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 Crm actionplan

Crm actionplan






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     Crm actionplan Crm actionplan Presentation Transcript

    • CRM Introduction CRM forms a continuous loop of marketing, sales, and service. You can attract new customers while maximizing cross-selling and up-selling opportunities across multichannel sales, marketing and customer service operations. despina voudouri 2001
    • CRM Benefits
      • Cross-selling & Up-selling across multiple products
      • Optimise Overall Profitability
      • Use the Web as Revenue Generation
      • Customer Service
      • Campaign Management
      • Activity Management
      • Opportunity Management
      • Expense Reporting
      • Quote Generation
      despina voudouri 2001
    • CRM & Call Centers
      • CRM technology transform call centers into next-generation contact centers that offer far more sophisticated sales & service capabilities, that demand :
      • Support for all channels of communication
      • Provide intelligent call routing and assignment
      • Offer computer telephony integration
      • Ensures complete e-mail response management
      • Target customer segments using any criteria
      • Measure, monitor, and refine campaign effectiveness
      • Provides 24x7 customer service & support
      despina voudouri 2001
    • Customer Focused Economy despina voudouri 2001 Physical Network Customer Interface Service/Product Development & Maintenance Operational Support Systems Customer Physical Network Customer Care Service/Product Development & Maintenance Operational Support Systems Customer Old Model: Operations Focus New Model: Customer Focus
      • Profitability Driver: Network Efficiency
      • Investment Focus: Network and OSS
      • Primary Customer Relationship: Billing
      • Profitability Driver: Lasting Customer Relationships
      • Investment Focus: Customer Satisfaction
      • Primary Customer Relationship: Through Multiple Touchpoints
      Increase Efficiency = Decrease Cost Increase Effectiveness = Find-Keep-Develop
    • Business Challenges
      • Customer Selects Channel of Communication
        • Customers can interact with you using any channel, any time and expect service
      • Market Conditions Change Instantly
        • Requires advanced marketing automation
        • Businesses need to react quickly to maximize profits and maintain relationships
      • Churn and Attrition
        • Customer churn is common
        • Loyalty becomes increasingly more important in a competitive economy
      • Automate and Execute Relationship Marketing Programs
        • Analysis, planning, execution and tracking need to be integrated
        • Marketing automation techniques need to replicated, enhanced and automated
      • Leverage Customer Information
        • Prevent Islands of information
        • Best of breed suite of applications working together
      despina voudouri 2001
    • Multichannel eBusiness Partners Web & Email Sales Call Center Customers Marketing Back Office despina voudouri 2001 Customer Information
    • Marketing Value Proposition
      • Key Benefits
        • Allows companies to establish and maintain profitable customer relationships
        • Drives highly targeted 1:1 marketing campaigns
        • Ensures a seamless dialogue with customers
        • Automates the complete marketing process
      • Unique Capabilities
        • Compete closed-loop solution across all touch points
        • Synchronize messaging across all communication channels
        • Best-of-breed components in an enterprise class suite
        • Enterprise-class scalability
        • Flexible, open architecture
      CRM & Marketing enables organizations to deliver highly targeted marketing campaigns to maximize customer lifetime value despina voudouri 2001
    • Increased Service Level Expectations
      • Demanding Consistent Treatment Across All Channels
        • Online (Web, newsletters, eMail) and off-line (direct mail)
        • Phone/wireless
        • Call center
        • Alternate channels (ATM, kiosks)
      • Demanding Full Functionality and High Performance
        • Intuitive user interface – No patience for learning
        • Knowledge set (FAQ, Knowledge base)
        • 24 x 7 with no tolerance for long wait times
      • Will Not Accept Organizational Disconnect
        • Seamless coordination across all disciplines
          • Service, sales, and marketing
        • Synchronized across divisions and product lines
      despina voudouri 2001
    • Less Receptive to Marketing Efforts
      • Saturation of Customer “Mail” Box
        • Number of marketing offers is exploding
        • Expansion of marketing across all channels
        • Over communication via email and electronic newsletters
          • Often not solicited; frequently not targeted
          • Difficult to stop
      • No Tolerance for Poor Execution
        • Inappropriate offers
        • Inappropriate offer sequence
        • Inability to satisfy questions
      • Highly Educated Customers
        • Aggregators and portals provide easy access to alternatives
        • Sophisticated surfers
        • Increased price sensitivity
      despina voudouri 2001
    • Dis-Equilibrium
      • Customer Expectations
      • Interactive Complexity
      • Privacy Sensitivity
      • Increased Competition
      • Customer Loyalty
      • Responsiveness
      • Brand Equity
      despina voudouri 2001
    • Business Strategy
      • Maximize Profit by Focusing on Customer Satisfaction and Retention
          • Engage in a continuous customer dialogue across all channels
          • Prioritize resources based on customer value (actual or potential)
          • Eliminate conflicting, redundant, and inappropriate offers
      • Increase Program Velocity and Agility
          • Increase campaign cycle speed
          • Rapid learning and real time decisioning
          • Move from event based marketing to real time “refine and re-launch”
      • Leverage Rich Customer Information to Improve Decision Making
          • Provide a single 360 degree customer view
          • Across all customer communication channels
          • Internal and external systems
      despina voudouri 2001
    • Why Loyalty is Important
      • It costs 5 to 12 times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing customer
      • Loyal customers tend to increase their purchases over time
      • Long term relationships typically cost less to serve
      • Loyal customers are the best source of referrals
      • Loyal customers are generally less price sensitive
      Up to 95% Increase in Profits 5% Increase in Loyalty despina voudouri 2001
    • Customer Development Process
      • Lead
      • Generation
      • Traffic Building
      • Channel Marketing
      • Event Marketing
      • Fulfillment
      • Loyalty Marketing
      • Dialogue Marketing
      • Referral Marketing
      • Call to close
      • Response rate
      • Acquisition cost
      • ROI
      • Conversion rate
      • Attrition rate
      • Lifetime Value
      • Incremental
      • new product sales
      • Referral rate
      • RFM
      • (Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value)
      despina voudouri 2001 Prospect Acquisition Activation Recapture Retention Cross-sell Up-sell Advocate
    • A Typical Database Marketing Campaign Plan
      • Understand customer base
      • Identify new target group(s)
      • Marketing Planning Test and Control
      • Response Analysis
      • Refine/Rollout/Repeat
      Market research Focus groups OLAP Analysis Data mining Profiling Typical Activities Data gathering/enhancement Modeling Budgeting and forecasts Campaign development Fulfillment partners Data acquisition Data cleansing Segment allocation Program rollout Profiling Time series analysis Promotion density despina voudouri 2001
    • Supporting the Closed Loop Marketing Process Understand Market and Customer Design Campaign Measure and Track Results Execute Campaign At All Touchpoints despina voudouri 2001
    • Multistage, Event-Triggered, and Recurring Campaigns despina voudouri 2001 Define Audience/ Create Campaign $ Purchase Thank you email Trigger ongoing customer eNewsletter Real time marketing and offer optimization Prospect clicks on offer but does not purchase Trigger Stage 2 Campaign Analysis Personalized HTML eMail Personalized Web Offer
    • Development Themes
      • Collaborative Marketing
      • Enterprise Contact Management
      despina voudouri 2001
    • Collaborative Marketing
        • Maintain the important balance between the need for consistent customer management/messaging and effective brand building with local know how. Avoid intra-company competition for the same core asset, the customer
      • Distributed Marketing
        • Corporate developed programs, launched locally (Push)
          • Maximizes consistence, brand value
        • Locally executed programs, controlled at Corporate Level (Pull)
          • Corporate contact management guideline
          • Consistent suppression rules
          • List ownership
      • Collaborative Creative Management
          • Agency, marketing, print shop
          • Collateral material
          • Bag tags
      despina voudouri 2001
    • Enterprise Contact Management
      • A new paradigm designed to establish and manage customer communication in a multi-channel context so that business units (or departments) are communicating with their customers at the optimal time to avoid customer fatigue, customer attrition, conflicting messages and intra-company competition for the same core asset, the customer.
      • Enterprise Contact Management
        • Global rules determining optimal contacts by channel, direction, frequency, profitability, organization and customer segment
        • Integrated List Ownership managing customer contact conflict
        • Ability to reserve customer for contact across list ownership, segment, etc …
        • Embedded consumer privacy/preferences
      despina voudouri 2001
    • “ Customer service will become the primary value-added function in every business” Bill Gates - Business @ the speed of thought . despina voudouri 2001