Soal bahasa inggris toeic grammar


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Soal bahasa inggris toeic grammar

  1. 1. TOEIC Grammar Quiz 1TAKE THIS TOEIC QUIZ. THERE ARE 25 QUESTIONS. WRITE DOWN YOURANSWERS. CHECK AND REVIEW YOUR ANSWERS AT TOEIC Gram Quiz 1Review.1. Our human resources department will help you acclimate to the San Francisco area__________ your arrival there.(A) when(B) while(C) upon(D) if2. For being the top ________ real estate saleswoman of the quarter, Susan Millerreceived the accolades of her manager(A) produce(B) production(C) produced(D) producing3. Your accommodations at the Pan-Pacific Hotel in Vancouver __________ beenconfirmed for two nights.(A) having(B) has(C) have(D) have to4. President Smiths ________ assistant will accompany her on her trip to New Yorkthis week.(A) executing(B) executive(C) execution(D) executable5. ________ John accomplished little as production supervisor,he was fired.(A) Even though(B) In spite of(C) While(D) Because6. It was quite an accomplishment to turn the company around in such ________.(A) time a short(B) short, a time(C) time a short(D) a short time
  2. 2. 7. Talks have broken off because the two companies have been unable ________ anaccord.(A) to reach(B) reaching(C) reach(D) they reached8. According to our records, your checking account is $123.00 ________ as of thismorning.(A) overdrawn(B) overdrawing(C) was overdrawn(D) to overdraw9. You ________ an accountant calculate your taxes and complete your return.(A) should let(B) can(C) could have been(D) might need10. Should you decide to take our money market ________ account, interest willaccrue at a rate of 4.5% per year.(A) to check(B) check(C) checking(D) checkedTOEIC TEST MASTER CDROM11. She has yet to achieve her goal ________ the company on sound financial footing.(A) by putting(B) with putting(C) of putting(D) on putting12. Williams ________ of accomplishment within the company is only exceeded byhis record of service to the community.(A) record(B) recorded(C) recording(D) records
  3. 3. 13. Pacific Gas and Electric refused to acknowledge receiving our letter ________complaint.(A) by(B) of(C) in(D) to14. Mr. Young is a business acquaintance whom I met at our annual convention________ year.(A) past(B) passed(C) prior(D) last15. Dutch Telecom is reportedly seeking to acquire VoiceStream Technologies for________ fifty billion dollars.(A) some(B) any(C) much(D) many16. AOLs acquisition of Time Warner was accomplished mainly as a result of sellingshares in ________ company.(A) their(B) its(C) its(D) theyre a17. As of Mr. Jones ________ from the company, Janet Jackson has been appointedacting head of the Trust Division.(A) dismissive(B) dismiss(C) dismissal(D) dismissed18. You may activate your credit card by calling 1-800-888-0002 at any ________ 24hours a day.(A) timing(B) times(C) time(D) timer19. According to actuarial calculations, the average male born in the United States has
  4. 4. a life ________ of 74 years.(A) expectation(B) expectancy(C) expecting(D) expect20. To become the CEO of a corporation, one must ________ extraordinary businessacumen and aggressive leadership skills.(A) possess(B) possessed(C) have possessing(D) have been possessed21. We cannot count on ________ changing their negotiating position because theirresponse to our latest offer was adamant.(A) they are(B) them(C) their(D) that they22. The addendum to the agreement has yet to be formulated but ________ crucialpoints which must be worded carefully.(A) include(B) includes(C) including(D) its including23. Please note that the address which is listed on our business card has been changed________ 512 Valencia Avenue.(A) in(B) on(C) by(D) to24. I would like to send this letter by ________ return receipt so that the addresseewill have to sign for it.(A) certify(B) certification(C) certifiable(D) certified25. ________ our program this afternoon, the meeting will be adjourned promptly at5:00 p.m.
  5. 5. (A) In accordance by(B) To accord with(C) According to(D) Accord in