The new covenant
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The new covenant






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The new covenant The new covenant Document Transcript

  • THE NEW COVENANT .The power of the new covenant !The new covenant is based on a strong and powerful knowledge of GOD. So we have to do what thiscovenant is about to tell us !It is not a simple fact when the bible says confess with your mouths yourwill be saved !It is truth ,when you confess ,you convince yourself and when you are convinced youact !So without a lot of practice you reached the goal!Romans 10:9The new covenant is bigger than the old one!JESUS used to says a bad tree produces bad fruit! This is a big word in the new covenant even if ,it isnot well known! It is the beginning of the new covenant in the transformation!Mat 7:18We born sinner ,as soon as we are not transformed ,we practice sin and we can’t do anything betterbefore GOD! Don’t get confused when you do righteous thing even Nicodem a powerful Jew wasasked to born again! John 1:3)!We cannot make good fruit unless we are good tree and we are born in THE HOLY SPIRIT ;So the oldcovenant cannot give you the Heaven Kingdom but the new will! Hebrews 8:7
  • JESUS blood.OUR LORD’s blood opened to us a door which lead to GOD! No matter how sinner we are JESUScleans us from sin ,not ourselves ; for we cannot do it by ourselves! We have to believe that JESUSwill do it for us !The transformation is done by THE HOLY SPIRIT provides we are born in The baptism of HIM and webelieved in the gospel of CHRIST!Watch therefore!After borning again you receive a seed that is inside you ,like a fire! But that fire needs woods(Theword of GOD) ,oxygen(THE HOLY SPIRIT) and methods of adding more or removing some when it isrequired by GOD (meditation)!Pray so that THE HOLY SPIRIT may gives you the power you need ,read The Word of GOD to knowmore about GOD and keep your relation with GOD !Learn to JESUS ,He prayed each morning beforedoing anything !Jeremiah 31:31-34; Ezekiel 11:19-21; Ezekiel 36:27GOD bless you ,may we meet in Heaven!