SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona      Spanish & Cultural Immersion Program for Young students, April 2012                   ...
SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona      Spanish & Cultural Immersion Program for Young students, April 2012                   ...
SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona      Spanish & Cultural Immersion Program for Young students, April 2012                   ...
SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona       Spanish & Cultural Immersion Program for Young students, April 2012                  ...
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Barcelona Spanish Study Tour


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This is a sample itinerary. You can create just like this one with your own group\'s customized itinerary based on what you want to while you are in Barcelona.

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Barcelona Spanish Study Tour

  1. 1. SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona Spanish & Cultural Immersion Program for Young students, April 2012 www.spainbcn.comType of program: Spanish & Cultural Immersion Program in Barcelona, April 2012Dates: 1 week, Friday March 30th through Thursday April 5th, 2012 (program dates to be confirmed).School:Group’s coordinator:FRIDAY MARCH 30th : Arrival in Barcelona. PICK UP at Barcelona Airport (flight information to be sent)REUNION AT SpainBcn Spanish School in Barcelona to have a brief program’s presentation. Students will beable to use the internet to contact to their families and they all will receive maps of Barcelona with their hostfamily address and location, contact phone numbers, directions and locations of other host families and theSpainBcn School, phone numbers of the teachers, etc.Some of the students will be picked up at SpainBcn School in the center of Barcelona by their host families andsome of them will be accompanied to their accommodation by the SpainBcn teachers and coordinators.Being Friday a working day, the host families won’t be at their homes until the afternoon, so in case the grouparrives in the morning, the group will be waiting at SpainBcn School until the host families pick up the students.The group will rest and have something to eat while they wait for their host families to come to the school topick them up. If the students feel rested enough we will go for a short walk in the Gothic Quarter. The studentswill be taken to their host families accommodations around 6 pm.HOST FAMILIES: Our host families are a group of very nice and well educated people. The host families havebeen carefully selected by SpainBcn Directors. We know them very well and we trust them.Most of the host families have young boys or girls with similar ages to the students that will be placed withthem. The same group of host families is collaborating with our Programs for young students for several yearsnow: Many of host families started when their children were young kids and now they are teenagers. We are inconstant communication with the host families through the year as they host our students of the summer, springand winter programs.Many of the host families live in the school area (center of the city) and all are located in some of the bestneighborhoods of the city. The SpainBcn teachers and coordinators live nearby the students accommodationsand they will pick them up daily in the morning to go to the school and they will also accompany them back totheir host families after the program activities in the afternoon (approx. at 7:30 pm) .The host families help us with the supervision of the students and they also offer and nice and warmenvironment. Breakfast and dinner are daily with the host family.Students can be accommodated in groups of 2 or 3 with the host families. Students have their own bedrooms(some may share the bedroom with the son or daughter of the family) and usually their own bathroom.Regarding meals of the program:Daily breakfast and dinner are with the host family. The teachers and directors of SpainBcn School will preparethe food for the arrival day when the students will be waiting for the host families to pick them up. It is also
  2. 2. SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona Spanish & Cultural Immersion Program for Young students, April 2012 www.spainbcn.comincluded in the program the food on Saturday March31th after the Flamenco Fiesta-Class that will be served atschool after the Flamenco Program and before the cultural activity in the afternoon. And lunch on Sunday April1st with a pic nic (big sandwich with drink and fruit) per each participant to enjoy during the excursion day.The rest of days, lunch is not included in this program cost, so it is at students’ own cost. (A daily “menu” in anice restaurant in the area with 3 dishes, bread and drink will cost 9 euros).SEE FOLLOWING THE DETAIL OF DAILY ACTIVITIES INCLUDED IN THE PROGRAM.(This is a proposal. Activities can be modified to better match the students’ interests. Let us know about them).SATURDAY MARCH 31th10:30 am. Students will be picked up at their host families accommodations by the SpainBcn teachers andcoordinators who will accompany them to SpainBcn School to start the CULTURAL PROGRAM 11:30 am. FLAMENCO FIESTA-CLASS. A couple of professional Flamenco dancers (“bailadores”) will teach to the students the basic of the Flamenco dance and movements. At the school everything is ready for the Flamenco class (skirts, shawls, dresses and accessories, music, etc). The dancers will get dressed with the traditional Flamenco costume and accessories. Our Flamenco teachers are a couple of fantastic teachers and professional Flamenco dancers who have their own Flamenco company.Lunch will be served at SpainBcn School for the group after the Flamenco Program.After lunch, the group will be ready for the Cultural visit of the afternoon. 3 pm GUIDED WALKING TOUR THROUGH THE OLD PART OF BARCELONA TO VISIT THE GOTHIC QUARTER, PLAZA REAL, LAS RAMBLAS, THE CATHEDRAL AND THE OLD JEWISH NEIGHBORHOOD, ETC. We will visit the Museum of the Roman Ruins (Museum of History of Barcino) located underground of this area. THE OLD PORT AND THE MAREMAGNUM. This is a very pretty place with a “commercial area” on the sea where there are many options of restaurants and lunch places where the group will find many places with all types of foods and for all budgets. It is the perfect place to enjoy the afternoon and do some shopping (those who want) as this is one of the most tourist parts of Barcelona. Also to enjoy the pretty view of Barcelona from the sea. 7 pm. MONTJUIC MOUNTAIN AND FUENTES: From the Old Port we will take a bus that will take us through the Montjuic Mountain to the other side of this mountain. Here, in front of “el Palacio Real” (Royal Palace) we’ll enjoy the magic Fountain (Fuentes de Montjuic) that will offer this spectacular display of colors, lights, motion, water acrobatics and music. Around 8:30 pm students will be accompanied back to the host families by the SpainBcn teachers and coordinators and they will be at the host families place before 9 pm to have dinner with the family.
  3. 3. SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona Spanish & Cultural Immersion Program for Young students, April 2012 www.spainbcn.comSUNDAY APRIL 1st10:30 am. SpainBCN coordinators pick up the students at their accommodations to take them to the SpainBcnmeeting point in the morning to go to Tarragona for the excursion day.11:30 PM. CULTURAL PROGRAM: EXCURSION DAY TO TARRAGONA. Located 1 hour south from Barcelona, this was the first city founded in Spain by the Romans in the 1 Century. The Roman city –Tarraco- is well preserved as the new city grew up on its side -on the opposite, in Barcelona the city grew on the top of the city founded by the Romans, Barcino-. GUIDED HISTORICAL ROUTES with entrance to several museums in the old Roman city. Tarragona also has an interesting Historical route through the Medieval area of Tarragona. Tarragona has also a beautiful beach that can be enjoyed if the day is nice enough at that time of the year. LUNCH: Its included in the program a picnic for the excursion (big sandwich fruit and drink per person). Around 7:30 pm SpainBcn coordinators will accompany the students to their accommodation.MONDAY APRIL 2nd8:30 am. SpainBCN teachers and coordinators will pick up the students at their host families accommodationsto accompany them to the school.9:30 1:30 pm: SPANISH CLASSES:Students will be placed in 1 or 2 groups according to their level of Spanish. The SpainBcn teachers will haveprepared the appropriated learning material according to the indications of the group coordinator. During themorning classes teachers will explain about the visits included in the Cultural Program.13:30 pm LUNCH AT A NEARBY RESTAURANT (At student’s own cost)There are many places in this area that serve all types of foods and for all budgets. 3:00 pm. Meeting at SpainBcn to start the afternoon CULTURAL PROGRAM: MODERNIST ROUTE OF BARCELONA guided walking tour to also see other examples of the Modernist architecture such as “Casa Batlló”, “Casa Milà”, “Casa Ametller”, Casa de “Les Punxes”. 4:30 pm. GUIDED VISIT AND ENTRANCE TO "LA SAGRADA FAMILIA" one of the best and more originals works of Gaudí and symbol of Barcelona. We will also see other important examples of the Modernist architecture in Barcelona such as “el Hospital de Sant Pau” y La “Plaza de Toros “La Monumental” . Around 7:30 pm. SpainBcn coordinators will accompany the students to their accommodation.TUESDAY APRIL 3rd8:30 am. SpainBCN teachers and coordinators will pick up the students at their host families accommodations9:30 1:30 pm: SPANISH CLASSES:13:30 pm LUNCH (At student’s own cost)3:00 pm. CULTURAL PROGRAMHISTORICAL ROUTE THROUGH THE MEDIEVAL PART OF BARCELONA WITH ENTRANCE AND GUIDEDVISIT OF THE PICCASSO MUSEUM. Historical routes through the Born, La Ribera and medieval area to visitsome of the medieval buildings of this part of the city. Inside of one of the medieval palaces is located thePICASSO MUSSEUM. Other interesting buildings and constructions are also located in this area and nearby.One off the beaches of Barcelona is just a few minutes walking distance we can quickly get there if the studentswant to. Around 7:30 pm. SpainBcn coordinators will accompany the students to their accommodation.WEDNESDAY APRIL 4th8:30 am. SpainBCN teachers and coordinators will pick up the students at their host families accommodations9:30 1:30 pm: SPANISH CLASSES:
  4. 4. SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona Spanish & Cultural Immersion Program for Young students, April 2012 www.spainbcn.com13:30 pm LUNCH (At student’s own cost)2:00 pm CULTURAL PROGRAM: EXCURSION TO “EL PARC GUELL. AND TO THE OLD “PLAZA DE TOROSLAS ARENAS”. Students will meet earlier today (no later than 2 pm.) to start the cultural activity so we haveenough time to go to Ela Parque Guell and also to a new cultural and shopping area of the city that has beencreated inside of one of the 2 plazas de toros.From the nice and renewed “Plaza de Toros Las Arenas” the students will be able to see a different part of thecity and enjoy some nice “cultural area” and pretty views of the cityAround 7:30 pm. SpainBcn coordinators will accompany the students to their accommodation.THURSDAY APRIL 5th: Leaving from Barcelona.SpainBcn teachers and Directors will pick up the students to accompany them to the airport .GROUP RATE: 650 euros per studentThis group rate covers the program and accommodation of 1 teacher/group coordinator travelling with a groupof 9 students and the program and accommodation of 2 teachers/group coordinators travelling with group of 15students.THIS PROGRAM COST INCLUDES:1.-) Airport pick ups of the group on arrival and departure dates2.-) 4 hours of Spanish classes in the morning Monday through Wednesday and a complete Cultural Programwith a variety of activities, visits and excursions in the afternoons and during the weekend as detailed in theabove program. THE PROGRAM ACTIVITIES CAN BE MODIFIED TO BE ADAPTED TO THE STUDENTSINTERESTS.3.-) Nice and carefully selected accommodation for the students with Spanish host families in Barcelona4.-) Daily breakfast and dinner with the host families. Laundries included if needed.5.-) Group rate includes the Hotel Accommodation and program in Barcelona for 1 teacher or groupcoordinator travelling with a group of 9 students. From 15 students it is included the Hotel accommodation andprogram in Barcelona for 2 teachers. Accommodation in a nice Hotel in the very center of Barcelona, nearbyour school. It’s also complimentary their cultural programs, activities, guided visits and excursions and mealsincluded in the program as it is detailed for the students.6.-) Lunch included in this cost are: daily breakfast and dinner with the host families for the students and themeal at school on the arrival day and on Saturday, after the Flamenco Program. It is also included the picnicper participant (big sandwich, fruit and drink) served by SpainBcn per the excursion days (Sunday).7.-) Complete Cultural Program with guided visits, historical routes, entrances to the best museums and theprivate Flamenco show and class for the group.8.-) All entrances to the museums and the group’s city public transportation needed for the program activities.9.-) SpainBcn teachers and coordinators will pick up the students at the accommodations daily to accompanythem to the school. They will also accompany the students back to their host families after the day activities.10.-) Supervised program with SpainBcn Directors available 24/7. SpainBcn teachers and/or coordinators willaccompany the students’ group during all the activities included in the program and do the group pick ups.Students can not go out after the program’s curfew.****************************************************************************************************************************** We are waiting for you in Barcelona!!! SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona Consell de Cent, 304 1º - 08007 Barcelona – SPAIN - Ph.: ++ 34 93 487 00 04 - e-mail: /