English 7 conjunctions


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English 7 conjunctions

  1. 1. ENGLISH 7 Name:______________________________________________________ Date:_____________ Conjunctions Handout1. Paying attention to the meanings of the sentences, and to the presence of inverted word order,fill in the blanks with the correct coordinate conjunctions chosen from the pairs given in brackets.For example: I would like to come, ___ I do not have time. (but, nor) I would like to come, but I do not have time.1. I opened the door _________ looked out. (and, yet)2. She was not in the back yard, _________ was she upstairs. (or, nor)3. The sun had set, _________ it was still light outside. (or, yet)4. Do you know his address _________ telephone number? (but, or)5. He has not arrived yet, _________ have they. (and, nor)6. I read the book, _________ did not understand it. (but, or)7. We searched diligently, ________ found nothing. (or, yet)8. I invited him _________ his friends. (and, but)2. Paying attention to the expressions used in the following sentences, fill in the blanks with thewords AND, BUT ALSO, NOR, OR, THAN, THEN and WHEN, as appropriate. For example: We should either walk quickly __ take the bus. We should either walk quickly or take the bus.1. I have both respect _________ admiration for them.2. Hardly had I finished reading over the problem, _________ the answer leapt to my mind.3. It will rain either today _________ tomorrow.4. He could not decide whether to tell the truth _________ keep silent.5. It was not only a beautiful day, ___________ the first day of Spring.6. If you follow the instructions, __________ you should have no difficulty.7. He is neither proud _________ condescending.8. What with one thing _________ another, it was very late by the time we left the house.9. No sooner had I opened my eyes, _________ I remembered where I was.10. Scarcely had I heard the news, _________ my friend arrived.
  2. 2. 3. Paying attention to the meanings of the sentences, fill in the blanks with the correctsubordinate conjunctions or similar expressions chosen from the pairs given in brackets. Forexample: I went for a walk _______ the sun was shining. (because, otherwise) I went for a walk because the sun was shining.1. We recognized her at once, ____________ we had not seen her for years. (although, in case)2. He kept reading ___________ he fell asleep. (for, until)3. The moon will rise ____________ the sun sets. (as soon as, than)4. It looks ____________ the train will be late. (while, as though)5. ____________ she got her degree, she became a teacher. (After, Than)6. We will not go skiing ____________ the weather is good. (as if, unless)7. ____________ he left, he made sure he had his keys with him. (Before, For)8. ____________ I told the truth, you would not believe me. (Even if, So that)9. They have known her ___________ she was a child. (until, since)10. I must leave now, ____________ I have a great deal of work to do. (as, than)4. For each of the following sentences, paying attention to the structure of the sentence, fill in theblank with either the conjunction or the preposition given in brackets. For example: _______ my warning, they went ahead with their plan. (Although, Despite) Despite my warning, they went ahead with their plan.1. We stayed up late, ____________ we were tired. (although, despite)2. They went swimming, ____________ the coldness of the water. (although, despite)3. I enjoy the course, ____________ the professor is a good teacher. (because, because of)4. She looks ___________ your sister. (as if, like)5. Please wait ___________ I make a phone call. (during, while)6. Did you hear any noises ____________ the night? (during, while)7. It looked ____________ we would not be able to leave until the next day. (as if, like)8. We all felt tired ____________ the hot weather. (because, because of)9. I read a book ___________ I was waiting. (during, while)10. Her eyes shone _____________ stars. (as if, like)