School absenteeism surveillance report


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School absenteeism surveillance report

  1. 1. School AbsenteeismSurveillance Report Participation and Results
  2. 2. It is very easyto enter data.” Goals — Testimonial from a School Nurse/Daily User • Keep students and staff healthy.81% of surveyedusers agree... The Absenteeism SystemI like using an The DuPage County Health Department (DCHD)online system for Daily Influenza-like Illness (ILI) Absenteeismreporting my data.” Reporting System was developed in 2009 as part of county-wide enhanced surveillance for influenza. and... It expanded the previously established, weekly absenteeism reporting that had been conductedI like having access for several years to include symptom-specificto public health absenteeism in students and staff that could beinformation from reported directly to the health department in real-timeDCHD using the using a web-based interface.web portal.” Benefits Big Picture• Situational awareness DCHD analyzes ILI information from the schools, in conjunction• Timely reporting with information from other sources, to understand the ILI• Outbreak investigation situation throughout DuPage County as a whole. Health and response department staff also monitor systems with chief complaint• Geographic distribution data from emergency departments at local hospitals, over-the-• Monitoring influenza counter medication sales data from local retail pharmacies, activity ILI information from sentinel outpatient providers, and case• Control response information for influenza intensive care unit hospitalizations, deaths in children <18 years of age due to influenza, and• Decision support patients infected with novel influenza strains. This information• Evaluate interventions is summarized in DCHD’s influenza report, which is published• Schools can generate weekly every October until the following May. their own reports
  3. 3. Daily Percent of School Absences in DuPage County, 8/31/2009-5/28/2010 10.0 Total Absent Absent due to influenza-like illness 9.0 8.0 Percent Absent 7.0 6.0 5.0• 4.0 Keep schools 3.0 open and 2.0 1.0 operational. 0.0 Date Daily Percent of School Absences in DuPage County, 2.5 August 31-February 1 (2009-2012) Improvements ILI Absenteeism 2009-2010 ILI Absenteeism 2010-2011 ILI Absenteeism 2011-2012 2.0 During the summer of 2011, DCHD partnered with a web Percent Absent 1.5 developer to improve the absenteeism system. Users 1.0 are now able to update their Daily Percent of School Absences in DuPage County, 8/31/2009-5/28/2010 own account information, Absent due to influenza-like illness password. including their 10.00.5 Total Absent 9.0 8.0 They can also alter and 0.0 resubmit entries for previous Percent Absent 7.0 6.0 Dateschool days, if necessary. 5.0 An extensive User’s Manual 4.0 3.0 has also been added to the 2.0 site to explain these and [Type text] other features. 1.0 County-level Report March 8, 2012 0.0 DateIf You Report:DCHD would like to thank Daily Percent of School Absences in DuPage County, August 31-February 1 (2009-2012)the schools and districts 2.5 ILI Absenteeism 2009-2010 ILI Absenteeism 2010-2011 ILI Absenteeism 2011-2012that utilize the dailyabsenteeism reporting 2.0 Percent Absentsystem for your cooperation 1.5in providing us with yourdata. Schools that have yet 1.0to register with the systemare encouraged to do so, 0.5and can contact DCHDstaff with any questions or 0.0concerns. Date
  4. 4. How It Works• Users log on to the system to enter and update daily absenteeism information.• At least once a day, DCHD staff review the data for any trends that may indicate unusual levels of illness.• If irregularities are identified, DCHD staff contact the school to gather additional information to assess the situation and offer assistance as needed.• School and district staff members and administrators can also create reports in the system that summarize the absenteeism trends in students or staff for total and ILI-specific absenteeism.To Register: Additional Resources Our weekly influenza report is located atVisit Illinois Department of Public Health Seasonal Influenza and Surveillance reports are located atclick “Register” to begin reporting. U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention SeasonalCall the Communicable Disease Influenza Surveillance reports are located atand Epidemiology program with any at (630) 221-7553. 3-19-2012 111 N County Farm Rd. • Wheaton, Illinois 60187 (630) 682-7400 •