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  • 1. Event Sponsorship Show Me The Money
  • 2. Research & Development
    • Why Be a Sponsor
    • Sponsorship Opportunities
    • Pricing
    • Hit List
  • 3. 6 Main Reasons Why Companies Embrace Sponsorship
    • image enhancement
    • driving sales
    • increasing visibility with positive publicity
    • to take on a “csr” role
    • to differentiate from one’s competitors
    • to enhance business, consumer, and VIP relations.
  • 4. They Want to Know… What do they get for their $
    • Determining Value...biggest impacts
      • Benefits offered
      • Market Size
      • Attendance or # of impressions
      • Prestige of event/attraction/organization
      • Newsworthiness
    • Partner opportunities
    • Payment options
    • Hospitality area
  • 5. Make a list of Sponsorship Opportunities
    • Naming Rights/title/presenting
    • Official sponsor designation
    • Special event sponsorships
    • Product sales
    • Discount ticket
    • Cause-related marketing promotions
    • In-Kind opportunities (a.k.a. expense reduction)
    • Hospitality
    • Collateral Mentions
      • *Press releases *newsletters *brochures
    • Advertising Tags
      • *Radio *TV *direct mail *outdoor *print
    • Web site feature and link
    • Product sampling/coupons
    • Product displays/sampling
    • Signage/banners
  • 6. Take List & Determine Levels
    • Sponsorship Opportunities
    • *Level I $30,000 - $40,000 OVERALL VALUE $36,000
    • Noted overall sponsor of festival with emphasis on City Stage $15,000 value
    • Sole sponsorship of 6 TGIF concerts, 18,000 value
    • Shared sponsorship with Hot Diggity Dog Festival, $3,000 value
    • *Level II $20,000 – 29,999 OVERALL VALUE $27,000
    • Noted overall sponsor of festival with emphasis on City Stage, $15,000 value
    • Sole sponsorship of 4 TGIF concerts, $12,000 value
    • OR
    • Noted overall sponsor of festival with emphasis on City Stage, $15,000 value
    • Hot Diggity Dog Festival, $3,000 value
    • Sole sponsorship of 3 TGIF concerts, $ 9,000 value
    • *Level III $10,000 – $19,999 OVERALL VALUE $15,000
    • Sole sponsorship of 1 TGIF concert and shared sponsor with 2, $6,000 value
    • Title sponsor with Hot Diggity Dog Festival $5,000
    • Sponsor at your choice of area in The Historic Morganton Festival, $3,000 value
    • OR
    • Title sponsor of Tour d’Art, 10,000 value
    • Sole sponsorship of 1 TGIF concert, $3,000 value
    • Shared sponsor in Children’s Playland or on Stage II at Festival, $2,000 value
    • *Custom sponsorships can be further determined if your emphasis is preferred differently from the above listed. For instance you may wish to trade one event for a sponsorship in Tour d’Art
  • 7. Levels of Sponsorship
    • Level IV $3,000- $9,999
    • Depending on the amount given within this range, you may choose an area within any one or two of the events listed. Ex. City Stage, Stage II at Festival OR Tour d’Art OR one night of TGIF
    • Level V $1500 - $2500
    • You may choose to participate in any one of the events listed. Individual stages like Kidzone or the Chalkwalk within the Tour d’Art can be titled with your company name if the amount is $2,000 or above. Ex. Burger King Kidzone Stage
    • Level VI $750 - $1499
    • You may choose to participate in any one of the events listed
    • Sponsorship will be shared
    • Any signage hung must be provided by the company
    • Booth space is not available to Level VI sponsors (for use of on site sampling or promoting of product)
    • Signature Sponsors $749 and below
    • You may choose to participate in any one of the events listed.
    • Any signage hung must be provided by the company
    • Booth space is not available to signature sponsors (for use of on site sampling or promoting of product)
  • 8. Pricing…Industry Standards DOES NOT reflect sponsor cost
    • Benefit
    • PA Announcements
    • Banners/mentions on tickets
    • Logo in brochure/program
    • Couponing
    • Sampling
    • Advertising Commericals
    • Advertising Tags
    • Tickets
    • Parking
    • Use of Mailing list
    • Value per impression
    • .0025 per impression
    • .02
    • .02
    • .15/coupon
    • .15/sample
    • Rate card value/not non-profit rate
    • Rate card value X 10%
    • Retail cost
    • Retail cost
    • .15-.30 per name
    ***understand cost of acquiring a new customer…Google it.
  • 9. Intangible Benefits
    • Prestige Factor of Event
    • Number of Years Organization or Event has happened. (sometimes a 1 st year event is more beneficial)
    • Appeal of audience demographics
    • Exclusivity vs. Multiple
  • 10. Create and/or build on a “hit” list
    • New businesses in your market
    • Area grocery chains
    • Review products sold at your event
    • New products available in market
    • Chamber book
    • The Newspaper ads
    • Magazines
    • Trade Journals
    • Friends/Board
    • Web
  • 11. Contacting National Companies
    • Companies based in your hometown
    • New companies coming to the area
    • Companies already sponsoring something else
    • Competitors
    • Companies w/a logical tie-in
    • Companies undergoing a name change
    • Companies looking to reach your demographics
  • 12. Preparing for the SELL
    • Know who you are visiting
    • Decide on your sales pitch
    • Have a package in hand
    • Be prepared to negotiate
    • Be flexible within reason
  • 13. Developing the Proposal…
    • Overview
    • History
    • Demographics Data
    • Schedule of Events
    • Benefits you will provide
    • What sponsor will provide
    • Investment
    • Summary
    • Deadline
    • Supporting pieces (brochure, press clips, etc from past events)
  • 14. Closing The Deal
    • Mail advance information
    • Follow-up call to make an appointment
    • Be sure to ask what their expectations are?
    • Listen
    • Decide if proposal you prepared or had in mind still fits
    • Deliver with confidence
    • Give a deadline
    • Firm handshake
  • 15. Keep Them Coming Back
    • Recap Sheet
    • Thank you letters
  • 16.
    • Recap of Media for all events:
    • TGIF 2006
    • Printed Materials:
    • 40,000 insertions in Val Pak for each month: April, & June (placed in Morganton and Hickory area)
    • 8,000 insertions in City of Morganton cable billing *Food Lion logo on mailer
    • 10,000 flyers distributed in regional Food Lion Stores and downtown businesses (overruns of the Valpak flyer are done just for this purpose)
    • 500 table tent cards are placed in area restaurants. *Food Lion, Pepsi, Case Farms only logos listed… year round sponsors)
    • 200 full color posters printed.
    • Historic Morganton Festival 2006
    • Food Lion’s regional stores, Case Farms, Leviton, Wal-Mart and Morganton Honda hung banners for 3 weeks announcing that they were sponsors of the Historic Morganton Festival
    • Food Lion’s regional stores participated in a giveaway promotion with Pepsi of Hickory and KICKS 103 radio that ran the month of August.
    • Food Lion Banners, KICKS, Morganton Honda and Case Farms hung on 3 locations over streets in downtown, 1 week prior to the event
    • On-site Opportunities taken by sponsors
    • Food Lion had
    • 20X20 space in Professional food vending court in “prime location” to City Stage for purposes of fundraising at no charge
    • 2-Kiosk locations at the main intersections on the event concourse
    • 70’ frontage in prime location on the event north concourse for Food Lion promotional event rig
    • City stage recognition with giveaways thrown from stage by Food Lion reps both nights
    • Kicks with Morganton Honda had
    • KICKS tent plus two more tents from HMF that is used by attendees
    • 10 x 10 tent on Meeting Street near City Stage with 6 cars (Morganton Honda)
    • KICKS & Morganton Honda, City Stage recognition both nights, + giveaways by company reps
    • Printed Materials: Logo recognition
    • 40,000 insertions in Val Pak August
    • 8,000 insertions in City of Morganton cable billing
    • 8,000 flyers distributed in regional Food Lion Stores and downtown businesses
    • 9,000 event brochures (Businesses, Chamber, Travel & Tourism, On-site)
    • 6,000 rack cards (NC Welcome Centers, Motels, Restaurants)
    • 12,000 16 page insert placed in The News Herald Thursday before festival.
    • Double page insert in Catawba Valley Neighbors Wednesday before event.
    • TV: general promotion of festival from Charlotte stations
    • WBTV, Two weeks out from event thirty one - 30 sec spots run in prime time hours. Live interview Monday before event, with additional live coverage Friday of event.
    • WCNC, Two weeks out, twenty four 30 second spots run in prime time.
    • FOX did different live interviews and showcasing of talent each morning: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday the week of the festival.
    • WSOC- web site coverage only.
  • 17. Final Thoughts
    • Commitment to Quality
    • Only Promise What You Know You Can Deliver and then… Over Deliver