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Networking interview questions
Networking interview questions
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Networking interview questions


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Interview questions on networking basics

Interview questions on networking basics

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  • 1. 1. What is the destination mac-address of an ARP request frame Broadcast2. Is ARP used on a PPP link No3. What type of packet is a DHCP Discover packet DHCP Discover is a layer 3 broadcast packets with destination IP address, What is an IP Helper address feature and why is it required in a DHCP environment DHCP Discover packets are broadcast packets. This means that a DHCP Discover packet which is sent from the client would not reach the DHCP Server, if the server resides on a different network. This is because, routers are required for communication between different networks and routers do not forward broadcast packets. The IP Helper address feature is configured on the router. The feature informs the router the DHCP Servers IP address for the network. So, when the router receives the DHCP Discover packet, it would convert it from broadcast to unicast packet and then send it to the DHCP Server.5. If a computer is configured with a default gateway address, should the same address be used as the DNS server IP address It is not mandatory. The DNS server IP address can be any value provided the computer has access to it.6. What happens when you ping a DNS server IP address A response to the ping is sent by the DNS server IP address.7. How much data can be send in a Single FTP session The amount of data which can be send is infinite. FTP uses TCP. The TCP channel can be used until the complete data is transferred. Multiple TCP segments can be used within the same TCP channel.8. A user logs into a HTTPS based form on a website with his username and password. Would the username or password be encrypted during the session
  • 2. Both the username and password would be encrypted in a HTTPS based communication. 9. Would the authentication between a HTTPS Web client and a Web Server be successful if the client does not have a client certificate? Authentication with client certificate is optional. The client can successfully authenticate with the server using a username and password. 10. Does an IP v4 packet include subnet mask in the header IP v4 header does not include subnet mask in the headerBuy the complete E-book – 150 interview questions and answers on networking basicsEmail –