50+ PROJECT, By Richard Elphick, Camden Council


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  • Partnership of 5 local VCS organisations (Abbey Community Centre, Age UK Camden, Castlehaven Community Centre, Holy Cross Centre Trust and North London Cares
  • 50+ PROJECT, By Richard Elphick, Camden Council

    1. 1. Main Partners: Ourcamden Funders: Camden Council Place: Camden Main Partners: Ourcamden Funders: Camden Council Place: Camden Community building; social enterprise Community building; social enterprise 50+ project 50+ project Support people to live well for longer Support people to live well for longer
    2. 2. Problem: We have an ageing population, we have creaking statutory services, we want to support people to stay well for longer… but we also have less money.
    3. 3. Click on the icon below to insert one or more images showing the project… (of people, objects and places) Add text below to summarise the starting concept and strategy, how did the project develop? what were some of the key outputs and outcomes? We need a new offer, that opens up Camden to older people, that offers stuff that people want (to buy) and that will ultimately become self financing.
    4. 4. How we did it: market engagement • Outlined the challenge in a Market Position Statement – • Desire for an aspirational offer • Council as an investor £300k over 3 years • Focused on outcomes and behaviours • Can’t look like a Council service • Talked to providers, not once, but several times • Got providers to talk to older people • Asked if it was possible – reconsidered the challenge • Met providers 1-1 – focus on finances, partnerships and scalability
    5. 5. How we did it: procurement • Questioned established ways of doing things • No one disqualified based on size / experience • No specification • No price / quality trade off • 3 step process • Submit a business plan (focus on social impact and sustainability) • Presentation to older people about the offer • Presentation to officers about working in partnership • 7 bids received – lots of innovation, different models, focus on outcomes. Less good at developing a sustainable offer… except for one
    6. 6. Being a member will mean………. • Deals with Camden Businesses to make it cheaper to shop, go out and look after yourself • Access to a full Calendar of Events- a third included in the price of membership- creating experiences to remember and friendships forever • Access to Practical Services for help around the home and garden • A range of opportunities to learn new skills & hear new ideas in the KnowHow Shop • Access to our online platform with more offers, our own dating service and a whole load more. www.ourcamden.org
    7. 7. • Focus on impact • Design collaboration into the process • If you want to achieve something ambitious, behave ambitiously • But, lots still to learn. How will people want to engage and how will we take this to scale? How can we show impact without intruding? How can we utilise the Council’s skills and networks, without becoming “servicy”?
    8. 8. Richard Elphick – Market Development Officer Richard.elphick@camden.gov.uk 020 7974 8545