Second midterm linguistics
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  • 1. Second Midterm Linguistics Evaluation based on the application oflinguistics concepts on pedagogical practice.
  • 2. Girls’ Team• Teaching: 5 points• Lesson Planning: 4 points• Materials:5• Linguistic Application:5• Defense: 5Most of the class was successful; however, the transitions in the activities were no the best. There were activities in the lesson plan that were not applied during the class. I have to add that the use of games were a really good idea.In case of Landy, Maricarmen, Yazuri and Sabrina, I have to say that being this your first teaching in front of the class, you did it really good and the improvement is noticeable in your tone of voice and guidance.The defense team should be proud of themselves due to the fact that you were excellent at pointing out the concepts of Linguistics and because you were involved in lesson planning when it was not necessarily your obligationI hope that all of you ladies have learnt something from this activity. And that all the inconvenient situations won’t be repeated in the future. Final Grade: 95Note: (this grade goes in order to benefit everyone who worked hard; if I were totally fair I would have failed you all. I am trying to be positive about this)
  • 3. Boys’ Team• Teaching: 5• Lesson Planning:5• Materials:5• Linguistic Application:5• Defense: 5Your class was really good and it was fun. I liked the introduction to the class, and the fact of making it real by using Daniel’s character together with the inmates.I liked the speaking production activities including the inmates. I would have liked to see another one of you teaching (maybe another policeman). Marzoa’s activity was good but quite fast. However the teaching process went well.Jacob’s defense, with his own personality and touch, was good and fulfilled what I wanted for this lesson.Good Job! Final Grade: 100