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39 Twiiter quotest that will change da way you think about Twitter
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39 Twiiter quotest that will change da way you think about Twitter


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. 39 Twitter Quotes ThatWill Change Your Lifeor @ least change the way you think about Twitter!
  • 2. @competewe started tweeting back in 2007 tospread the word about Compete & now, here we are, thinking even further about how Twitter can amplify a single message
  • 3. “There is noshortcut tobuilding a […]community. Youhave to workhard and createyourown movementone reader at atime.”@markwschaefer
  • 4. “When you’ve got 5 minutes to fill, Twitter is a great way to fill 35 minutes.” @mattcutts
  • 5. “You are notbelievable until someone elseendorses you.” @pdmclean
  • 6. “A creative idea plus a fresh network is the best way to go from zero to millions.” @peretti #ignition2011
  • 7. “Its harder to create an original tweet than it is toretweet. Its harder to find metaphor than it is towork through a to do list. Hard work, true. But worthit.”@thisissethsblog
  • 8. “There’s no short-cut. The only viable and legitimate method to begin to attract targeted followers is to find them, follow them, and hope they follow you back.”@markwschaefer
  • 9. “On Twitter, you can be a musician or a radio station - create themusic yourself or filter the best for your listeners.” @iamerickeating
  • 10. “With Twitter,it’s power is inits simplicity.” @willfrancis
  • 11. “You dont have tospeakmonosyllables tobe simple. Whatwe mean bysimple is findingthe core of theidea.”@heathbrothers
  • 12. “While face-to-face is just as important as it everwas, now that we’ve got all kinds of new tools let us tighten bonds in between those in-person moments.” @chrisbrogan
  • 13. “Social is a core human behavior,not a destination.” @christianism #adtech
  • 14. “On Twitter, you get 140 characters to be worth paying attention to, nomatter who (or what) you are.” @graemem
  • 15. “There’s more value in messages shared publicly because more opportunities arise. A kind of social alchemy takes place when aseemingly valueless message finds its way to someone for whom it strikes a chord.” @toomuchnick
  • 16. “Given a limit of140 characters,people consistentlyreaffirm thatcreativity is arenewableresource.”@biz
  • 17. “Platforms will change & shift. What goes in them are stories. Invest in great storytelling” @wnd
  • 18. “The biggestmistake we seecompaniesmake whenthey first hitTwitter is tothink about itas a channel topush outinformation.”@sarahm@timoreilly
  • 19. “We live in a world where engagementwith your consumer is critical. The one-to- many paradigm is gone. Are you prepared?” @iProspect
  • 20. “The internet hasturned what used tobe a controlled, one-way message into a real-time dialogue with millions” @daniellesacks
  • 21. “Listen and observewhat consumers arereally doing, andchallenge traditionalthinking.”@readmark
  • 22. “The key development with Twitter ishow weve jury- rigged the system to do things that its creators never dreamed of.”@stevenbjohnson
  • 23. “There are a few core values for social media at Zappos: transparency, authenticity, andvalue. The audience wants to see them with their guarddown - they want toknow who is behind the computer answering their question or taking their order.” @nichole_kelly
  • 24. “Conversations aren’t artificialor unnatural. They’re just good business.” @pgillin
  • 25. “Today thanks to social media, happy customers andunhappy customers can tell thousands of people their feelings about a company’s service or products with just a few clicks.” @davekerpen
  • 26. “We dont think it at all moronic to start a phone call with a friend by asking how her day is going. Twitter gives you the same information without your evenhaving to ask. Breakfast-status updates turned out to be more interesting than we thought.” @stevenbjohnson
  • 27. “It’s not just about consuming content, but sharing it, passing it on, and adding to it.” @ariannahuff
  • 28. “In order to improve the conversation with consumers, you need the right tools which help youunderstand consumers and how data points drive outcomes.” @mkatz_iC
  • 29. “Our brand really stays engaged by learning and doingresearch. It means really understanding how fansconnect with us, so we can then continue to connect withthem.” @mdavis2
  • 30. “If you want to build apresence in the social media platform, thenyou need to be present.”@unmarketing
  • 31. “Companieshave a choiceon whether or not they dosocial media; the choice ishow well they do it” @equalman
  • 32. “People embraced social media becausecommunicating makes people happy, it’s what we do. It’s why we carved pictures into rocks. It’s why we used smoke signals. It’s why ink won. And if someone ever develops a tool that allows us to communicatetelepathically, we’ll be all over that, too.” @garyvee
  • 33. “I use Twitter to connect to things I care about. Its fortopics and ideas, and for connecting with people I know and dont know. Twitter is for staying informed about whats happening in the world, and in my world specifically.” @adambain
  • 34. “Digital means that it is really hard to pretend. If you have a story and you don’t believe in it or it isn’t true, it gets found out. Whereas if you dobelieve it and live it and it is genuine, then that comes through.” @jetsetdrew
  • 35. “If you do not have greatcontent it does not matter at all how you deliver it.” @unmarketing
  • 36. “Not only does everyone in socialmedia have a unique presence, but that everyone can have a unique experience.” @schneidermike
  • 37. “Twitter Culture is key to winning in a digitally enabled world.” @charliehiscocks
  • 38. “The nice thing aboutTwitter is thearchitecture ofvisibility. Email isinvisible unless youreach out to someonedirectly. With Twitter,anyone can followyou.” @timoreilly
  • 39. “Simply shouting instructions to visit another cocktail party/water cooler/building/your-metaphor-of-choice-here will lead to youending up ignored, standing in a corner and telling yourself that this new link is really, really worth reading—really.”@graemem
  • 40. “Even social media needs brand management” @jbell99
  • 41. “Twitter is not a technology. It’s aconversation. And it’s happening with or without you.” @ charleneli
  • 42. Want to learn moreabout what Compete does? contact or call 617-933-5600
  • 43. Who’s in Here?@markwschaefer @christianism Chieftain of social blog {grow} Googles head of social advertising products@mattcutts @graemem Head of Google’s Webspam team Freelance writer and culture critic@pdmclean @toomuchnick VP, Digital at Capital One Author of Twitter Wit@peretti @biz Co-founder buzzfeed Co-founder of Twitter@thisissethsblog @wnd Entrepreneur, author and public speaker VP of Integrated Marketing and@markwschaefer Communications at Coca-Cola Chieftain of social blog {grow} @sarahm@iamerickeating Co-author of the Twitter bookOnline Marketing & Analytics Manager, @timoreilly Co-author of the Twitter book@willfrancis @ericsalama Co-founder of Harkable CEO of kantar@heathbrothers @iProspect Authors of Made to Stick Digital performance company@chrisbrogan @daniellesacks President of New Market Labs Senior writer at Fast Company Magazine
  • 44. @readmark @equalman CEO WPP digital Author of Socialnomics@stevenbjohnson @garyvee Author Author of the thank you economy@nichole_kelly @adambain Social Media Measurement Coach and Chief revenue Officer at Twitter Speaker. @jetsetdrew@pgillin CEO of Speaker, writer and social media marketing @unmarketing strategist Book on Viral, Social, and Authentic Marketing@davekerpen @schneidermike CEO @LikeableMedia SVP Digital Incubator @allengerritsen@stevenbjohnson @charliehiscocks Author Director of Brand Communication at SABMiller@ariannhuff @timoreilly President and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Founder and CEO, OReilly Media Post media group @graemem@mkatz_iC Freelance writer and culture critic CEO of interclick @jbell99@mdavis2 Managing Director, Ogilvy VP of Marketing, ESPN @charleneli@unmarketing Co-author Groundswell Book on Viral, Social, and Authentic Marketing