Soal bahasa inggris toeic grammar 2


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Soal bahasa inggris toeic grammar 2

  1. 1. TOEIC Grammar Quiz 3TOEIC Grammar Quiz 3. Write down your answers. Check them at TOEICGram Quiz 3 Review.51. Last years ________ alumni fundraising drive raised over 100 million dollars foruniversity research projects.(A) annual(B) annually(C) annum(D) annuity52. As we look to put together this new company, we are seeking an amalgamation ofideas ________ incorporates different approaches.(A) in which(B) by which(C) through which(D) which53. Because of the firms amateurish approach to the project, the corporation decidedto terminate its ________.(A) relation(B) relative(C) relatively(D) relationship54. Maintaining a ________ economic ambassador to handle crises is an importantelement of any government.(A) rove(B) rover(C) roved(D) roving55. We regret ________ we are unable to sign the contract because of criticalambiguities in the fifth and sixth clauses.(A) that(B) what(C) which(D) who56. Creating desalinization projects to water the entire north African region is anambitious project ________ millions of dollars.(A) involve
  2. 2. (B) involved(C) involving(D) involvement57. Because Mr. Yang remains ambivalent about the position he has been offered, weare recommending ________ the offer.(A) withdraw(B) withdrawal(C) withdrawn(D) withdrawing58. We went to the meeting anticipating the usual agenda, ________ expecting to beambushed on our activities of last week.(A) no(B) none(C) not(D) nothing59. President Al-Khabar has expressed that he is ________ to the merger of the twocompanies.(A) amenity(B) amenable(C) amenably(D) amenability60. One of the amendments to the contract calls for the two companies to exchangeprogress reports on a biannual ________.(A) base(B) basic(C) based(D) basis61. _________ the amiable relationship between the two companies, the managementteams decided the time is not yet ripe for merger.(A) Despite(B) Even though(C) However(D) Although62. By amortizing our purchase of computers over the ________, we can write offmost of our tax liability.(A) next years five(B) five years next(C) years, next five
  3. 3. (D) next five years63. Due to the ________ demand for our new Palm computers, we will need to havean ample supply on hand.(A) expectant(B) expected(C) expecting(D) expectorantToeic Test Master Cdrom64. At the ________ meeting, you will be called on to amplify your statementsconcerning the future of the company.(A) bored(B) board(C) boarded(D) boarding65. In todays environment of e-commerce, companies ________ anachronisticpolicies will be left behind.(A) that pursue(B) that pursue its(C) they that pursue(D) they pursue66. Because of the similarities between the Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola companies,certain analogies about their management structure ________.(A) drawn(B) drawing(C) can be drawing(D) can be drawn67. Analyzing sales data is an important prerequisite to ordering ________ goods.(A) manufacture(B) manufacturer(C) manufactured(D) manufacturing68. The supervisors analysis of the problem in inter-departmental communication was________.(A) highly accurate(B) high accuracy(C) accurate of highness(D) an accurate height
  4. 4. 69. The duty of a financial analyst is to scrutinize money income and outflow________ a company more efficient.(A) orders making(B) in order to make(C) ordered making(D) on order made70. Ancillary responsibilities of your new job are listed in the employee handbook________ been given.(A) what you have(B) why you have(C) when you have(D) you have71. During the vice-chairwomans ________, she gave many anecdotes about heryears in the business.(A) speak(B) speech(C) speaking(D) spoken72. Corporations can not merely rely ________ anecdotal information but must alsopursue meticulous research.(A) in(B) about(C) on(D) among73. We should look at the problem from all possible angles ________ofenvironmental impact.(A) despite that(B) that(C) in that(D) including thatTOEIC TEST MASTER CDROM74. It is fair to say ________ such an increase in sales has never occurred in theannals of our company.(A) when(B) that(C) which
  5. 5. (D) although75. Thus far, all attempts by the city to annex the land adjacent to ours have ________futile.(A) proof(B) proving(C) proved(D) been proved