Brochure - November 2011               Destination Changemakers                       Spreading solutions for global chang...
FOREWORD2    INTRODUCTION BY OUR GODFATHER                               WHO IS ANTONIO MELOTO ?    « I fully support your...
INTRODUCTION3    DESTINATION CHANGEMAKERS IN A WORD                                                 KEY FIGURES    Destina...
OUR TEAM4    MATTHIEU    Student in Master in Management at ESCP Europe, I have been committed in various associative    p...
CONTRIBUTE (2/2)        HELPING SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS TO SCALE UP6    WHAT WE WILL DO                                      ...
STUDY        STUDYING SOCIAL CHANGE7    SOCIAL AND CULTURAL DIMENSION                                                   DE...
OUR ITINIRARY9    MISSION 1 : PHILIPPINES, SEPT 2012 – DEC 2012                                   OUR CARBON              ...
OUR PREPARATION (1/2)10     We started our project in January 2011. We will leave France in September 2012, so we will hav...
OUR PREPARATION (2/2)11     PRACTICING                                                BUILDING A CREW     Our project has ...
WHY BECOMING OUR SPONSOR ?12     WHAT DO WE NEED ?                                       WHAT CAN WE OFFER ?     Our estim...
CONCLUSION14     ANTICIPATING        THE MAXIMIZATION OF OUR LONG-TERM                            « Do not be afraid to da...
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Presentation destination changemakers long version

  1. 1. Brochure - November 2011 Destination Changemakers Spreading solutions for global changeFOMPEYRINE NoémieBORENSZTEIN FrédéricDARDAILLON MatthieuGUYOT Jonas
  2. 2. FOREWORD2 INTRODUCTION BY OUR GODFATHER WHO IS ANTONIO MELOTO ? « I fully support your project Destination Changemakers. Mr Antonio Meloto, 61, is the Founding President of the NGO Gawad Kalinga (to Give Care in Tagalog). For the past 15 I see people in your group as the next generation of years, he has devoted himself to the fight against extreme young people who want to build a better, a safer planet. poverty in the Philippines, with the aim to restore dignity to We will work together in the Philippines to eradicate the 25 million poorest Filipinos by 2024 (5 million poverty and to restore human dignity, and I guess this is households in slums). an exciting opportunity for us to build new business models together. So I will be your godfather. » His approach is to build empowered, sustainable, self- sufficient "Communities", accompanied by 7 development Tony MELOTO, 27/11/11, in Paris programs (including for education and health), and now, to significantly develop and scale-up social businesses. Today, more than 2,000 "GK Villages" cover the country with a social impact estimated at one million beneficiaries. Tony has initiated the concept of the "Enchanted Farm" (to prevent rural migration to urban areas), and the first one out of 24 has just been inaugurated by the President of the Republic of the Philippines. To achieve such ambitious objectives, Gawad Kalinga promotes the concepts of "caring & sharing" and involves a large number of people to support this "Grand Cause", with no exceptions : young people, previous "gang leaders", students, faculties, politicians of all sides, employees, business leaders (including Shell, Unilever, Philips, Coca-Cola, IBM, HP, Hyundaï or AirFrance-KLM), GK is now supported by an "army" of 25,000 regular volunteers and 1 million occasional volunteers. In fact, we can summarize the "GK Way" as a three-step process: changing values within affected communities, extensive public-private partnerships, and massive volunteerism. The construction process actually begins with a rebuilding of the values of the community and the change of mindset of "rich" people by building authentic relationships. Tito Tony, is a remarkable example of "transformational Our team, with Tony Meloto and Olivier leadership" ; in 2009 he wrote "Builder of Dreams", and he is Girault (President of Gawad Kalinga) also the recipient of numerous awards, including the "Social after a conference of Tony Meloto and Entrepreneur of the Year" in 2010 in the Philippines by Arnaud Ventura at Sciences-Po Paris Ernst & Young and the Schwab Foundation. As such, he will (28/10) be a guest-speaker in January 2012 at the "World Economic Forum" in Davos.
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION3 DESTINATION CHANGEMAKERS IN A WORD KEY FIGURES Destination Changemakers is a project aiming at helping social entrepreneurs  20 months of preparation to scale up and maximize their social impact. After one year and a half of  9 months of missions preparation in the UK and France, we will help social entrepreneurs in Asia and around the world Africa during nine months, before coming back to France to share our  3 social entrepreneurs experience to the general public.  3 countries GENESIS OF THE PROJECT Last January, during their second year at ESCP Europe, Jonas and Matthieu discovered their mutual interest for innovative social initiatives. Both willing « Be the change you want to make a difference through their work, they decided to launch their own project in order to discover the emerging area of social entrepreneurship. to see in the world » They began to meet some social entrepreneurs in London during their second GANDHI year at ESCP Europe. Still, they realized very quickly that meeting social entrepreneurs around the world had already been done. They then understood that it could be much more interesting and impactful to do missions with a limited number of social entrepreneurs to help them solving their challenge. Destination Changemakers was born. They then met Frédéric, graduated from the Ecole des Gobelins, now in charge of the documentary part of the project; and Noémie, student at Sciences-Po Paris, in charge of the assessment of the social impact of the Changemakers we will meet.
  4. 4. OUR TEAM4 MATTHIEU Student in Master in Management at ESCP Europe, I have been committed in various associative projects. Passionate by these entrepreneurship experiences, sensitive to social problems in the world, I am naturally attracted by social entrepreneurship. I am currently doing a six-month internship in the HR department of Danone in Paris. Destination Changemakers is for me an exciting opportunity to explore the world of social entrepreneurship, to better understand the leadership traits of Changemakers and to try to raise awareness that a credible alternative to the current economic model does exist. JONAS Student in Master in Management at ESCP Europe, I have always been interested in social innovation. It is mainly during my internship among the Center for Social Innovation of Gawad Kalinga that I discovered the power and interest of social entrepreneurship. I am now doing a six- month internship at Doing Good Doing Well, a sustainable development consulting agency. Destination Changemakrs is for me a unique opportunity to be part of a movement that makes a difference. I hope that this journey will be a great source of inspiration for my future professional career. NOÉMIE Student in second year at Sciences Po in Paris, I have always been concerned by social issues in the world. Before I started university, I chose to do a “gap year” during which I went working in a long-term action in a shantytown in Lima in Peru. I am also very committed within the association “Niños de Guatemala”. Being passionate about sociology and anthropology, I would like to study the social impact of the social entrepreneurs. I am very excited to work on this dimension which can help accomplishing, promoting the project and its comprehension. FRÉDÉRIC Recently graduated with a licence degree in audiovisual production in Gobelins - Paris and with a degree in multimedia communication, I aim at working in the cinema field, especially in video editing and directing. My role will be to film the team during the social road trip in order to create afterwards a documentary. For me, Destination Changemakers is the opportunity to learn more about social entrepreneurship, to be more involved in that kind of fields, and work on my first consistent video project.
  5. 5. CONTRIBUTE (1/2) HELPING SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS TO SCALE UP5 ENTREPRENEURIAL DIMENSION DEFINITION This part will be mainly coordinated by Jonas Social enterprise OUR VISION A social enterprise operates like a business, produces goods and services for the • Solutions to change the world already exist, but they need to be scaled market, but manages its up to have a global impact operations and redirects its • Organizations like Ashoka, Skoll Foundation and Schwab Foundation do surpluses in pursuit of social remarkable work to help high-potential social entrepreneurs to scale up and environmental course. • Some of the most innovative social entrepreneurs lack business skills and can’t benefit from the support of these organizations WHO ? OUR VALUE PROPOSITION The social entrepreneurs we target for our three missions • We will help three promising social entrepreneurs in emerging countries are very highly committed to scale up during three missions entrepreneurs with promising • We want to partner with these big foundations to avoid reinventing the ideas to solve an urgent social wheel, and give inspiring social entrepreneurs the chance to join their need, but who lack the network business skills needed to scale • We will accompany three high-potential social entrepreneurs to benefit up their solution. from Ashoka / Skoll / Schwab’s support. We will focus on the areas of food and water, because these are the most urgent social needs people have. Food and water are the first two things people must have to survive, and in today’s world:  884 million people in the world do not have access to safe water (Unicef, 2010)  925 million people in the world are malnourished (FAO, 2010)
  6. 6. CONTRIBUTE (2/2) HELPING SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS TO SCALE UP6 WHAT WE WILL DO PARTNERSHIPS During the preparation phase : • Realization of a pilot-mission as a training to write a business plan for a French social entrepreneur • Partnering with Ashoka / Skoll/ Schwab to understand their Fellow selection criteria • Assessing the needs of the social entrepreneurs to meet the selection criteria Ashoka is the global • Working at distance with them to provide some ideas before our arrival association of the world’s • Training by experts in France on : business plans, audit, leadership... leading social entrepreneurs. Since 1981, they have elected During our missions, with the three social entrepreneurs : over 2,500 leading social • Helping them in their application to benefit from Ashoka / Skoll / Schwab’s entrepreneurs as Ashoka support. It should consist in : assessing their social impact with their Fellows, providing them living community ; rethinking their Business Model ; formalizing their Business stipends, professional support Plan and access to a global network • Organizing Makesense HoldUps, one in France and one in their of peers in 70 countries. community, to find creative ideas to help them solving their challenges ( • Linking them to other local Changemakers to accelerate social change in their ecosystem (MeetUp : organizing an event with all the Changemakers of the area and brainstorming on how they can partner together, share their experience and tips and learn from each other) MakeSense is a community of 300 young people (called Gangsters) in 20 countries who spread the virus of social business into capitalism. They use brainstorming (called HoldUps) to solve social entrepreneur’s challenges. OUR AIM : WE WILLSUCCEED IF... • 1 social entrepreneur out of the 3 we will help become Ashoka / Schwab / Skoll Fellows within 2 year
  7. 7. STUDY STUDYING SOCIAL CHANGE7 SOCIAL AND CULTURAL DIMENSION DEFINITION This part will be mainly coordinated by Noémie Changemaker OUR VISION A Changemaker is a man or a We think Changemakers are the drivers of social change. They have the woman with system changing leadership and the commitment to convince other people to change their own solutions for the world’s most personal behaviour in a positive way to accelerate social change. urgent social problems. We believe Changemakers are the leaders of tomorrow’s world; they are visionaries and act to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable world. Social entrepreneurs are obviously Changemakers, but OUR VALUE PROPOSITION actually everyone can be a Changemaker, provided We will study : he/she wants to accelerate • What are the common leadership traits of Changemakers and how social change and has a Changemakers can change mentalities, mindsets and behaviours positive contribution to the • The ecosystem of social change in the areas of the three missions and how world through his/her action. Changemakers can partner together to accelerate social change Changemakers can be social WHAT WE WILL DO entrepreneurs, but also business leaders, politicians, • Meeting inspiring Changemakers from various sectors and various investors, academics or simple backgrounds in the same area as the social entrepreneur we will citizens… accompany • Writing a photo-book on Changemakers and social change : - Establishing a typology of Changemakers with common characteristics of each type (example : the social entrepreneur; the intrapreneur; the politician...) - Studying the contribution of each of these types of Changemaker • Writing a report on the ecosystem of social change on the three areas studied OUR AIM: WE WILL SUCCEED IF... • We manage to establish a clear and inspiring typology of Changemakers • We provide the three social entrepreneurs with a useful analysis of the ecosystem of social change on their areas • We manage to give a better understanding of these business’s social impulse.
  8. 8. SHARE RAISING AWARENESS ABOUT SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP8 PEDAGOGIC DIMENSION PARTNERSHIPS This part will be mainly coordinated by Matthieu OUR VISION • We want to inspire a generation of Changemakers and transform the Y generation into a YY generation (YY : Yunus &You, the symbol of social business). • We are aware the most important part of our project is probably the part Le Mouv’ is a French radio after we come back: what is crucial is the impact we will have on other station, part of Radio France. people. Public: 18-30 years old. OUR VALUE PROPOSITION We will use various means of communication to reach as many people as possible. For each of them, we will partner with the media, producers and editors to make a difference. Le Journal des Grandes WHAT WE WILL DO Ecoles is a journal diffused at 20,000 copies in 120 French During our travel around the world : school campuses and the 400 • Regular update of our blog to share every step of our project biggest French companies. • Communication on French media: for instance, the radio Le Mouv’ and the magazine Le Journal des Grandes Ecoles will follow us. Once we will be back : • Publication of a photo-book with a typology of the Changemakers • Realization of a documentary about one or several missions • Edition of a boarding game in which players must manage their social enterprise and partner with different Changemakers (Matthieu is a “serial creator” of boarding games with more than 100 games to his credit) • Realization of academic business cases for business schools to raise awareness among students. OUR AIM: WE WOULD SUCCEED IF... To measure the impact of our communication : • People could click on a counter if they recognize Destination Changemakers helped them to better understand the concepts of social business and social change • People could also write a short text to tell us why they found the project interesting and which impact it had on them
  9. 9. OUR ITINIRARY9 MISSION 1 : PHILIPPINES, SEPT 2012 – DEC 2012 OUR CARBON COMPENSATION We will realize our first mission in the Philippines, which is real leader in social innovation. We want to offset 100% of our carbon emissions due to Jonas already spent two months with the NGO Gawad Kalinga for a transportation. humanitarian internship during the summer 2010 and knows quite well some Changemakers in the Philippines. The Founder and President of Gawad Kalinga We are current looking for also decided to become the godfather of our project. innovative ideas to offset our carbon emissions that could In the Philippines, we will work with Justin have a positive impact in the Dela Cruz, the Founder of the social business communities we will go. Happy Green. Happy Green aims at developing local and fair agriculture in rural We are seriously studying the poor communities (like in the Gawad possibility to bring some solar Kalinga rural villages) selling organic food oven (or solar cooker) in poor and beverages. communities. Solar ovens have a positive social and Justin Dela Cruz works a lot in Manila but he environmental impact. often goes to Bulacan (100 km north of Manila) because it is where a major part of his supply comes from (in the GK village « Enchanted Farm »). MISSION 2 : INDIA OR BANGLADESH, JAN 2013 – MAR 2013 We have not selected the social entrepreneur we will work with in India or in the Bangladesh, but we are already screening several possibilities. MISSION 3 : AFRICA, APR 2013 – JUL 2013 Example of solar oven We have not selected the social entrepreneur we will work with in Africa, but Why not helping us to launch we are already screening several possibilities in Senegal, Burkina Faso, and an innovative carbon offset Mali. programme ?
  10. 10. OUR PREPARATION (1/2)10 We started our project in January 2011. We will leave France in September 2012, so we will have had a 20-month preparation. 20 months of preparation allow us to work on a professional value proposition to create partnerships and therefore to have an ambitious project. LEARNING BEING INSPIRED We are curious and want to learn as much as possible During our preparation, we attend as many events and during this preparation year. Here are the three main conferences on topics related to our project as we can. activities we are involved in and we regularly do : Here are some examples, to name but a few : The Voyageurs du Changement Group work Sustainable Business Summit Launched by a « social backpacker » at Danone Organized by The Economist in London in March 2011, Communities, this initiative aims at gathering all the tips from previous responsible world tours to help and this one-day summit focused on the fact that corporate inspire future projects. social responsibility has move from a “nice-to-have” to a key strategic issue Destination Changemakers is in charge of the animation and coordination of the group work on the Convergence 2015 ‘After-World tour’: how can projects like responsible Organized in Paris in June 2011, this three-day summit world tours inspire others ? what is the ideal medium focused on microfinance, social business, social to do so ? entrepreneurship and social and solidarity-based economy. The objective of this group work is to publish a handbook that will be delivered during an event at ESCP Europe in Paris that we will co-organize next The Start Up Week End February. Organized in Paris in November 2011, this two-day event aims at creating a social business within 48 hours. Meeting Changemakers Meet a great deal of innovating and inspiring social The Global Social Business Summit entrepreneurs, in the UK and in France, in order to Organized in Wien in November 201, this three-day understand the reasons of their success. You can find event gathers some of the most inspiring leaders of the some descriptions in our blog. world of social business. The motto : put society back at Reading the heart of business. We read many articles, reports and books on topics such as social entrepreneurship, social innovation and sustainable development to understand the stakes related and have a critical point of view on these issues And we summarized some readings into “reading notes” you can find in our blog.
  11. 11. OUR PREPARATION (2/2)11 PRACTICING BUILDING A CREW Our project has three objectives. For each objective, We spend a lot of time to build a Crew. Members of the we will learn and practice before leaving for the Crew are people interested by our project, they should carrying out of the project abroad: be friends of us or not, they often participate in events we organize and are free to give us advice on our Helping a social entrepreneur project. In a word, they are active followers. We realized a two-week pilot-mission with a young social entrepreneur during the Summer 2011. This Brainstormings social entrepreneur launched its venture SendMeLove We are regularly organizing brainstorming on our and needed a business plan, so we helped him for his project, and everyone is welcome. It enables us to have financing modelling, his market study, his measure of many ideas on issues related to our project, and it social impact and the redaction of the business plan. enables people to get involved in our project. We worked with La Petite Etoile, a French consultancy specialized in business development, who Meetings gave us pieces of advice and feedback after our work. We are regularly organizing meetings to give news of our project. The more events like this we organize, the Studying an ecosystem of social change more people follow us. We will study this year the ecosystem of change around Les Epiceries Solidaires, a social enterprise MakeSense aiming at collecting non-used food and selling it at a We are part of the worldwide MakeSense community, very affordable price to underprivileged people. We so our news are followed by more than 300 people in 20 will meet the actors working in the same field with the countries. same aim, and study the contribution of each actors and imagine collaborations between them to MAKING OUR PROJECT RESPONSIBLE... accelerate social change. FROM A TO Z ! Sharing our experience As previously said, we are in charge of the ‘After- Carbon compensation World tour’ group work of Les Voyageurs du We are working on an innovative way to compensate Changement, so we will be helped by mentors to our carbon emissions during our project optimize our impact after we came back. Responsible banking We are thinking about having a ‘Responsible Bank’ as bank of our association 100% recycled business cards Yes, our business cards are 100% recycled :)
  12. 12. WHY BECOMING OUR SPONSOR ?12 WHAT DO WE NEED ? WHAT CAN WE OFFER ? Our estimated budget is 40100 euros for the whole We can communicate about your company on every communication support we use, before and after our team (we can send you a detailed presentation of our missions. budget). Before our missions, we can : Our objective is to finance our budget this way :  Write an article about your company and its CSR  50% thanks to sponsors policies on our blog ; on our Twitter and Facebook  25% thanks to public grants and other private accounts (we already have more than 1100 friends donations on Facebook)  25% with our personal contributions  Communicate about your company on our tickets of “tombola” : we expect to sell 500 tickets of tombola at 5 euros each  Communicate about your company and invite its HOW CAN YOU HELP US? collaborators at the major events we organize. Two major events are forecasted : According to your profile and your wishes, you can : • The “Voyageurs du Changement”  Support us financially : for instance, you can event: this event will take place at ESCP choose to support one of three missions and to ask Europe on next February. This event will for a special report on that mission be composed of conferences and  Help us put in place our carbon compensation plan workshops around the theme : “how to travel responsibly?”. This event will also  Offer us a material support deliver the “Voyageurs du  Help us communicate about our project Changement” guide that presents good tips to organise a responsible travel. 300 Any kind of help would be very much appreciated! people are expected • Our Departure Event : this event will take place in a big pub/nightclub (ex : The Players Bar) in Paris at the beginning of September 2012. This event will be a great party, just a few days before our departure. Around 500- 1000 people are expected After our missions, we can :  Communicate about your company in all our support of communication: our photo-book ; our documentary ; our boarding game  Communicate about your company and invite its collaborators during our “return event”: this event will take place in September 2013 (certainly at ESCP Europe) and will present a feedback about our missions, a short movie, a photo exhibition
  14. 14. CONCLUSION14 ANTICIPATING THE MAXIMIZATION OF OUR LONG-TERM « Do not be afraid to dare IMPACT and to care. A We are aware a “one-shot project” is not the best way to create long term Changemaker has the value, for our social entrepreneurs and for our partners. So we are thinking about the creation of an association that will continue after we come back: we passion to make the need a new “interschool team” to continue the project ! world better » AND AFTER DESTINATION CHANGEMAKERS ? Antonio MELOTO Destination Changemakers is for us a great opportunity to discover social entrepreneurship and participate concretely to this emerging movement. We « Enjoy your journey over hope that this project will be an impactful experience for us and will give us some innovative ideas to launch our own social business in the near future. the next 3 years. I hope you become amazing Finally, we know that many students are interested in social entrepreneurship but do not necessarily believe in its opportunities. We hope that our journey Changemakers » will inspire them and attract them to this amazing and challenging area. Deborah SZEBEKO, Founder & CEO, Thinkpublic Today’s Changemakers are tomorrow’s Gamemakers « I wish you very exciting THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR INTEREST adventures, projects, studies, documentaries, CONTACT US ! experiences… MAIL : DESTINATION.CHANGEMAKERS@GMAIL.COM Entrepreneurs need guys PHONE : 0761270476 (MATTHIEU) / 0638389029 (JONAS) / 0677611232 like you » (NOÉMIE) Nathan GRASS, Director Chaire YOU CAN ALSO BECOME OUR FRIEND ON FACEBOOK AND FOLLOW US ON TWITTER Entrepreneuriat ESCP Europe (DCHANGEMAKERS) AND ON OUR BLOG (WWW.DESTINATIONCHANGEMAKERS.COM) !