What it means to be an Internet of Things startup


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Talk given at the M2M/IOT track of the Digital Services conference on June 19th 2013 in London.

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What it means to be an Internet of Things startup

  1. 1. What  does    it  means  to  be  an  iot  startup?    Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino@iotwatchalex@goodnightlamp.com
  2. 2. Tinker London2007-2010Good Night LampMarch 2012First UK distributor of the Arduino R&D projects for corporatesA family of internet-connectedlamps.IDII2004-2006
  3. 3. #iot    The internet of things can be looselydefined as:1. what happens when weembed connectivity in everyday objects.2. what happens when those objectsare designed with an understandingof the affordances of the web.
  4. 4. #iot  &  startups    There  are  2  ways  of  reading  the  current  situation.  
  5. 5. Categories  
  6. 6. tinyurl.com/iotmap13Maps  
  7. 7. the  shape  of  the  conversation  Hardware(open/closed)Connectivity(wifi, zigbee/radio, GSM)Battery lifeStandardsPrivacySecurityInsertstartupshere
  8. 8. StartupsConsumerGoodsProducts  as  part  of  an  ecology.  
  9. 9. 4  types  of  startups  1. Kickstarter-addicts2. Bootstrapping consultancies3. Incubator babies4. Corporate partnerships
  10. 10. Kickstarter-­‐addicts  Crowd-funding is being used to test thetechno-centric early-adopters.Repeatedly.A mix of agencies & industrial designerswho have been around the block.
  11. 11. Mint DigitalReaDIYmate & Telesound
  12. 12. …formerly of Nabaztag
  13. 13. Bootstrapping  People doing consultancy work to powerinternet of things products. BERGcloud Good Night Lamp
  14. 14. Incubator  babies  
  15. 15. (Psst. Same people behind both programs)
  16. 16. Corporate  partnerships  Bosch GE & Quirky
  17. 17. What’s  missing?    Traditional  funding.  Telcos  need    to  connect  the  dots.    Telco  thingcubator  anyone?  (I  have  the  url  for  another  2  weeks)  
  18. 18. Thanks.  Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino@iotwatchalex@goodnightlamp.com