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Desktop Alert Lite 4.0 Overview

  1. 1. Desktop Alert TM - Mass Notification Made Easy Confidential “The team at Desktop Alert is to be Overview commended for a superb product and an even better support staff. The system was Desktop Alert provides highly secure, highly extensible and very transparent approved as secure and has bolstered alerting platforms. It is multi-media enabled and is used to deliver rich media critical communications at the base.quot; such as video, images, music, copy, interactive Flash files and other applications. Message windows can be sized, display text and links, play videos Carlton Powell R SrA 305 CS/SCBNO and even wave files. McGuire Air Force Base Need Latest Client The ability to in-place intelligent methods, functions and triggers that interact with and bring crucial data to and from end-users based on end-user and/or * The United States Military Academy at management's predefined business rules and settings. Enhanced organizational West Point efficiency and effectiveness for the Military, Security Personnel, Police, Corporate Personnel, and any other organization seeking operational milestones. Latest News Solution Profile * United States Army Approves Desktop Alert for Secure Mass Notification Desktop Alert has extensive security experience combined with robust and System stable software to guarantee safe, secure and reliable information delivery in * Desktop Alert Mass Notification Added times of emergency. to Air Force Approved Software List * Desktop Alert introduces Enterprise Upwards of 2048 Bit Secure Emergency response alert and notification solutions IVR Integration systems enable public, police, private business, government agencies and first * SAP signs deal for Global Distribution responders to communicate immediately for all kinds of urgent alerts and/or public safety incidents. Guaranteed Content Delivery. Built-in end-user options enable the Desktop Alert system to automatically alert Desktop Alert Applications people by phone, pager, fax, BlackBerry Handheld, e-mail etc. • Great tool for OEM's. Provides instant All alerts include a full array of reports to track how many alerts were delivered alerts, including automatic software as well as how many alerts were interactively used by end-users (i.e. A updates/patches and more complete audit trail). • Military Alerts • Desktop News Alerts For public and government agencies secure alert technology enables publishing • Corporate Alerts. Excellent business tool of critical information instantly. for corporate needs • Marketing Alerts. Superb marketing tool • Sales Force Alerts • Help Center Alerts • Survey Alerts • Broadcast Multimedia Rich Content Alerts Desktop Alert Inc. 346 Main Street Chatham, New Jersey 07928 Tel: 973-727-0066 Fax: 866-689-9838
  2. 2. Desktop Alert Confidential P2 Military Applications Thus, most if not all other mass notification platforms exhibit less than favorable maintenance logistics. This can occur anytime one of the following scenarios occur: • user changes rank status • user retires • user changes group memberships • user is transferred to another base Alerting thousands of personnel for the U.S. Armed • new user arrives at base Forces every day • user undergoes name change from marriage or other Our mass alert platform supplies U.S. Military bases with Every twenty minutes Desktop Alerts scanner service tools that enable state-of-the-art mass alert notification to reviews and checks the Active Directory for any changes an unlimited number of critical personnel, computers and that have occurred. This unique service alone saves devices. potentially hundreds of man-hours that other mass notification systems require daily in order to operate Desktop Alert is in the midst of significant adoption of its properly. Emergency Mass Notification System by the U.S. Military. The alert platform has been utilized in real world scenarios Desktop Client Authentication and garnered the attention of many high ranking military officials. Within just a few seconds, thousands of personnel Desktop Alert provides Windows Client Authentication. When are alerted and armed with critical information. This users sign in, the users alert account will automatically innovative approach to sharing technology substantially authenticate with the alert client application regardless of bolsters instant delivery of critical communications. the machine being used. Multiple profiles on one machine are not a problem and this • U.S. Air Force - Active Client proves invaluable over time as no administration tasks are • U.S. Army - Active Client required when personnel are relocated anywhere on base. • U.S. Navy - Currently Under Evaluation • U.S. Marines - Currently Under Evaluation Deployment • U.S. National Guard - Currently Under Evaluation • U.S. Veterans Association - Currently Under Evaluation The alert application (client) is easily installed using any • U.S.A.F.E - Currently Under Evaluation software distribution agent. (SMS). While the alert application can be installed with a removal utility most bases Please note that we now offer a complete no-obligation free to date have requested deploys that do NOT provide the trial of the Desktop Alert Mass Alert Platform at any U.S. end-users with an un-install option in the ADD/REMOVE Military Base worldwide. applet of the Windows Control Panel. However, an administrator may target a machine for a silent un-install Transparency (no user action needed) at anytime. Likewise, the install of the application is 100% silent. Desktop Alert provides highly secure, highly extensible and very transparent alerting platforms for approved military Secure organizations. When we say transparent, we mean it. We provide your base or installation with virtually all of the The Desktop Alert Mass Notification System (MNS) enables Desktop Alert source code. Source code is made existing groups and ad-hoc groups to share data on available to U.S. Military clientele for independent review approved networks as well as between all U.S. armed forces and examination of the nuts and bolts that comprise our using a shared network. The notification platform shares state-of-the-art industry leading mass alerting platform. data across HTTP or HTTPS connections utilizing SoapXml packets across port 80. These SoapXML packets also provide LDAP/AD with Active Directory Scanner the ability to port highly encrypted digital certificates. These certificates insure the highest level of security when Organizational units are all managed easily as Desktop Alert sharing information between various U.S. Military Agencies is LDAP / AD enabled. Desktop Alert has an Active Directory and U.S. Armed Forces. quot;scannerquot; application that runs as a service on the server. This ensures rapid response to the active directory when Desktop Alert is approved as compatible with the desktop the organizational unit structure experiences any changes configuration and secure to run on U.S. Army and Air Force whatsoever. Desktop Alert military deployments contact Networks. For reference, here is the current Air Force Desktop Alert rarely if at all for maintenance related issues. approval information: The Desktop Alert Mass Notification Platform requires less DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE HEADQUARTERS AIR then 30 minutes maintenance per month. Other products MOBILITY COMMAND claiming to be Active Directory enabled require manually intensive updates by the administrator daily or whenever a AMC CG 305 CS/SCBNO change occurs in the Active Directory. AMC Approval Code: Network Notification v.2x, ACSRD TCN MGAFB200600645
  3. 3. Desktop Alert Confidential P3 Features Tier one is comprised of a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database. SQL Server provides a high performance database engine to Desktop Alert has created a feature rich web-based interface for store and manipulate data. SQL Server has unmatched instant mass alert publication to targeted personnel and capabilities for integrating with other SQL server databases and devices. databases on other platforms such as Oracle, DB2, and Sybase. SQL Server provides data partitioning mechanisms that allow Since most of our clientele elect to self-host our alert platform the system to scale up performance on a single server or behind their firewall there are now many variants of the Desktop distribute the load among multiple servers. Alert interface. Industry cannot use a canned product that has a one size fits all solution. Industry demands that an alert system Tier two consists of code written in Microsoft’s C# development respond to its existing intelligence and business rules. language and runs on web servers that support ASP.NET and Therefore, Desktop Alert was written from the ground up the Microsoft .NET framework version 1.1. This tier is used to extremely transparent. The architectural topology and sharing retrieve and manipulate data and create the web presentation technology design is such that disparate systems across multiple interface. It is also where the web services interface is networks can easily engage and interact with the Desktop Alert implemented. This tier is also scalable by adding more servers Mass Notification System. This is accomplished through the and load balancing them using standard load balancing usage of Web Services Description Language (WSDL). Broad techniques. vendor agreement on standards and proven interoperability have set Web services apart from integration technologies of the Tier three is the client tier. There are two interfaces for the past. client tier, the web based interface and the desktop client interface. The web interface has two functions: Rapid Application Integration Using Desktop Alerts Notification Platform • management of users, groups • alerts and user review of past alerts Extending an enterprise's existing computational infrastructure and business logic with a next-generation information The management interface can be run from any web browser architecture is not an option in today's aggressive and provides easy to use functions for creating users, groups marketplace. Enterprise operations need to leverage and and alerts. User, group and alert management features can be manipulate existing information across a variety of networks integrated with external systems by means of either database without shaking up the entire IT department in the process via level integration or web services based integration. The desktop the introduction of a new business tool. Enter Desktop Alert! client interface provides the end user with the alert viewing and the ability to review past alerts and will open their default web Features included in all versions of our alert platform browser to review previously viewed alerts. • Customizable splash screen, tray icon, install script and more Desktop Alert IVR Integration for the client application • Ad-hoc on-the-fly group creation as well as Active Directory For simple, automated notification or for instant widespread group structure adherence alerts, enterprises and organizations may rely on Desktop Alert • Administration, Moderator and end-user controlled access to IVR Integration systems to deploy their communication the interface contingency plans. Scalable and robust, the Desktop Alert IVR • Embedded web-based html editor for easy yet elegant alert platform ensures reliable information dispatch that can reach creation using HTML thousands of recipients instantly. • Built-in Windows client authentication • Opt-in or silent SMS client application installation Create automated notifications and alerts which can be sent to • Audit trails for all published alerts individuals or groups. Include Desktop Alert IVR solutions as • Template creation for re-use. part of your automated notifications strategy by integrating • Calendar launch of predefined alerts, alert expiration dates and phone-based alerts with your automated email, web, fax and alert cancellations pager solutions. Desktop Alert will provide you with a Plug-and-Play alert system Solutions can be useful for: that requires minimal computer skills for instant Enterprise alert system management. Desktop Alert also offers several • Operations Support distribution methods. • Automated Collections • Scheduling and Reminders • Public-Sector Communications Desktop Alert Architectural Topology and Sharing • Mobile Enterprise Support and Sales Technology • Transportation and Logistics Desktop Alert was developed using a three-tier architecture. Tier Desktop Alert IVR product features include: one is data storage and manipulation. Tier two is data retrieval, web services, and web based presentation generation logic. Tier • Call initiation triggered via various mechanisms three is the client interface, both web based and desktop • Dynamic VoiceXML dialogues application. The architecture is designed to provide scalability • XML data integration both vertically as well as horizontally; this allows the system to • Enhanced speech components grow as the user base grows. • Integrated email, web, and fax servers
  4. 4. Desktop Alert Confidential P4 Features Summary System Configurations • Desktop Alert integrates with existing telephony systems • Free Self Host Package - You Host up to 50 and existing PA systems. concurrent users (Desktop Alert retains sole discretion • Unlimited number of end-users per 4 CPU server on any for approval of this promotion) domain/base! • Low Cost Solutions - We Host; alert count restrictions • Allows for Pre-programmed alerts which are FIRED OFF (This option does not include RSS, Cellphone, pager from scenario triggers sent by existing enterprise and fax messaging) applications • Campus Alerts - You Host or We Host; unlimited • Create, preview and schedule your alert in advance (html concurrent users (This option does not include Desktop allowed) Alerts for Computers unless requested) • See Who's Online (drill down by groups) • Small Biz Package - We Host up to 5K concurrent • Send alerts that open with quot;upper most screenquot; users functionality. If a user has multiple applications open, the • Basic Server - You Host up to 10K concurrent users alert will take the fore screen and stay open until • Standard Server - You Host up to 50K concurrent engaged. users • Customizable user interface • Advanced Server - You Host up to 200K concurrent • Leverage comprehensive reporting and unique empirical users data • Activity is logged and available via a web-based interface easily System Requirements • Very NON-INTRUSIVE installation. No stop/start of IIS needed during the install. Client Application • Average install process is one day! • Windows 98 or > • Great e-mail supplement/alternative for when email • 256 megabytes or ram servers are down • Internet Explorer 5.5 or > • Guaranteed Content Delivery • Pentium IV computer or > • Content delivery to a select audience or audience's • Internet connection 28k or > • Scheduled content delivery at a time you designate! • Microsoft Framework 1.1 • Delete/Cancel scheduled alerts • Create alerts from your own pre-defined and customized Server Requirements alert templates for rapid alert publication • Microsoft 2000 Server (all editions), Microsoft 2003 • Flash, Video, Sound as easy as pasting html. Server, Microsoft XP Professional, Microsoft Window • Staggering content delivery rates upwards of 100%. Vista Ultimate Edition • Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or 2005 (can be on the same server as web site or separate server) OEM Distribution and Licensing • 1 GB Ram • 100 GB Hard Drive • Leading providers of notification systems such as SAP • 2.8 GB Processor or > now OEM Desktop Alerts Mass Notification System • Desktop Alerts is recognized as a industry leader for alert Sample Basic Server and mass notification software platforms • Intel Pentium 2.8 Ghz • Desktop Alerts architecture provides rapid integration • 1 GB DDR SDRAM with 3rd party content management systems, CRM • 80 GB IDE + 40 GB Backup Drive systems, alert systems and other business continuity • 1 IP Address applications capable of exchanging data using web • 100 GB Bandwidth services. (WSDL) • Desktop Alert does not necessitate the usage of the Desktop Alert desktop client application. • Desktop Alert shares data over http/https connections using Soap/Xml via web services and custom triggers • Rapid creation of custom web services for your back-end platform integration • 100% private label/branding • 100% autonomous use and management of the platform About Desktop Alert, Inc. behind YOUR firewall • Desktop Alerts comprehensive platforms enable OEM, ODM The Desktop Alert Emergency Mass Notification System and consumer electronics manufacturers to add utilizes quot;Actionable Intelligence.quot; The ability to in-place notification alerts to products in a cost-effective manner intelligent methods, functions and triggers that interact with fast time to market. with and bring crucial data to and from end-users based • Whether your products and services are for retail, VAR or on end-user and/or management's predefined business OEM customers our sales approach ensures that we rules and settings. Desktop Alert enables and provides all achieve optimal results for profitable long term of the parts needed to execute controlled information relationships. management and content distribution.