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Illinois youth survey pdf placement

  1. 1. Illinois YouthSURVEY (IYS)
  2. 2. Illinois YouthWhat is SURVEYIYS?The Illinois Youth What important topics are addressed on the IYS?Survey (IYS) is a self- • Alcohol, tobacco, and other drug usereported adolescent • Beliefs about drug usesurvey administratedin Illinois schools and • Health and nutritional behaviorsfunded entirely by the • Feelings about school environment and relationshipsIllinois Department • Social and emotional supportof Human Services(IDHS) biennially since1990. It’s designed What is the goal? • Supply a sufficient amount of local data to schoolsto gather information and school districts that will enable schools to establish about a variety of health baseline data to monitor improvement as well as support and social indicators required for funding opportunities.including substance use • Provide a scientific estimate of health and social indicatorspatterns and attitudes of for your school. The scientific estimate is based on drawing aIllinois youth that directly random sample to represent the population of 6th, 8th, 10thimpact their ability to and 12th graders in DuPage County. learn and succeed. What are the benefits? Each participating school is eligible to receive a report specific to their own students’ responses. These reports provide critical information to school administrators. School administrators, in turn, can choose to share this information with prevention professionals, school support personnel, and/or community health organizations as they work to address a variety of health and social issues in their communities. The information provided from the school-specific reports can serve as baseline data to use as schools monitor progress in the important areas of: school climate, academic performance, and overall health. It can also provide school officials with data needed to address the increasing concerns of parents and community members around substance use among teens in DuPage County.
  3. 3. How do schools and community partners use IYS data?Why is the data important to schools and community The Illinois Youth Surveyhealth organizations? (IYS) provides the DuPage County Health DepartmentData can also be used to determine the effectiveness of schools’ current (DCHD) with valuableinterventions as well as to design, fund and implement preventionprograming that is specifically tailored to meet an individual school’s county-level data regardingneeds. Data provided from the survey can be used to monitor progress, risk behaviors that impactas well as to support efforts to bring additional resources to the schools. the health of adolescents. Schools can also compare their data to county and state IYS data. This county-level data is one of the few resourcesAre the IYS data results confidential? that allows the DCHD to• The identity of the youth who participate is not collected. develop strategic plans• The school report is only shared with that school administrator. to maintain, improve and monitor the health statusWhat happens with the IYS data? of youth in our county• An individual school report is generated and sent solely to the over time. The survey is school approximately 4 to 6 weeks after surveying is completed. If scientifically validated and there are less than 10 students at any participating grade, no school is offered to the schools results can be generated for that grade. at no charge. DCHD is• County-level reports are made available if at least two school working with the Behavioral districts participate at any grade level within a given county so as to Health Collaborative and maintain school confidentiality. the FORWARD Obesity Prevention Coalition toWhat is the cost? increase the number ofThe survey is available to all public and private schools in DuPage schools participating in IYSCounty at no cost when implemented during the statewide surveying 2012. This data will provideyears. a rich resource to inform our county-wide preventionHow is the survey administered? initiatives, and will provide• Online schools with data to use• Paper and pencil format in their on-going efforts to• The survey can be completed in one class period of 30-45 minutes. meet the changing needs of students.
  4. 4. How can the DuPage County For more information call: Christina LePage, Health Department help your Population Health Manager (630) 221-7532 school? • Support to help your school develop a plan to participate in IYS 2012 • Support to register your school for IYS 2012 • A limited number of volunteers to administer the survey to your students • Access to a webinar designed to inform schools about ways they can analyze/ use their IYS dataWhat language format is the survey available in?• The survey is available in English and Spanish.How do you register?• Online at• Calling (888) 333-5612 and ask for an IYS CoordinatorWhen do you need to register and administer thesurvey by?• Registration deadline is April 15, 2012• Test administration deadline is May 15, 2012All compiled data will remain completely anonymous unless youchoose to share it. Data from individual schools will not be identifiedunless the school explicitly provides permission.Can I add questions so that I don’t have to do twodifferent surveys?Yes, the IYS survey allows for individual schools to add up to 30additional questions. • If assistance is needed in determining or locating questions that have been scientifically validated, contact the Center for Prevention Research and Development (CPRD) or the IYS Coordinator at (888) 333-5612. 111 N County Farm Rd. • Wheaton, Illinois 60187 (630) 682-7400 •