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Ncpb annual report_2008

  1. 1. INNOV8TIONAll innovation begins with creative ideas.Report to the Community 2008
  2. 2. Report to theCommunity 2008Northern California Public Broadcasting Through the creation and acquisition of programs, the leveraging of our multiple media assets, and strategic partnerships, NCPB delivers(NCPB) provides consistently television, radio, interactive, and education content that makeshigh quality public media that informs, people think, feel, and explore new ideas. Our programming and services reflect the value we place oneducates, entertains, and engages from a human dignity, lifelong learning, and the power of ideas, and on theNorthern California perspective. importance of community service and civic participation.NCPB Senior Managers 2008 NCPB Board Officers 2008 NCPB Board of Directors 2008 anne avis, brenda boudreaux, lee Caraher, yogen dalal,Jeff Clarke Joanne Carder Jeff Nemy Nick Donatiello scott dettmer, nick donatiello, tom Epstein, Elizabeth hambrecht,PREsidEnt & V i C E P R E s i d E n t, ChiEf finanCial OffiCER ChaiRChiEf ExECutiVE OffiCER human REsOuRCEs & dianne harrison, marie Jorajuria, noëlle leca, david lee, l a b O R R E l at i O n s Linda O’Bryon Noëlle Leca Jennifer liu, david mahoney, leo martinez, Rita moreno,Becca King Reed ChiEf COntEnt OffiCER ChaiR-ElECt & ViCE ChaiR Glenn Perry, mark Perry, Gary sbona, willa seldon, ajay shah,ExECutiVE diRECtOR, Donald W. Derheimsan JOsE & KtEh ExECutiVE ViCE PREsidEnt Jo Anne Wallace Leo Martinez & heidi locke simon, John sobrato, Roselyne swig,ExECutiVE PROduCER fOR maRKEtinG & V i C E P R E s i d E n t, John M. Sobrato Kimberly wright-Violich, Jan Zivic C O m m u n i C at i O n s RadiO GEnERal manaGER ViCE ChaiRsMargaret BerryGEnERal COunsEl & Traci A. Eckels Steve Welch Mark Perry KQED Community Advisory Panel 2008C O R P O R at E s E C R E ta Ry ChiEf dEVElOPmEnt OffiCER V i C E P R E s i d E n t, tREasuRER Juveria aleem, tahir anwar, albert Cheng, brian Cheu, tElEVisiOn EnGinEERinG & Brenda Boudreaux Karen Clopton, Rose marie Garcia fontana, maria fort, frankie Michael Isip O P E R at i O n s ViCE PREsidEnt s E C R E ta Ry Jacobs Gillette, holy Old man bull, todd lewis, hilbert morales, fOR tElEVisiOn COntEnt & Cliff moss, Gail Roberts, Jay Rosenthal, Rosabella safont, E d u C at i O n n E t w O R K Johanna silva, loran simon, lorraine yglesias, blanca Zarazua
  3. 3. 3WAy S T O WAT ChKQED 9HD (Comcast 9, Comcast 709, digital 9.1 & 54.2)KQED 9 (Comcast 9, digital 9.1 & 54.2)KTEH 54 (Comcast 10, digital 9.2, 54.1 & 25.2)KTEH (digital 25.1)KQET 2554 (Comcast 10, digital 9.2, 54.1 & 25.2)KQET 25 (digital 25.1)Life (Comcast 189, digital 54.3)World (Comcast 190, digital 9.3)V-me (Comcast 191 & 621, digital 54.5 & 25.3)Life(Comcast 192, 189, digital 54.3)Kids (Comcast digital 54.4)World (Comcast 190, digital 9.3) video archivesV-me (Comcast 191 & 621, digital 54.5 & 25.3) KQEI 89.3FMKids (Comcast 192, digital 54.4) video podcastsKQED HD (Comcast 709, digital 9.1) via itunes KQED video S T O L I S T ENand via itunesKQED Public Radio 88.5FM san francisco,88.3FM santa Rosa, 88.1FM martinez, audio podcasts89.3FM Public Radio (Comcast 960)and via Radio (88.5fm & 89.3fm)KQED HDitunessirius satelliteKQEd Public Radio live S T O L I S T EN KQED audio podcasts KQED 9hDKQED Public Radio FMand via itunesKQED Public Radio 89.5 FM sacramentoKQED Public Radio 88.3 FM santa RosaKQED Public Radio 88.1 FM martinezKQED Public Radio 88.5 FM (Comcast 960)sirius satellite KTEh Channel 54KQEd Public Radio live audio podcasts KQET Channel via itunes
  4. 4. 4Dear Members:This is a period of unprecedented change in the media world. As we writethis letter, print media is being challenged by declining readership, traditionaltelevision is being confronted by the online distribution of video of all types,and news services are being consolidated and eliminated. Many newsorganizations are increasingly relying on audience-generated blogs, videos,and stories for survival. We in public media are being challenged to find newways to reach our audiences—wherever they are and however they want toaccess our content.At Northern California Public Broadcasting, we’re focused on innovating inways that meet the needs of our audience today while serving as an incubator forforward-thinking ideas that will define what it means to be a modernmedia organization tomorrow. Drawing upon many of the great technologicaladvances that began in Northern California, our stations, KQED, KTEH,KQEI, and KQET, have continued to embrace new methods of reaching ouraudiences and providing them with high-quality content and services.NCPB’s reach into new media keeps us on the cutting edge of the publicmedia industry, and that’s why the theme of this annual report is innovation.All of our stations have long histories of innovation, dating back to the verybeginnings of their existence: KQED Public Television was one of the nation’sfirst public television stations, the first public broadcaster to experiment withon-air fund-raising drives, and the first to telecast a live station auction.More recently, thanks to your donations to the Campaign for the Future fund,KQED was one of the first public broadcasters in the nation to completethe technical tasks required to make the transition to digital in preparation forthe federally mandated switch that happens in June 2009. As a result of thisearly transition, KQED began offering entirely new channels, in addition toour flagship KQED Channel 9. Our World, V-me, Kids, and Life channels
  5. 5. 5 speak to a variety of ideas and experiences and help us serve the increasingly diverse audiences that define the Bay Area. Innovation drives our organization and is just one of the reasons our stations are the most-watched and most-listened-to public television and radio stations in the nation. The year 2008 was historic for our country, and every aspect of our organization was involved in reporting on the election and the other current events that held our collective attention. For example, KQED Public Radio and used innovative techniques to integrate the two platforms, elevating the discussion by creating visual experiences that correlated with radio news stories. From online slide shows of the Olympic torch passing through San Francisco to the protests that occurred after the passage of Proposition 8 to firsthand video accounts of life at the Democratic and Republican national conventions, KQED gave listeners and viewers enriched experiences. KQED and KTEH both used exciting new technology to make over their respective websites in 2008. Our Web producers spent part of the year reading audience emails and evaluating traffic statistics, developing a plan for the first sitewide renovation since 2002. The new redesign goals were straightforward: make the sites simpler to use; better feature KQED’s daily coverage of Bay Area food, arts, science, and news as well as KTEH’s Brilliantly British programs; and make it easier to update the sites to make use of the newest technology as it becomes available. Both websites continue to experiment with new initiatives utilizing mobile devices, digital storytelling, mapping, and photo sharing. Each year our Education Network uses new and innovative ways to reach the thousands of parents, teachers, and caregivers in our coverage area. The effort put into developing online tools, accessible from any computer, is paying offPhOt O (t OP): with the growing popularity of downloadable lesson plans, discussion points,Courtesy Matt Mills McKnight. and train-the-trainer sessions. And advancing literacy in underserved populations
  6. 6. 6continues to be a cornerstone of Education Network. Their work servingOakland’s Fruitvale neighborhood has received well-deserved praise fromcommunity leaders as well as a My Source Community Impact Award from theCorporation for Public Broadcasting.NCPB also has been finding new ways to connect with our audience throughthe growing world of social media. Hundreds of thousands of audience membersnow check the KQED Radio schedule on KQED’s Facebook page, share photoson our Flickr site, watch television segments on KQED’s YouTube channel, takea mini-course with QUEST on iTunesU, and watch segments using Adobe’s newmedia player. Our audiences shared home videos for KTEH Cooks with Garlic,posted comments on the Doctor Who blog, and told us why public media matterson the My Source story share page. These new technologies give people in ourcommunity new ways to deepen their connection with our content, whether theyare at home in the Bay Area or in far-flung locales around the world.Beyond broadcast, NCPB’s dedication to becoming a greener organization hasmade us a national leader among broadcasters. In 2007, we introduced thenation’s very first Green Pledge Day on KQED Public Radio. Our Green Pledgehelped KQED realize its goal of purchasing carbon credits to offset the carbonfootprint we produce as a broadcaster. We are extremely pleased that the pledge,combined with the generosity of our partner SolarCity, allowed KQED tomount 160 solar panels on our roof in 2008, greatly reducing the cost ofpowering our generators, our transmitters, and our building and infrastructure.Our efforts have not gone unnoticed in the community. The San FranciscoBusiness Times named KQED Nonprofit of the Year at its 2008 Green Awards,and for three consecutive years the Bay Area Energy Alliance and PG&E havecited KQED for reducing peak energy during high-demand periods.
  7. 7. 7 Our nation faces a time of great economic uncertainty. NCPB has been proactive in our approach to protect the resources you have entrusted to us. The steps that we have recently taken will ensure our ability to continue to provide quality programming and services in the years ahead. We are excited by our future and look forward to sharing new programs and services with you. We continue to be proud of our achievements and our incredibly talented and dedicated staff, but none of this would have been possible without the gener- ous support of our members, donors, partners, and volunteers who commit time, talent, and financial resources to our work. We are grateful to our all-volunteer Board of Directors and Community Advisory Panel, whose dedication helps us stay closely connected to the diverse array of communities we serve and who provide knowledge and foresight to our executives and senior managers as we continue to discuss the best paths for our organization. Because of them and because of you, we continue to serve as a model of innovation for our industry and have gained recognition as one of the nation’s premiere public media institutions. Thank you. Cordially, Jeff Clarke Nick Donatiello President and CEO Chair, Board of Directors 2006–2008PhOt O:nCPb president & CEO Jeff Clarkeinspects new solar panels.
  8. 8. in·no·vate 8 - Pronunciation: i-n -,va t e function: verb inflected form(s): in·no·vat·ed; in·no·vat·ing Etymology: latin innovatus, past participle of innovare, from in- + novus new date: 1548 transitive verb 1. to introduce as or as if new 2. archaic: to effect a change in <the dictates of my father were … not to be altered, innovated, or even discussed—sir walter scott> intransitive verb : to make changes : do something in a new wayINNOV8TION Report to the Community 2008The term innovation means a new way of doing something. The goal of innovation is positive change, to make someone or something better. in·no·va·tion e - Pronunciation: i-n -va -sh n e function: noun date: 15th century 1 : the introduction of something new 2 : a new idea, method, or device : novelty Innovation is the successful implementation of creative ideas within an organization.
  9. 9. 9INNOV8TIVEWork on Television Top 8 Programs on KQED Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival was a first-time collaboration with the 1. Vice Presidential Debate san francisco festival’s organizers and a first-time co-production between 2. Third Presidential Debate KQEd and the producers of Austin City 3. Second Presidential Debate Limits. state-of-the-art high-definition 4. First Presidential Debate cameras and roving crews with digital sound equipment recorded two 5. Masterpiece: Northanger Abbey days of performances on five stages. 6. Masterpiece: Mansfield Park the result? an unforgettable televised concert experience. 7. Democratic National Convention, Day Four 8. Casablanca (Movie) in an american first, audiences in select movie theaters in the united states, Canada, and Europe watched KQEd’s high-definition production of San Francisco Ballet’s Nutcracker before it aired on Pbs PhOt O: Emmylou harris at the hardly as a Great Performances special. strictly bluegrass festival.
  10. 10. 10 My Generation—The ’60s in a Top 8 Programs on KTEH three-hour pledge event originating live from the KQEd studios, hosts 1. Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple 5. Mystery: Foyle’s War michelle Phillips, of the mamas & 2. Antiques Roadshow 6. Sherlock Holmes the Papas, and tommy and dick smothers introduced performances 3. Mystery: Inspector Lynley 7. American Masters: Carol Burnett by hit-making artists from the 1960s. 4. As Time Goes By 8. Nova: Pocahontas Revealed in a first for Pépin fans, all 26 episodes of KQEd’s new cooking series Jacques Pépin: More Fast Food KtEh has long been the bay area’s home in a show of great community involvement, My Way were made available in their for Brilliantly British programming. more than 40 local viewers submitted entirety on in addition to placing even more popular cooking videos to, the public comedies, dramas and mysteries in the voted for their favorites, and the winners weekly lineup, a new online guide to appeared—and cooked—on the live british programs provides behind-the- pledge special KTEH Cooks with Garlic. scenes information, history, and more.P h OtOs (l . tO R.):the mamas & the Papas, courtesy TLJProductions; Jacques Pépin, © 2008Greg Habiby.
  11. 11. 11P h OtOs (l . tO R.)Jean-michel Cousteau in the amazon, Carrie Vonderhaar, Ocean FuturesSociety/KQED; local champion boxer Roberto Guerrero; the Raggs gang. KQED and KTEH Television Productions KQED National Presentations Ask KQED QUEST Artist’s Table: Jacques Pepin and Itzhak Perlman Austin City Limits Presents: QUEST/NOVA ScienceNow Deepak Chopra: Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival Secrets of Enlightenment (pledge special) Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk: (a co-production with LickonaVision) 100 Years, Millions of Memories Downe in Yon Forrest: Check, Please! Bay Area Christmas from the Middle Ages Secrets of Enlightenment with Deepak Chopra FAQ: Going Green Emile Norman: By His Own Design My Generation—The ’60s Federal Candidates Special Global Focus IV: The New Environmentalists Spark Great Performances: Hotspots State of Silicon Valley San Francisco Ballet’s Nutcracker Jacques Pépin: More Fast Food My Way This Is Us Jacques Pépin: More Fast Food My Way Made in Spain This Week in Northern California Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventures (season one and pledge special) Return to the Amazon Truly CA: Our State, Our Stories Paperback Dreams Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventures Vietnamese american Journey film series: Truly CA (statewide) Call of the Killer Whale (aired in 2009) The Fall of Saigon, Oh Saigon, Saigon, U.S.A, Bolinao 52. Raggs (season one) Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventures Sea Ghosts (aired in 2009) video i KTEH Cooks with Garlic
  12. 12. 12INNOV8TIVEWork on Radio Top 8 Radio Programs Our health. Forum produced three programs in the community focusing 1. Morning Edition on health issues. the remote live broadcasts covered alternative birthing (including The California Report, methods, prisoner health, and the KQED Radio News and Perspectives) physical, psychological, and financial 2. Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me costs of caregiving for alzheimer’s patients. listeners were invited to discuss 3. Car Talk the topics online in advance of and during 4. Weekend Edition Sunday the broadcasts. 5. All Things Considered, The scoop. Each friday, The Do List, A Prairie Home Companion (tie) the new weekly arts and entertainment 6. Weekend Edition Saturday report, discusses must-see shows and events in northern California. 7. This American Life missed a broadcast? all segments are 8. Forum archived online and available as a podcast. PhOt O (RiGht ): a screen shot from an innovative promotion for KQEd Radio.
  13. 13. 13P h OtOs (l . tO R.):The California Report’s scott shaferinterviews a delegate at the democraticnational Convention; Olympic torchprotestors, Harry Gregory. The torch. the april Olympic torch The election. The California Report’s celebration and protests in san francisco scott shafer reported from the democratic prompted special coverage during the national Convention in denver, day on KQEd Public Radio and on interviewing members of the California, where listeners were delegation and posting video and invited to post their own photos of the photos online. the next week, day’s events. sacramento bureau chief John myers KQED Radio Productions KQEd Radio news was in minneapolis–st. Paul during the The California Report The courts. On may 15, KQEd Republic national Convention, posting to The California Report: Decision 2008 Public Radio produced a 30-minute his blog and sharing photos and video. Climate Watch The Do List special report about that morning’s Health Dialogues historic California supreme Court You’ll find more examples of innovative Forum Perspectives decision overturning a state ban on radio work on page 21 of this report. QUEST same-sex marriage. Nobel Peace Prize 2007 The world. KQEd Public Radio KQED Radio Presentations City Arts & Lectures premiered the one-hour documentary It’s Your World Brazil Rising, which examines one The Commonwealth Club Youth Radio of the fastest-growing players in the Brazil Rising global economy that’s on the fast track to energy self-sufficiency.
  14. 14. 14INNOV8TIVEWork OnlineMost-Visited Pages on Simply better. the relaunch of New teaching tools. a QUEST new- incorporated a wider layout, new community media workshop for science teachers1. Home page and events areas, and simplified design incorporated digital storytelling (via imovie that is flexible enough to browse on a and flickr) with collective map making2. Radio Listen Live mobile phone or a big-screen television. (via Google maps) to connect students3. Radio home and we’re not the only ones who think the with scientific phenomena in the4 TV home new site just may have one of the best natural world. designs in public broadcasting!5. Food home Under the sea. the focus of the Ocean Radio anywhere. One of the most popu- Adventures website was a series of online lar iPhone applications, the Public Radio original videos that serve as “mini-epi- tuner lets audiences listen to the KQEd sodes” and help to bridge the time gap Radio live stream from anywhere via an between television broadcasts. Online internet connection or mobile data plan. exclusives include the rarely seen pink dolphins of the amazon, barracuda— Calling all chefs. the community- tigers of the sea, and the effects of focused KTEH Cooks with Garlic video climate change on turtles. competition gave local garlic lovers the chance to appear on a live cooking special. more than 17,000 votes were cast for 40 online video submissions.
  15. 15. 15Most-Downloaded Podcast Series iTunesU. KQEd launched the first Story sharing. the share your story public television content site in apple’s tool, an online companion to the Pbs1. QUEST new beyond Campus area of itunesu, miniseries Carrier, received numerous featuring video, audio, and lesson plans moving personal tales from bay area2. Forum targeted toward the K–12 audience residents who served in the u.s.3. “Gallery Crawl” with programming from QUEST, armed forces.4, Spark digital storytelling, and Spark.5. Truly CA shorts They really like us. KQEd was the only television station in the world to be featured in the official launch of adobe’s new media player on april 9, 2008. Video content included segments from QUEST, “Gallery Crawl,” and Spark. PhOt O (faR RiGht ): Courtesy of Carrier.
  16. 16. 16INNOV8TIVEEfforts in Education “The Hands On Literacy program has offered me more creative ideas to incorporate into our monthly workshops. The addition ofTop 5 Spark Educator Guide Downloads (from media has also helped our ESL parents to grasp1. Theatre Vocabulary literacy concepts more readily, which in turn2. Dance Vocabulary has given them the confidence to communicate the workshop themes easily to their children.”3. Page to Sage—California Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar4. Music Vocabulary —Berkeley READ program,5. All Natural—Jim Denevan and Chris Drury (visual art) Hands On Literacy Community Partner PhOt Os: Education network celebrated nine years Hands On Literacy in Santa Children celebrate reading at a Clara County was launched, training of Hands On Literacy—a collabora- KQEd co-sponsored día de los niños literacy event. tion between KQEd and 35 community spanish-speaking home-care providers partners to promote family literacy in the to utilize Pbs children’s programming, home. the impressive 2008 stats: more books, and hands-on activities to than 14,000 books were distributed to prepare preschoolers for kindergarten. young children; 275 multimedia workshops and it got off to a great start: were conducted; and more than 4,000 30 participants completed the families experienced the value of Pbs. summer session.
  17. 17. 17“I am a high school biology teacher, and I love as part of the national Pbs Kids Raising a three-part workshop series for artsyour video clips and educator guides for the Readers project, Early Learning worked educators, presented in partnership with with Oakland city and nonprofit organiza- the de young museum of san francisco,classroom. The resources make my job a lot tions to sponsor, paint, and showcase proved to be a strong approach toeasier because the questions are already there. seven mural panels in the fruitvale neigh- providing professional development usingI was not a huge fan of science in high school, borhood’s Cesar Chavez Park, each with local museum and media resources asso I know the importance of making the literacy messages. the anchor for concept-based study of teaching the arts.subject interesting, easy to understand, KQED Science Education createdand relevant to the real world. Thank you!” a special website for educators with the KQED’s Teachers’ Domain pilot, interactive agendas and resources for use a two-year project to develop online —Brittany Cooke with QUEST and Jean-Michel Cousteau: education resources for an online Ocean Adventures–related workshops digital media library, developed more than and trainings. teacher leaders used the a dozen resources based on KQEd online tools during the workshops and science content. returned to these resources for continued PhOt O (l. t O R.): fruitvale neighborhood mural; science teachers learn 21st-century support when training their peers. skills at QUEST Education institute.
  18. 18. INNOV8TIONS 18 in Multimedia Climate Watch QUEST in the fall of 2008, KQEd launched its QUEST is KQEd’s largest multimedia QUEST’s web presence remains a newest multimedia endeavor: Climate project to date and is among the industry critical feature of the project, serving as Watch, providing in-depth coverage of leaders in innovative science reporting an archive of all its television and radio climate-related science and policy issues and media distribution. Going beyond segments. in fact, KQEd was among the from a California perspective. Climate its weekly television broadcast, QUEST first media producers to premiere video Watch is centered around a comprehensive features weekly radio reports, free content online even before airing it on web climate portal that provides a wealth educator resources, and a dynamic traditional television. of resources and a healthy discussion of website that includes exclusive web climate change. Check the blog daily and extras, flickr photos, local science-based in a compelling example of the interplay listen for regular radio features on The hikes called Explorations, and a daily between traditional media and new California Report and occasional QUEST science blog written by northern Cali- technologies, QUEST Radio editor tV specials. fornia scientists. QUEST also works with amy standen expanded her reporting to bay area science museums, research include an audio slideshow that is not centers, community organizations, only a fascinating look at scientific and and other institutions to enhance public medical research but also a touching understanding of science, environment, reminder of how science impacts real and nature issues. people and real lives.P h OtOs (l . tO R.):the Climate Watch team(Craig miller and Gretchenweber) with bruce Koon;threatened Californiared-legged frog; microsoftco-founder Paul allen(left) inspects one of theradio telescope disheshe’s funding to search forextraterrestrial life.
  19. 19. 19 Social Media Going Green QUEST has become a national leader in in march 2008, KQEd began a new northern California Public broadcasting exploring new ways to distribute television phase of connecting with our audiences is continually taking steps toward being and radio content online. in season one, through the social media site facebook, a responsible green corporate citizen. approximately 18 percent of QUEST’s and by January 1, 2009, we had 1,800 in 2008, through an arrangement with 2.6 million television viewers watched fans. features on KQEd’s facebook solarCity, solar panels were installed on the content not on television, but through page include a custom profile picture, the roof of our san francisco headquarters, web streaming or podcasts. in season two where the KQEd logo is incorporated reducing the cost of energy for the entire (2008), the percentage rose to 33 percent, in a design that changes each month, organization. and in april, KQEd conducted and a radio player was embedded on as well as special contests, giveaways, its second annual Green Radio Pledge the website. events, videos, photos, KQEd Radio day to help offset our carbon footprint. and television schedules, a music thank you to all who made it a great QUEST periodically features a segment playlist, and a “Cause” application for success. your donations help make our in its television broadcasts called online donations. community greener. “Your Photos on QUEST,” which presents amateur photographers and their passions in nature and environmental photography. it can be a touching way to connect with our community, and it’s worth a look.P h OtOs (l . tO R.):Professor william Gillyof stanford attachesa satellite tag to tracka humboldt squid;installation of solar panelson nCPb’s roof.
  20. 20. INNOV8TIONS 20in the Community PhOt O ( l.) : Exploratorium’s baseball experts david barker and linda shore with stanford mathematician Keith devlin. QUEST Giving Programs Life Science Café Beyond TelevisionAs part of enhancing our mission to educate, throughout the year, KQEd’s QUEST as part of a national outreach campaign,inform, and entertain, Northern California partnered with local “science cafés” KQEd hosted an innovative community to enhance the discussions around a screening and panel discussion for thePublic Broadcasting strives to reach the specific scientific topic. (based on the documentary Unnatural Causes: Is Inequalitymembers of our community where they live, European salon model, science cafés Making Us Sick? which explored ameri-work, and play. Over the course of the year, are designed to start a dialogue between ca’s racial and socioeconomic inequitiesKQED and KTEH participated in and hosted leading scientists and the general public. in health. working with health depart-dozens of community events, from heritage no long lectures. no stale presentations. ments, policy makers, educators, and Just science and fun.) community organizations, the film wasmonth celebrations honoring local individuals translated into social educator workshops and film screenings to On march 17, 2008, with baseball seasonspecial member days at local museums. just around the corner, QUEST’s KQEd partnered with itVs to help present “Physics of baseball” was featured at a the Community Cinema series, san francisco “ask a scientist” event. showcasing films from the popular series after the video played, two experts from Independent Lens, and attracted large the Exploratorium, who were featured in and diverse audiences at nine screenings the QUEST segment, discussed why a in Oakland and san francisco. similarly, curveball is curved, what it takes to hit a Sunset Cinema, in the gardens of the home run, and much more. the room was Oakland museum at sunset, introduced packed, and the all-age crowd was lively two of KQEd’s Truly California films to and inquisitive. a home run! large crowds.
  21. 21. Election 2OO8 21 P h O t O ( fa R R i G h t ) : Courtesy Harry Gregory. From the Iowa caucuses in January and the February California primary to • In addition to providing coverage the general election in November, Northern California Public Broadcasting of the democratic and Republican conventions and the vice presidential provided ongoing election coverage and in-depth analysis to help Bay Area and presidential debates, KQEd and residents make well-informed decisions at the polls in 2008. KtEh Public television also presented Federal Candidates 2008—a special opportunity to hear directly from local congressional candidates. Online • On Primary night, The California • Fans of KQED Radio’s The California KQEd launched an election area, Report produced a four-hour elec- Report were able to listen to and providing a wealth of information tion special for statewide broadcast, watch The California Report: throughout the year: dovetailing its results coverage of Decision 2008—a special one-hour • Continuous election coverage from California’s presidential primary and broadcast analyzing national and KQEd Radio news, The California state propositions with nPR coverage state election results. Report, The NewsHour, and nPR news of super tuesday primaries. • Special online features, including • National election news and analysis In the Community interactive tools, electoral maps, was in abundance—from nPR Education network developed and resources for educators, widgets, programs and specials, from Forum, promoted numerous educational resources and games, including the award- The California Report (with on-site for teaching about civic engagement and winning you decide. reporting from the democratic and the 2008 presidential election. • Real-time election results and Republican national conventions), • Several events held on local college community photo submissions and in local news segments and campuses, in conjunction with the interactive features on league of women Voters, were de- On Radio signed to increase participation in the KQEd Public Radio kept a sharp focus on On Television electoral process among young voters. the most important election contests • From housing and health care to the • An Election Resources for Educators in the bay area, the sacramento region, war in iraq, each week KQEd’s web page was created to provide and across California. This Week in Northern California classroom-ready lesson plans, • Before the February California primary, examined the issues on the minds student voter guides, and more. Forum staff co-produced a two-hour of bay area voters, from the • On election night, the community was special for statewide broadcast focus- february California primary through invited to watch election results at a ing on presidential-race issues of to a special broadcast on the night free party in san francisco, complete concern to California voters. before the general election. with a presidential quiz and raffle.
  22. 22. 2OO8 22Awards and Recognition KQED KQED and KTEH Public Television National Association of Black Journalists International Festival of Sustainable San Francisco Peninsula Club’s Broadcast Journalist Development Films Greater Bay Area Journalism Awards Hall of Fame Inductee People and the Earth Feature Story of Light Nature belva davis 1st Place: China from the Inside, “Episode 3: 3rd Place: KQEd QUEST, “Coffee and Pi: shifting nature” (KQEd co-production with bay area science Cafés” Northern California Emmy Awards Granada television) Outstanding Station Achievement: Feature Story of Serious Nature Community Service Northern California Emmy Awards 2nd Place: KQEd QUEST, Immigration in Focus “nanotechnology takes Off” Interview/Discussion—Program/Special Check, Please! Bay Area Public Affairs Program San Francisco Business Times 1st Place: KQEd 9, “Earth day special: Best Green Nonprofit Arts/Entertainment—Feature/Segment where we’ve been, where we’re headed” KQEd 9, bay area Video Coalition: Spark, “henry wessel: the Physical Presence of light” Documentary San Francisco Magazine Readers’ Poll 1st Place: KtEh Public television, Best Television Station Historic/Cultural—Program Feature/Segment “Riding the storm: landslide danger in the KQEd 9, bay area Video Coalition: Spark, san francisco bay area” San Francisco Peninsula Club “shuji ikeda: Ceramics” Greater Bay Area Journalism Awards Sports Story Public/Current/Community Affairs— 2nd Place: KQEd 9, “Out of the Park: Public Relations Press Kit Program Special the Physics of baseball” 1st Place: KQEd QUEST KQEd QUEST, “better bees/landslide detective/young science authors” SF Weekly Editor’s Pick Public/Current/Community Affairs— Best Public Television Show Feature/Segment Check, Please! Bay Area KQEd QUEST, “nanotechnology takes Off” The Society of Environmental Journalists Documentary Award for Reporting on the Environment: KQEd 9, Truly CA, “Gumby dharma” Outstanding Story, Television Special Award 1st Place: QUEST, “Condors vs. lead bullets” Governors’ service medallion: Peter borg San Francisco Bay Guardian Readers’ Poll and Editor’s Pick Best Locally Produced TV Show Check, Please! Bay Area
  23. 23. 23KQED Public Radio New MediaNational Press Club Society of Professional Journalists, Northern Knight Foundation Knight-Batten2008 Edwin M. Hood Award: Diplomatic California Chapter Awards for Innovations in JournalismCorrespondence Excellence in Journalism Awards: Breaking Notable EntryKQEd Public Radio and stanley foundation, News/Broadcast hyper local category: KQEd QUEST“beyond fear: america’s Role in an KQEd Radio news team, for its continuing coverageuncertain world” of the legal battle over gay marriage in California Convio Summit Best Email CommunicationsSan Francisco Peninsula Club’s Explanatory Journalism/Broadcast innovator award: QEd upGreater Bay Area Journalism Awards KQEd-fm’s California Report, for a series on climate change and California waterFeature Story of Light Nature2nd Place: KQEd Public Radio/QUEST, Feature Writing/Broadcast“Grey water Guerrillas” amy miller, producer/reporter KQEd-tV QUEST, for her show on why the united states has the highestFeature Story of Serious Nature rate of premature births of any developed nation1st Place: “Jessica’s law”Interview or Talk Show SF Weekly Readers’ Poll1st Place: “writer Calvin trillin” Best Talk Show Host michael KrasnyDocumentary1st Place: “sneak Out: One Community’sRebellion for better Education”Sports Story2nd Place: “hockey Victory boostsanaheim’s image”Radio-Television News Directors AssociationEdward R. Murrow Regional Awardfor New Series“Climate Change and California water”
  24. 24. Continued 24INNOV8TIONSin O9 Tweeting Breaking CA Budget News using twitter, the fast-growing mobile networking/messaging site, John myers of More from This Week in Northern California beginning in the fall, KQEd’s weekly news The California Report covered the budget and public affairs program will expandKeep an eye out for these exciting negotiations in sacramento via his from 30 minutes to an hour-long format mobile phone and quickly became the once a month. in addition to host belvanew projects, initiatives, and programs. most sought-after source of real-time, davis’s signature roundtable discussions insider budget news and information. with journalists, look for new features including field-produced reports from Doctor Who Blog and Video Contest around the bay area, and one-on-one fans of Doctor Who now have a new conversations with newsmakers and online community site and blog devoted experts. new faces will also be added to all things Who. the blog’s first contest, to the program’s reporting team. a new the “how who are you?” video challenge, website will provide opportunities for the invited viewers to submit their own Doctor community to view segments online and Who mini-episode, for a chance to host a interact with the program’s producers. Doctor Who marathon on KtEh. Putting Marine Science on the Map! Digital Natives Co-hosted by QUEST and Jean-Michel KQEd Public Radio is planning a yearlong Cousteau: Ocean Adventures education collaboration with Youth Radio in which teams, a professional development course students from the ages of 14 through 24 for the national marine Educators who are “digital natives” (if you didn’t grow association conference in monterey will up with a computer and a mobile phone, incorporate new place-based media you aren’t one!) work side-by-side to teach technologies into marine science programs. each other new ways of reporting. P h O tO s ( l. tO R.) : courtesy APT; belva davis, Paul Trapani/KQED.
  25. 25. 25PhOt O: Public Media and the Economy More Hands On LiteracywordGirl confronts the villainous dr. two-brains,courtesy Scholastic Media. built on the information-sharing efforts hands On literacy continues, focusing that proved so successful during the on math experiences for young 2008 election campaign, KQEd, nPR, children as well as on social and Pbs, and other media groups will work to emotional health. Participants receive establish a public media hub for coverage training in curriculum development and of the country’s economic crisis. media literacy, professional development information, and college units toward an Climate Watch Widget early childhood education degree. KQEd interactive is in the process of planning and implementing a weekly feature that presents provocative Public Lands, Public Voices statistics related to climate change. New Media Trainings the web widget can be shared and in conjunction with Ken burn’s new added to blogs and to facebook and documentary series about the history of myspace pages. the national parks, Education network, QUEST Education, and the KQEd Center KTEH Kids for digital media are collaborating to offer the new and growing KtEh web training programs that infuse place-based portal for young visitors—ages 6 through education techniques with media creation 10—highlights puzzles and games from to share the connections young people Pbs Kids programs and features a Pbs have with their natural environment. Kids Go! broadband player that enables kids to watch entire episodes online. Back Talk with Becca Blog KtEh executive director becca King Reed looks forward to engaging in an exchange of ideas with viewers and taking suggestions on KtEh programming and initiatives.
  26. 26. Revenues 26 Contributions and membership Gifts 34,011 General underwriting and Grants 9,400 Community service Grants 4,784 Other 3,603 Project Grants 5,676 investment income transferred from Endowment 1,453 bequests and trusts 2,510 15%Condensed Total Revenues 61,437 8%Financial 6% 56% Expenses 9% PROGRam sERViC Es 2%Information 4% television Production and broadcasting 21,691 Radio Production and broadcasting 9,436 63% Program Promotion 2,747($000) For the year ended September 30, 2008. Education network 1,479 interactive 1,748 Total Program Services 37,101 25%Note: this condensed financial information has been derived fromnorthern California Public broadcasting inc.’s financial statements as su PPORt sERViC Esof and for the year ended september 30, 2008. it has been auditedby hood & strong llP. for a complete copy of the 2008 audited financial 12%statements, please call 415.553.2863 or e-mail marketing and development 14,642 General and administrative 6,980 Total Support Services 21,622 Total Expenses 58,723 trade and in-Kind donations 2,185 trade and in-Kind Expenses 1,939 Permanent Endowment, Charitable Gift 423 annuities and trust Contributions
  27. 27. 27 Northern California Public Broadcasting celebrates the generous volunteersThank You and donors who are instrumental in helping us provide outstanding and innovative programming and services for the people of Northern California and beyond. The individuals, corporations, and foundations that contribute to our stations and programs help us enrich lives, inspire minds, elevate the spirit, and celebrate our community’s diverse perspectives. Members’ Day at the new Contemporary Jewish Museum Thursday, August 14 1pm to 8:30pmThere are many ways to help Volunteer MembershipNCPB fulfill its mission through their work on pledge drives, more than 200,000 loyal people from the volunteers make it possible to raise bay area and beyond actively supportof community service. millions of critical dollars every year. KQEd and KtEh through their annual Volunteers are also involved in docent membership. members help KQEd and services, special events, administrative KtEh produce, acquire, and present support, and Education network quality programming and provide community outreach. working individually educational services. they also provide or as part of a group, volunteers are a stable source of revenue to supportPhOt Os (l. t O R.): the station’s personal connection to day-to-day operations as well as thean nCPb donor with Nightly BusinessReport’s susie Gharib, © Greg Habiby the bay area community. for more development of future programs.images; marcos madril, Pascua yaqui information on becoming a KQEd 415.553.2150Pueblo tribe, Welland Lau; ContemporaryJewish museum, Bruce Damonte; Jacques volunteer, call 415.553.2153. for KtEh, 408.795.5411Pépin and friend, © Greg Habiby images. call 408.795.5403.
  28. 28. 28 the Producer’s Circle recognizes the Signal Society is a special group of Leadership Circle membership is donors making annual contributions of donors who annually contribute $1,500 to offered to donors who contribute $10,000 or more. dedicated Producer’s $9,999. this generous and vital support $150 to $1,499. the ongoing support Circle investors provide operating ensures that KQEd and KtEh can of these members helps ensure the support that serves to strengthen our continue to present the highest-quality public broadcasting services enjoyed core programs and services, and they programming and educational services for by all residents of northern California. lead the way in helping to fund our the people of northern California. signal leadership Circle members are initiative to expand local production. society members enjoy lending library offered a variety of benefits, including in turn, Producer’s Circle donors enjoy privileges, invitations to small events with previews, receptions with public enhanced recognition and benefits, public broadcasting personalities, broadcasting personalities, and including invitations to intimate events information about upcoming programs, behind-the-scenes activities.P h OtOs (l . tO R.):axis dance Company, with public broadcasting personalities. and other benefits that help enrich their 415.553.2345Trib La Prade; nCPb 415.553.3375 experiences with KQEd and KtEh.donor with KQEdRadio’s michel Krasny, 408.795.5410 415.553.2300© Greg Habiby images. 408.795.5417 Annual Report Allyson Quibell EditOR Zaldy Serrano a Rt d i R E C t O R the following nCPb staff members contributed photos to this report: Sevda Eris, Joan Johnson, Damon Louie, Yo Ann Martinez, Leslie Rule, Scott Shafer, Sheraz Sadiq, Zaldy Serrano, and Lauren Sommer. the Jonathan C. Rice Legacy Society Additional Ways to Support Local Public Media recognizes those visionaries who have thoughtfully provided for nCPb’s future Foundation and Business Partners In-Kind by making a planned gift. legacy gifts are Government Support 415.553.2885 Contributions made through a will or living trust, 415.553.3318 415.553.2200 charitable gift annuity, charitable trust, Matching Gifts 408.795.5445 retirement plan, or other planned gift. Corporate Support 415.553.2885 415.553.2230 415.553.2388 408.795.5411 408.379.5400