Soal bahasa inggris toeic grammar 4


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Soal bahasa inggris toeic grammar 4

  1. 1. TOEIC Grammar Quiz 5TOEIC Grammar Quiz 5. Write down the answers to the questions. Check youranswers at TOEiC Gram Quiz 5 Review.101. You may find the appendix ________ the report on page 234, just after theconclusion.(A) at(B) on(C) during(D) to102. Because of the ________ value of the company, the recent actions of the boardwere applauded at the annual stockholders meeting.(A) increase(B) increased(C) it increased the(D) increasing by the103. No electrical appliances ________ in the lavatories at any time during the flight.(A) used(B) may use(C) may be using(D) may be used104. Mr. Sung does not believe that the solution ________ proposed is applicable toour current dilemma.(A) that has(B) that have(C) that(D) that you have105. All applicants __________ the job must have a graduate degree, three years ofprofessional work experience, and five recommendations.(A) for(B) in(C) on(D) atToeic Test Master Cdrom106. We thank you for your application, but feel that your talents may best lie________.(A) somewhere(B) elsewhere(C) anywhere
  2. 2. (D) everywhere107. Teletext Corporation is an equal opportunity employer and all interested peopleare _________ to apply.(A) encouraging(B) encouraged(C) being encouraging(D) having been encouraged108. Ms. Sanders appointment to the position was widely expected based on her________ qualifications.(A) imminent(B) eminent(C) preimminent(D) imitative109. In spite of the fact that the project _________ millions of dollars with no visibleresult, the foundation has agreed to apportion additional funds for the project.(A) has already consuming(B) has already been consumed(C) has already being consumed(D) was already consumed110. Before the house can be sold, it must be appraised to determine its market_________.(A) value(B) valuable(C) valuability(D) invaluable111. We appreciate the response of our readers to this survey and will try toimplement as many suggestions _________.(A) if possible(B) if possibility(C) as possible as(D) as possible112. Jack ________ an apprenticeship as an automobile mechanic at the FolsomToyota dealership.(A) is served(B) is serving(C) serving(D) serve
  3. 3. 113. President Jackson has asked ________ immediately apprised of any changes inthe current situation.(A) be(B) to have been(C) to be(D) to being114. The companys marketing approach needs to be revamped in order to keep intouch with todays buying ________.(A) public(B) publican(C) publicity(D) publisher115. The Office of Research and Development has received a budget appropriation of50 million dollars for ________.(A) the fiscal current year(B) fiscal, the current year(C) fiscal current, the year(D) the current fiscal year116. Final approval may not _________ in the foreseeable future due to the unsettledeconomic situation.(A) forthcome(B) being forthcoming(C) be forthcoming(D) have been forthcoming117. Approximately ten percent of the ________ is unemployed at any given time.(A) force work French(B) work French force(C) French force work(D) French work force118. The bankers _________ were not very apropos in light of recent developmentsin the banking system.(A) commendables(B) commentary(C) comments(D) commensurate
  4. 4. 119. Ms. Gonsalves aptitude for the job is obvious ________ of her coworkers andsupervisors.(A) for all(B) in all(C) to all(D) at all120. The union ________ an independent arbiter be chosen to settle the strike againstmanagement.(A) that has asked(B) has what asked(C) has asked that(D) which has asked that121. ________ in arbitrage, Jackson Lyman is widely sought after by most WallStreet firms.(A) Specializing(B) To specialize(C) His specialty(D) Special122. Both management and labor ________ to submit to binding arbitration to bringtheir problems to an end.(A) agrees(B) have agreed(C) have been agreed(D) is agreed123. Taking over a company ________ lost over a million dollars in each of the lastfive years is an arduous task.(A) who have(B) that it has(C) which has(D) it has124. In the arena of internet bookstores, ________ has achieved the success ofAmazon.(A) none is the entity(B) there is no entity(C) no entity that(D) no entity
  5. 5. 125. With no _________ in her personal job security, Melissa dramatically criticizedher supervisor in the company meeting.(A) interest(B) interested(C) interesting(D) interestinglyToeic Test Master Cdrom