% of U.S. total) Miscellaneous 4th in rail tons petroleum products terminated (5.8% of U.S. total) 1st in exports to Canada 2007 7th in rail tons waste & scrap materials originated (4.5 % of U.S. total) 3rd in NAFTA exports 2007 7th in rail tons primary metal products terminated (4.3% of U.S. total) 4th in total exports 2007 10th in rail tons primary metal products originated (2.8% of U.S. total) 4th in exports to Mexico 2007 11th in number of Freight Railroads 2006 5th largest export metro area by value 2007 (Detroit-Warren-Livonia MSA) 11th in rail carloads terminated 2006 11th in transportation & warehousing establishments 2007 12th in Miles of Freight Railroad 2006 10th in transportation expenditures by state and local governments 2006 12th in rail carloads originated 2006 14th in exports to China 2008 16th in Class 1 rail mileage 17th in transportation and warehouse employment 2007 16th in rail tons originated 2006 16th in rail tons terminated 2006 Economic Impact of the border Economic Impact of the Detroit/Windsor Border U.S. trade with Canada averages $1.5B per day, more than the U.S. trade with the entire European Union. Michigan accounts for more than 50 percent of the U.S. trade with Canada with almost all of that handled in Detroit & Port Huron Forty-three percent of the U.S.-Canada trade crossed at the Southeast Michigan/ Southwest Ontario borders. In 2008, Canadians and Michigan residents crossed the border almost 2.8 million times. More than 2 million Canadians and 5.3 million Americans, including 221,000 Michigan residents are employed with companies that depend on U.S.-Canada trade. In 2007, approximately, 3,500 Canadian health care workers commuted across the border for work daily. In 2008, the Detroit MSA exported $23.1 billion accounting for 69% of Michigan’s total merchandise exports. Source: Southeast Michigan Council of Governments and the U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration.
  2. 2. Workforce Forecast, 2009 - 2019 Intermodal Assets Regional Detroit Lansing MSA The Detroit Region is home to 7 international border crossings and ranks 2008 Michigan Top 5 Exports by Product as the busiest border crossing in North America. Within the region there are 2008 NAICS 2009 2019 % 2008 # of 2009 2019 2008 % # of Description 2 bridges, 2 rail tunnels, two truck ferries and the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel. NAICS Product (in thousands) Code Jobs Jobs Change Estab. Jobs Jobs Change Estab. In addition, there are 15 airports and air fields, 3 marine ports, 8 rail yards 42 Wholesale Trade TOTAL $15,879,048 located througout the Southeast Michigan. Detroit-Windsor border crossing is 423 Merchant wholesalers, durable goods 59,866 66,370 11% 5,766 2,828 3,110 10% 310 the busiest border crossing in North America. 336 Transportation Equipment $5,698,371 424 Merchant wholesalers, nondurable goods 28,635 30,147 5% 2,741 2,270 2,474 9% 224 425 Electronic markets and agents and brokers 16,552 16,681 1% 4,520 653 649 (1%) 184 325 Chemical Manufactures $2,281,513 Deep Water Ports 105,053 113,198 8% 5,751 6,233 8% 212 Mining $1,150,141 * The Detroit Port is the second largest Customs port of entry in the United 48-49 Transportation & Warehousing State by value of goods. 322 Paper Products $1,013,976 481 Air transportation 12,166 11,984 (1%) 124 51 35 (31%) 3 * The Detroit Port is responsible for importing more than 750 million tons of 482 Rail transportation 2,308 2,300 0% XXX 110 114 4% XXX 331 Primary Metal Manufactures $1,011,162 steel annually. 483 Water transportation 70 43 (39%) 11 <10 <10 -- -- * Michigan has 38 deep-waterports. Source: International Trade Administration. 484 Truck transportation 25,560 29,696 16% 1,849 2,333 2,696 16% 158 * The Toledo Port is comprised of 15 marine terminals which handle nearly 485 Transit and ground passenger transportation 4,863 5,425 12% 195 891 1,014 14% 9 all-types of commodity transported via waterways. 486 Pipeline transportation 697 849 22% 33 <10 <10 -- -- * The Detroit & Toledo Ports are among the largest along the St. Lawrence 487 Scenic and sightseeing transportation 213 231 8% 9 <10 <10 -- -- Seaway. Bridges- 488 Support activities for transportation 9,493 10,269 8% 650 494 523 6% 35 * More than 1.1 billion and $100 million, in goods crosses the Ambassa- 491 Postal service 14,621 14,316 (2%) 217 1,301 1,261 (3%) 35 2008 Michigan Exports by Country dor & Blue Water Bridges in Detroit and Port Huron each day. 492 Couriers and messengers 9,172 10,038 9% 221 1,195 1,358 14% 16 * Detroit and Port Huron are the number 1 and 4th busiest border crossing 493 Warehousing and storage 7,372 8,572 16% 193 1,673 1,711 2% 27 2008 in North America. 86,535 93,722 8% 8,059 8,719 8% Partner (in thousands) * Roughly 10,000 trucks cross the Ambassador Bridge each day. 53 Real Estate, Rental & Leasing * The Blue Water Bridge accounts for nearly 14% of truck trade between 531130 Miniwarehouse and self-storage unit operators 1,636 1,787 12% 137 92 96 4% 13 World Total $45,135,506 the United States and Canada. 532120 Truck, trailer, and RV rental and leasing 1,238 1,542 37% 97 93 129 39% 7 Canada $24,073,012 532411 Transportation equipment rental and leasing 103 112 (36%) 14 <10 <10 -- -- 2,976 3,441 19% 185 225 21% Mexico $6,414,571 Rail - 54 Professional & Technical Services Through service agreements, all major railroads serving the trade Germany $1,562,070 5416 Management and technical consulting services 23,822 27,940 1% 2,885 2,095 2,428 16% 208 cooridor are able to ship throughout North America. Japan $1,437,660 23,822 27,940 1% 2,095 2,428 16% China $1,287,601 * The Detroit Region is served by four of the seven national Class I 56 Administrative & Waste Services railroads in the United States. This is unique to only 1/3 of ths country. 561910 Packaging and labeling services 1,938 1,934 14% 89 18 <10 -- 2 Saudi Arabia $840,512 * There are more than 3,600 miles of track in Michigan. 1,938 1,934 14% 18 <10 -- * Three of the four railroads have intermodal terminal in Regional Total 220,324 240,235 16,108 17,609 United Kingdom $693,906 Detroit. France $627,078 * Toledo ranks as one of the Top 5 rail hubs in the United States. Source: Economic Modeling Specialists Inc. South Korea $621,744 Venezuela $563,371 Air - The economic region is home to 9 major airports with more than ___ Source: International Trade Administration. domestic flights available and __ flights to international destinations. Transportation projects supported by TranslinkeD Interstates * Within the 10-county Detroit Region there are 4 major airports and several airfields. Detroit Regional Chamber and Translinked are working to ensure that Rail & Intermodal The trade region is supported by 11 interstates that reach from Quebec, * Wayne County’s Detroit Metropolitan Airport ranks as the 11th busiest the Detroit Region’s transportation infrastructure continues to meet the • Support the expansion of the Canadian Pacific Rail tunnel in Detroit to Canada to Mexco and connect our region to both the east and west airport in North America and 15th in the World for airport operations. anticipated growth in international trade and freight movements for the accomodate double stack high-cube containers. coasts. Within Southeast Michigan there are nearly 4,900 truck route miles Detroit Metro annually has more movements than JKF or Laguardia in region. Here are some of the improvements that they are working to see • Detroit Intermodal Freight Terminal expansion & upgrade which is the of highways and roads. New York and Boston Logan Airport in Massachusetts. to completion. largest intermodal facility in Michigan. Norfolk Southern & CSX rail jointly * Toledo Express Airport has the only heavy freight air sorting complex own the facility. With truck traffic expected to double by 2020, the Detroit Trade cooridor is in North America and offers weekly cargo flights to Canada, Mexico, Air positioned to assist trucking companies with lowering their costs associ- Australia, Germany and the Middle East. • Aerotropolis project and infrastructure upgrades at Wayne County’s Waterways ated with truck delays in high congested markets such as Chicago. * Bax Global midwest global hub is located at Toledo Express Airport Metropolian Airport, the 10th busiest North American airport. • With more coastline than any other state with the exception of Alaska servicing more than and the 3rd highest state for boat registrations, the Chamber supports C A N A D A Borders redevelopment of passenger ports as an economic driver for the region Intermodal Facilities • Blue Water Bridge plaza construction to increase capacity and retain its and the State of Michigan. prominence as one of North America’s buisiest border crossings. There are nine intermodal freight facilities spread throughout the Detroit Region. • Ambassador Bridge enchancement project to facilitate increased traffic TranslinkeD is the chamber’s vision to leverage the Detroit region’s More than 70% of the freight traffic in the region is handled by the trucking industry. in the future and maintain its busiest border crossing distinction. assets into a global logistics hub for moving people, goods and ideas • Detroit River International Crossing project (DRIC) - to handle future around the world. It is part of our economic development strategy to put projections of truck crossings in the Detroit area. southeast Michigan back on a path to prosperity. Highways TranslinkeD has the potential to grow hundreds of thousands of new jobs • I-75 Expansion of HOV lanes - facilitate a more efficient traffic flow and billions in investment to the Detroit region. Atlantic Ocean patterns in the region. Also increase capacity for the commerical freight Pacific Ocean M E that is moved along the I-175 cooridor from Flint to Toledo. Expected For more information regarding TranslinkeD contact Melissa Roy at Canada X I C growth by 2020 is 25 percent. 313.596.0409 or email O Gulf of Mexico • I-94 Reconstruction & expansion - I-94 is the primary east-west connector linking the Detroit Region to Canada. It links four airports with Estimated Average Annual Daily Truck Traffic Truck Volume Scale daily traffice averages at 120,000 to 160,000 vehicles. US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration Office of Freight Management and Operations (2020) 50,000 25,000 12,500 Freight Analysis Framework