Rules for english_3_and_linguistics_course


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10 rules to survive my courses:D

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Rules for english_3_and_linguistics_course

  1. 1. RULES FOR ENGLISH 3 and LINGUISTICS COURSE1. This course is meant to be held in English, so all the lessons will be carried in English. Your questions, comments, whispering, chit-chat or jokes need to be done in English. If you don’t follow this simple first rule, then you are screwed.2. Another purpose of this course is to improve your level of English. If you have an attitude that you are an Almighty-Mr.-or-Miss-I-know-it-all, then you have two options: a. Be humble and recognize that you are here to learn; therefore you have to study because you DON’T KNOW EVERYTHING or b. Use that knowledge to help others and do a)….and smile.3. Your attitude. We all have problems, we all have personal issues, and we all come from different families and status so….for God’s sake….act like a smart student. I mean, your ‘posh’ attitude does not serve this course. As simple as that. If you don’t feel like being in the lesson, and if you come and you are going to be acting stupidly and just messing around…don’t come. But if you are in the lesson try to take the best out of it. Participate and get involved. Take notes! it’s for your good sake.4. DO THE HOMEWORK. If you think you are smart enough and you are going to try to cheat by passing or copying the homework then…try! But if you get caught, you are going to be kicked out of my class. No cheaters are allowed. Word!5. Read. If I tell you to read, you read it. Simple. If there is a word or expression you don’t know then you look for it in the dictionary.6. Team Work. Grow up! You are not kids; you are going to be professionals. If I create the groups that you are going to be working with, you do the job and you do it right. It’s part of being MATURE! If you hate or have problems with any of the members of the class, you don’t have them. You smile and love everyone. Clear?7. Participation in class. The number of participation per class must be around 1000 times. 1000 times is the number I need so you can be considered as a student and not a ‘walking dead’. I don’t want Walking Dead people in my class. They are not useful, just for zombies’ flicks.8. Food. Some of you are going to have two lessons in a row. You can eat but please, be clean and try to let the classroom as clean as possible.9. We are in a relationship. This relationship is going to be based on confidence, love and understanding. But, due to the fact that some of you are or have psycho- boyfriends or psycho-girlfriends, I need to establish that your Blackberries, I-phones, I-pods, or cellphones need to be in silent mode all the time and you won’t use them, unless an emergency previously informed. In case you don’t respect this rule, all the mobiles from your classmates will be forbidden and they are going to hate you.10. Use your creativity in every task given. You have a BRAIN…USE IT! M.E. Rafael Alberto Velasco Argente Professor of the English 3 and Linguistics Course 2012