euromeetingnewsJune 2008  25in for future interactive games                                           NEW DEAL IN NEWSPAPE...
MemoStick           MemoStick    Interactive sales promotion        Interactive sales promotionMemoStick the newspaper    ...
Promotionalweb gamesHow a regional newspaperboosted its web page downloads    Nowadays the web is always with us,         ...
Continuous innovation sets the trend.Since 1983, with the first Bingo promotion issued with an Italian daily,our projects ...
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  1. 1. euromeetingnewsJune 2008 25in for future interactive games NEW DEAL IN NEWSPAPER PROMOTIONS Memostick, the original tool years media games How to create loyalty through interaction Euromeeting Italiana in close part- nership with Europrint Group in the U.K. has been providing media promo- Sandro Provera Giuseppe Pasqui John Whalley Gianluca Bovoli tional games for 25 years. The initial Ferag - WRH Group Pasqui Europrint - IGI Group EuroMeeting International Group concept was Newspaper Bingo where bingo cards were distributed to the pu- blic and then played against numbers Someone has already defined them as “the four muskete- but also the possibility to play via internet with a sort of vir- published in the newspaper. Over the ers of the world publishing market” and probably the basis of tual slot-machine. years hundreds of newspapers and other their recent entrepreneurial agreement was supported by the publications throughout the world have old refrain “one for all and all for one”. The accomplishment of a promotional initiative that will have had fabulous promotional success with as protagonist a newspaper, will follow this diagram: Ferag many kinds of circulation building ga- The idea of transforming the self-sticking leaflet memo-stick and Pasqui will follow the printing and the application of the mes such as the Stock Exchange based from innovative advertising tool already widely used by some self-sticking memoscratch (with different game grids in it) on Portfolio promotional game. Currently, newspapers, into an original promotional tool for a wide ran- each copy of the newspaper; Europrint and Euromeeting will over 1 billion promotional game cards ge of interactive games -that can involve even the web-, has organize the lay-down and the managing of the game, which have been sold by Euromeeting. perfectly integrated the mission of four leading worldwide includes the monitoring of the numbers to be checked by the companies, each one in its area of competence: Ferag, of the readers, the innovative phase of the interactive game via in- Swiss group WRH (Walter Reist Holding) specializes in the ternet, the acquisition of the prizes and the advertising of the creation and supply of exclusive machinery used for any tech- initiative, together with the adv. agency and the marketing nical automated intervention after printing; Pasqui, one of dept. of the newspaper. the most important printers in Europe is also able to manage the delicate procedure of coupling and of gumming for diffe- rent types of materials in paper and plastic, in order to obtain Inside high quality standard products; Europrint Group, partner of Euromeeting for 25 years, invents innovative promotional sy- Today, in the media convergence era, stems by creating interactive games and links sophisticated our unique coded game cards can direct readers to the web and then back to the mathematical systems to offset technologies, and incorpora- tes new internet developments; Euromeeting Group, interna- the numbers to play and win printed newspaper establishing closer tional agency of promotions, marketing and integrated com- relationships, higher interaction and a munication, specializes in interactive promotional games and new marketing intelligence which will publishing promotions. allow publishers to develop real CRM policies. Our success is based on a combi- These companies have agreed to create memoscratch: an in- novative promotional gadget for newspapers that, thanks to with nation of games expertise, creativity, sophisticated computer software and their support, will be able to give their readers –together with the copies distributed in newsstands- with an original and MEMOscratch advanced mathematics, together with captivating tool to play. Memoscratch will give the readers state of the art printing knowledge. not only the opportunity to win daily, weekly and final prizes
  2. 2. MemoStick MemoStick Interactive sales promotion Interactive sales promotionMemoStick the newspaper in the newspaper inInteractive sales promotionin the newspaper OfferOffer your customers something and and your customers something new new help help them to make money. MemoStick is them to make money. MemoStick is individual and exclusive. Applied to the the individual and exclusive. Applied to newspaper, MemoStick pealspeals off easily and newspaper, MemoStick off easily and stays stays Offer your customersagain. MemoStick and self-adhesive time and again.something new is interaction: self-adhesive time and MemoStick is interaction: a voucher help to hand in, special offer offer to orderis Phone, to hand in, to make money. to order by Phone, a voucher them or a or a special MemoStick by or Internet. Success can can Applied to the individual and exclusive. be measured immediately. Fax, SMS SMS or Internet. Successbe measured immediately. Fax, To find outnewspaper, go to (Newspapers/Added To findmore, go to MemoStick peals off easily and out more, (Newspapers/Added value/MemoStick) and (News).stays self-adhesive time and (News). value/MemoStick) and MemoStick is interaction:a voucher to MemoStick. It ain thein the mind, not to the paper. MemoStick. in, or sticks mind, notto order by Phone, hand It sticks special offer to the paper.Fax, SMS or Internet. Success can be measured immediately.To find out more, go to (Newspapers/Addedvalue/MemoStick) and (News). FeragFerag AG AGMemoStick. It sticks in the mind, not to the paper. Zurichstrasse 74 74 Zurichstrasse CH-8340 Hinwil CH-8340 Hinwil Phone +41 44 938 60 00 00 Phone +41 44 938 60 Fax +41 44 938 60 60 60 Fax +41 44 938 60 Ferag AG Zurichstrasse 74 CH-8340 Hinwil Phone +41 44 938 60 00 Fax +41 44 938 60 60
  3. 3. Promotionalweb gamesHow a regional newspaperboosted its web page downloads Nowadays the web is always with us, a in pa gne both at work and home, not to mention wi- Wamdespread WiFi hotspots through which youcan connect everywhere, and many publi-shers need to become relevant online. So-metimes web audiences already overwhelmtraditional readers in figures, thus the aimbecomes to convince web users to buy the Chtraditional paper too. For these reasons Euromeeting recently num!developed promotional games and techni- Magques able to link the two media. An Italianregional newspaper, Sassari based Nuova the publisher to know its readers better forSardegna, is a case study of best practice. the very first time. Further data-mining andWeekly game cards available at traditional marketing analysis will bring consistent in-kiosks may also be obtained via a web re- formation on participants behaviour, whichquest: a form registers a valid mailbox ad- will allow for better future offers and pro-dress where our servers deliver secure pdfs motions.of game cards. The whole back-end side of the promo- Each participant then, including tradi- tion is managed by Euromeeting web ex-tional readers who only obtain their card at perts and servers in a seamless integrationthe kiosk, can enter an actual web game with with the customer web site. Data show thatits own prizes by just entering the unique approx 1 participant in 10 regularly use thecode from his/her card. A registration formacquires a light profile of entrants, allowing web side of the promotion, while single sales circulation is equally increasing of 10%. These are your 3 play numbers 2 4 9 • Scratch off only the 3 corresponding panels on the game card attached to the front of this magazine • Check the symbols which appear under the scratch panels Repubblica-L’Espresso celebrates Ferrari’s • Find three symbols the same and you’ve wonMyths and facts • If you’ve won call +39 335 6244237 (for Italian - Spanish) +44 7932 084986 (for English) • Remember cards with more than 3 boxes, or the incorrect boxes scratched off, are void Ferrari is probably the most valued brand a collection of 20 1/43 scale die-cast modelsin the world. Beloved by millions if owned of Ferraris, from the very first 1947 “Autoby few, admired on every road, passiona- Avio Costruzioni” to the ultimate “Enzotely followed in their racing performances, Ferrari”. Each issue included, along with Memo-scratch is a brand new kind of game card easily attached Ferraris have always been the ultimate the car model, a folded poster carrying onsportscars available for the ordinary (althou- the reverse lots of information about the to each copy of any newspaper or magazine. gh wealthy) driver. From last year Ferraris brand, its cars, its racing history and heroes. Through Memo-scratch you can give your readers a secure, became the ultimate wave in editorial sup- This legendary collection, which achie- attractive gadget, allowing them to play and win. plements too. Driven by a rugged advertising ved a large success among regular readers Day after day, week after week you’ll improve your circulation. campaign (have a look at the TV ad spot here: as well as newcomers attracted exactly by the promotion, was managed thanks to Memo-scratch cards are identified by unique codes, safacciamo/promozioni/ferrari/pubblicita/ Euromeeting Italiana, from 2007 Ferrari thus allowing for web based games extensions.tuttapubblicita/15sec_inedicola.mpg) the Official Licensee for editorial market pro- ® MEMO-STICK patented by Ferag AG / WRH marketing © MEMO-SCRATCH EuroMeeting Group/Europrint UK/ Ferag AGItalian newspaper La Repubblica launched motions worldwide.
  4. 4. Continuous innovation sets the trend.Since 1983, with the first Bingo promotion issued with an Italian daily,our projects have contributed to change the story of publishingmarketing: interactive games, inserts, free and paid-forsupplements book collections and atypicalhave created triumphant success storiesthat became tendencies. Euromeeting. 25 years of innovative and winning ideas at the disposal of publishers. Partner of Euromeeting International Group Headquarter: Italy: Spain: Argentina: Via Tito Speri, 8 • 20154 Milano • Italia Viale dei Parioli, 25 • 00197 Roma C/ Modesto Lafuente 90 • 28003 Madrid Calle Malabia 2151 • 1425 Buenos Aires Ph. + Ph. +39.06 80 82 200 Ph. +34 915 346 901 Ph. +54.11.4832.6748