Space 2… Buy Encouraging Local Entrepreneurship by Northumbria University
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Space 2… Buy Encouraging Local Entrepreneurship by Northumbria University

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  • 1. Space 2… BuyEncouraging Local Entrepreneurshipmore on: Northumbria University; Design Disruption GroupMain Partners: Newcastle YMCA, Eldon Gardens Shopping CentreFunders: Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF)Place: Newcastle-upon-TyneKeywords: community-based enterprises; social enterprises
  • 2. Context: The Space 2… Buy “Pop Up” Shop was part of a widerSpace 2… initiative, run with Newcastle YMCA who have beenworking with a range of businesses in Newcastle City Centre tohelp tackle the mounting crisis of youth unemployment in theregion.
  • 3. Click on the icon below to insert one ormore images showing the project…(of people, objects and places)Add text below to summarise the startingconcept and strategy, how did theproject develop? what were some of thekey outputs and outcomes?Project Response:The key objective of the project was to encourage moreentrepreneurship in Newcastle and inspire young people to createtheir own opportunities through design. Each participant created10 identical products for no more than £20 and then sold them inthe Space 2… Buy “Pop Up” Shop. 20% of all profits made went toNewcastle YMCA and the remainder went to the creator.
  • 4. Actor Profile: Northumbria University, Faculty of Arts, Designand Social Sciences Students and StaffOver 100 staff and students from the Faculty of Arts, Design andSocial Sciences created over 200 unique products for sale in theSpace 2… Buy “Pop Up” Shop. This “real world” project gavestudents (and staff) valuable experience into how tocommercialise their design ideas.
  • 5. Actor Profile: Newcastle YMCAYMCA staff have gained confidence and motivation to thinkdifferently about their work and turn small ideas into real beneficialchange. Also, the Space 2… Buy “Pop Up” Shop initiative hasshown them how they can generate revenue that will make theircharity more sustainable.
  • 6. Actor Profile: Eldon Gardens Shopping CentreThe “Pop Up” Shop was received with great interest from theEldon Gardens customers and the challenge was of real benefit toboth the designers and customers alike. Eldon Gardens havesuggested working on similar projects with Northumbria Universityin the future.
  • 7. The Space 2… Buy “Pop Up” Shop opened for 4 days in EldonGardens, Newcastle. Over 100 participants from NorthumbriaUniversity and Newcastle YMCA created 10 identical products for nomore than £20. At the end of 4 days, we made over £1500 profit anddonated 20% to Newcastle YMCA.
  • 8. Tools and Methods:Participants brought their own personal approach to this project.Many of them untapped highly creative and entrepreneurial skills theynever knew they had. Northumbria University Faculty of Arts, Designand Social Sciences helped support many of the projects realisedthrough careful and supportive mentoring as well as access tomanufacturing processes and techniques.
  • 9. Role of Design:Design played a huge role in this project. By designing and making10 relatively simple identical objects, over 100 participants showedthat profit can be made in only 4 days. Design, therefore, has shownthat it can re-energise communities and support greater levels ofentrepreneurship in communities.
  • 10. Project Output and Impact:Over 100 contributors.Over 200 individual products sold.Over £1500 profit made in only 4 days.Over 300 visitors to the “Pop Up” Shop every hour.Newcastle YMCA “delighted”.Eldon Gardens Shopping Centre “ecstatic”.
  • 11. Learning outcomes:The key learning outcomes:• Deep insight into “real world” commercial opportunities.• Working with other collaborators, negotiating and communicating.• Designing and market testing original ideas.• Ease or difficulty in selling your design ideas to others.• Managing a tight budget.• How to make a profit.
  • 12. Successes and Shortcomings:Engagement with collaborators YMCA and Eldon Gardens a hugesuccess.Visitor numbers and profit made a huge success.An excellent experience for all involved.Significant logistical issues involved (e.g. lost stock, TradingStandards, etc…)Key enablers were all the participants involved (i.e. NorthumbriaUniversity, Newcastle YMCA, and Eldon Gardens, Newcastle).