Eventbrite Data Platform Talk foir SFDM
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Eventbrite Data Platform Talk foir SFDM



Slides for Eventbrite's data platform talk at SF data mining meetup.

Slides for Eventbrite's data platform talk at SF data mining meetup.



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Eventbrite Data Platform Talk foir SFDM Eventbrite Data Platform Talk foir SFDM Presentation Transcript

  • Data PlatformVipul Sharma – vipul@eventbrite.com
  • A social event ticketing and discovery platform
  • $1B total sales 68M tickets sold 1.4M events hosted.5M organizers served23M attendees served 12 countries
  • Post Event ConceptionOrganization Event Lifecycle Creation Sale Discovery
  • Frictionless is the mantra!
  • Data Platform and Discovery
  • • SearchDiscovery • Recommendation • Social • Data warehouse and MetricsAnalytics • Internal and External reporting • Real Time and Batch Analytics Abuse • Spam • FraudPrevention • TOS
  • Analytics • Add–Hoc queries by Analysts
  • Fraud and Spam
  • Data Platform
  • Hadoop Cluster• 30 persistent EC2 High-Memory Instances• 30TB disk with replication factor of 2, ext3 formatted• CDH3• Fair Scheduler• HBase
  • Infrastructure• Search • Solr • Incremental updates towards event driven• Recommendation/Graph • Hadoop • Native Java MapReduce • Bash for workflow• Social • Cassandra • Denormalizedvview• Persistence • MySql • HDFS • HBase • MongoDB (Moving to Cassandra)
  • Infrastructure• Stream • RabbitMQ • Internal Fire hose • Storm• Offline • MapRedude • Streaming • Hive • Hue
  • DiscoverySocial, Interest, Local
  • Attendees EventsOrganizers
  • Categorization - Prism Tech Conference Music Sports
  • Prism - Features• Supervised Learning• Logistic Regression using MLE• Pair wise classification into 20 categories• High precision lower recall• Use mapreduce for feature extraction• Use for clustering as well
  • Prism – Training Data• Binary classification for each category• Training data needed for positive and negative • Conference and not Conference • Sports and not Sports• Samasource and Crowdflower• Stem words to create initial set• Positive, negative, negative with stem words
  • Prism - Features• Convert Event and Organizer data in feature vector• Event details, Organizer details, Ticket details• Boolean representation of predefined attributes • Words – tf-idf, dictonaries • Phrases • Domains • Rules – regular expression • Functions – business logic e.g. ticket price between $10-$20 • Compounds – boolean combination of features & and || rules – <COMPOUND1>:techcrunch& disrupt &techcrunch.com – <COMPOUND2>:COMPOUND2 && after && party
  • Prism - Features• Each feature is represented in various context • Event Title, Event Description, Organizer Title, Organizer Description• Each feature has meta info – Termclass • <LANG_EN>, <CONF_LANG_EN>,<ADULT_LANG_EN> • <SPORTS_LANG_EN>:<EVENT_TITLE>ball• Feature vector is represented as sparse vector+1 391158:1 401814:1 410526:1 411489:1 411606:2 413910:1 427659:1 438369:1 449735:1 449736:2 455478:1 456741:1 463188:1693|||||warrior spirits 3rd annual fundraising auction|||||1:<DESC>again,1:<NAME>annual,1:<DESC>annu al,2:<DESC>approaching,2:<NAME>auction,4:<DESC>auctio n,2:<DESC>auctions,2:<DESC>bring
  • Prism - Training• Binary classifier• Multiclass less accurate• Each event get classified into 20 category• MapReduce for creating sparse matrix• MapReduce for batch classification • Distributed cache for feature set and models• We can use same sparse matrix for clustering
  • Attendee• What your interests are? - Prism• Who your friends are? – Explicit and Implicit• What are the interests of your friends? - Prism• Which of your friend have your interests? – IBG• Location of users and events • Purchase events location • Facebook location • Our database • Other signals – ip, mobile app etc
  • You will like to attend this event
  • Recommendation Engines Interest Graph Based Social Graph Based (Your (Your friends who friends like Lady like rock music Collaborative Gaga so you will like you are Filtering – Item- like Lady Gaga, attending Eric Item similarity PYMK – Facebook, Clapton Event– Linkedin) Eventbrite) Collaborative (You like Filtering – User- Godfather so you User Similarity will like Scarface - Netflix) (People who Item bought camera Hierarchy also bought batteries - (You bought Amazon) camera so you need batteries - Amazon)
  • Why Interest? Events are Social Events are InterestDense Graph is Irrelevant Interest are Changing
  • How do we know your Interest?• We ask you• Based on your activity • Events Attended • Events Browsed (In Future)• Facebook Interests • User Interest has to match Event category • Static• Prism
  • Model Based vs Clustering Item-Item vs User-User Building Social Graph is Clustering StepSocial Graph Recommendation is a Ranking Problem
  • Implicit Social Graph U1 E1 E4 U2 U3 E2 E3 U4 U5
  • Mixed Social Graph U1 E1 U2 U3 E2 E3 FB U4 U5 LI
  • 23M * 260 * 260 = 1.5 Trillion Edges 6 Billion edges ranked Each node is a feature vector representing a UserEach edge is a feature vector representing a Relationship
  • Feature Generation• Mixed Features• A series of map-reduce jobs• Output on HDFS in flat files; Input to subsequent jobs• Orders = Event  Attendees • MAP: eid: uid • REDUCE: eid:[uid]• Attendees  Social Graph • Input: eid:[uid] • MAP: uidi:[uid] • REDUCE: uid:[neighbors]• Interest based features, user specific, graph mining etc• Upload feature values to HBase
  • HBase• Why Hbase? • To process 6B edges lookup features for each node and each edge • 6B/1000 /86400 = 70 days!! • 1M/sec = 1.5 hrs • Processing 1.3 TB of data with mapreduce• Collect data from multiple Map Reduce jobs • Stores entire social graph • Features for each node and edge
  • Data Model Rowkey U UUuid1 f1 f2 f3 uid2:f4 uid2:f5 uid3:f4rowid neighbors events featureX2718282 101 3 0.3678795rowid 314159:n 314159:e 314159:fx 161803:n 161803:e 161803:fx2718282 31 1 0.3183 83 2 0.618
  • U1U2 U3
  • HBase
  • Hadoop Tips & Tricks• Joins • Distributed cache • Hive map side joins• Hive • Nice set of statistical functions • Lots of hive queries• Hbase • Lots of memory • WAL • LZO • Proper configs • Avoid hot regioservers
  • Hadoop tips & tricks• Combiners did not work• Shuffle and Merge
  • More Innovation• Rethink everything• Add social to search• Add time series features• Real time updates using firehose and storm• Various sorts of data
  • Developers! Developers! Developers!• Interested in scaling, messaging, data, machine learning, mobile, services• We will continue to push the boundaries of hard problems• jobs@eventbrite.com• vipul@eventbrite.com
  • Storm at EventbriteTuesday August 21, 2012 at Eventbrite HQHow we are using Storm for real time processing of our datahttp://www.eventbrite.com/event/4010290888 Andrew Whangwhang@eventbrite.co m
  • Questions?