New economies of innovation


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Presentation for LIFT Marseille on June 19th 2009.

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New economies of innovation

  1. 1. The new economy of innovation How thinking small got big Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino CEO & Co-Founder of! LIFT Marseille Vendredi 19 Juillet 2009
  2. 2.! Design studio in London & Milan Physical computing Interactive products & installations
  3. 3. Massimo Banzi CTO of! Co-Founder of the Arduino platform
  4. 4. Results: 1,520,000 for Arduino (0.07 seconds)
  5. 5. Arduino Cheap & open-source platform to learn electronics Sold around the world (60k units) Developed in 2005 in Italy
  6. 6. Day 1 Breadboard, components, mess Project by Andy Huntington
  7. 7. Day 50 Fit for purpose Project by Shawn Bonkowski & Mike Albers
  8. 8. Track your cat with RFID CaTaLog
  9. 9. Track if your plants need watering CaTaLog
  10. 10. Tell the world your baby is kicking Kickbee
  11. 11. Check how much energy you use Ambient Orb & Current Cost meter hack, Nick O’Leary
  12. 12. The Arduino ecology Other platforms (x)uino Education Publications
  13. 13. A new conversation... Public engagement New applications of technology New ways of doing r&d New scales of innovation
  14. 14. The situation Acme Corporation®
  15. 15. We should Let me ask Let’s have make the design a meeting Ax1 >> department >> Ok send the Hmm, that’s Let’s have specs to the not really what a meeting engineering >> we asked for >> & establish department. requirements Let’s email Let’s get this That just cost them a >> prototyped with >> €10K document the CNC machine
  16. 16. The situation John Doe // Michel Dupont
  17. 17. I want I spend Let me Google to make >> that for you >> some € Ax1 I make a I post it on I link to prototype >> my blog >> it on Twitter Make blog 10 people links to it >> want to buy it >> Now what?
  18. 18. New manufacturing models? Less than 1K units is hard Conversations are difficult From prototype to production-ready
  19. 19. New production models? FabLabs Techshop RepRap Makerbot Former industrial nations?
  20. 20. New product challenges? Designer / Engineer relations New product design visions New product design professionals
  21. 21. New financial models? We’re in a recession Beyond banks, angels & VC? Smaller yet global audiences
  22. 22. Sustainability challenges Small production is still production. Electronics in everything! Responsible design is hard
  23. 23. New models of ownership Open source Troubleshooting & support History & Legacy
  24. 24. New market expectations Managing demand and supply Beyond the geek community New language
  25. 25. The point Rethinking how innovation happens Supporting small businesses Shared innovation models Funding for small projects Reboot local production
  26. 26. Merci à LIFT! Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino LIFT Marseille 2009
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