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Make more money by integrating your data - #BrightonSEO April 2014 - Calltracks
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Make more money by integrating your data - #BrightonSEO April 2014 - Calltracks


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As the web becomes more and more open, so do the tools that you use. So how can they work together to help you improve your SEO and ultimately make you more money? This covers some tips on how to get …

As the web becomes more and more open, so do the tools that you use. So how can they work together to help you improve your SEO and ultimately make you more money? This covers some tips on how to get the most from Google Universal Analytics by integrating offline transaction data from your CRM. Find out what is possible.

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  • When I say data, as you would imagine there is a lot out there. We all use a plethora of tools to help us plan, track and analyse:SEO Tools and backlink checkersOther tools such as VOC, Call tracking,Business Intelligence Tools, A/B Testing, video , social (not that I’ve put any down), broadcast tools like emailThere is also your existing customer data in terms of what you store on your CRM system(s)The one I want to focus on is GA – specifically Universal Analytics now it is out of Beta.It can help you measure aquisition, behaviour and outcome - all essential elements of SEO. If we can use data to help us understand ROI we can make more money.
  • To understand ROI in ecom is easy.
  • You can see most of the answers in one placeThe advantage you also get with GA is the ability to see traffic, costs and revenue. You can link your adwords, view transactional data and so on. Of course if you have linked accounts you can also see in AdWords reports, but personally I think nothing better than viewing your data in GA – see how people progressed through site, what pages converting from e.t.c …..this ability to quickly query the data to answer not just is PPC delivering you profit, but more detailed into the how and who
  • Even build a custom dashboard like this example for econsultancy
  • Obviously that example was for PPC. With data import you can also pull in costs for SEO. This is a very basic tool, but helps you analyse revenue and costs in one place.
  • But if your customers can’t transact on your website this subject is a bit more tricky. You’ll know what you spend, you’ll know how many visits it drives, and you’ll know how many goals get completed. Break down emails, phone call completions (if you are running phone call tracking and so on), live chat requestsBut this doesn’t help you understand profitability – because what is a goal? It doesn’t have a guaranteed outcome like a transaction (even though it will hopefully lead to a sale).
  • Even separating out goals into different types of form fills, phone calls (e.g sales vs support) & live chat requests doesn’t give you the answer. A phone call for example could be a new lead, or existing customer. An email could be a sales enquiry or a complaint.
  • So yes, you can estimate as Google suggest, but then this value gets applied to every goal. So for example every phone call from organic search would have same value, when in reality one search engine, or a certain segment of organic traffic may actually send you better quality conversions.
  • Now this is possible with Universal Analytics, by integrating our CRM Data.This screenshot shows our account. Although we are in lead generation, you can see the outcomes - offline transactions, as well as the conversions. This way we can see how effective different channels are, as if the users had purchased online. By integrating our CRM data as well as uploading some cost data we can now we can start to understand how effective our SEO is and generating revenue and delivering ROI.By then segmenting this data further we can make sure we invest in what is working and cut what isn’t….but please note though that we definitely don’t spend £4k on SEO to generate £2k worth of revenue 
  • We can even integrate other data sources to help us understand the user journey and get an even better understanding of what drives a high ROI:Are your phone calls getting answered?If you run an A/B test don’t just analyse whether it drives more conversions, understand and analyse whether it generates more profit!Are people reading your content? If they get the bottom of it does it make it more likely they will convert and then go on to purchase? If so are they more profitable customers?What about using a video. If you are running one like we are – does this make more money? If so what page is it worth putting it on to maximise potential?
  • As measurement protocol is server side you can even feed in product cost data and profit infoIn fact you can feed in any field from your CRM System into one of the Custom Dimension or Custom Metric slots available – just remember there are only 20.
  • Any thoughts on presentation please let me know, I would really appreciate it
  • Transcript

    • 1. #BrightonSEO @Calltracks Make more money by integrating your data Ali White Head of Marketing and Sales Calltracks
    • 2. #BrightonSEO @Calltracks 2 How can you make more money? • Gain more insight to the effectiveness of your SEO & get a better understanding of ROI 2 There is one difference between winners and losers when it comes to web analytics. Winners, well before they think data or tool, have a well structured Digital Marketing & Measurement Model. Losers don't. Avinash Kaushik • This allows you to invest in what is working, and cut what isn’t • But first you need a framework
    • 3. #BrightonSEO @Calltracks 3 What data sources are available to help?
    • 4. #BrightonSEO @Calltracks 4 In E-commerce ROI is more straighforward Determining your ROI is straightforward if your business goal is web-based sales. You'll need 3 numbers: • In e-commerce…. ….that’s according to: 1. Your revenue generated 2. Your advertising costs 3. Costs related to the products that you sold
    • 5. #BrightonSEO @Calltracks 5 In fact it’s really straight forward • Most of your data can be viewed in one place…
    • 6. #BrightonSEO @Calltracks 6 In fact it’s really straight forward • Even build a custom dashboard…
    • 7. #BrightonSEO @Calltracks 7 Aren’t you forgetting this is about SEO? • With the “data import” tool you can even upload your SEO costs….
    • 8. #BrightonSEO @Calltracks 8 Aren’t you forgetting this is about SEO? • You can now start to understand ROI of your organic traffic….
    • 9. #BrightonSEO @Calltracks 9 What if you are not in ecommerce? • You can only look at conversions, which doesn’t give you transparency on ROI…
    • 10. #BrightonSEO @Calltracks 10 What if you are not in ecommerce? • You can only look at conversions, which doesn’t give you transparency on ROI… • Which of course you can segment...but what is a goal?
    • 11. #BrightonSEO @Calltracks 11 How to Estimate Goal Value • For a lead “you'll have to estimate the values of each of these actions”. • To do this you then have to understand: 1) The percentage of your leads (conversions) that become sales 2) The average value of each order
    • 12. #BrightonSEO @Calltracks 12 This isn’t a good enough measure! • Who thinks it would be great to see SEO generated offline transactions in GA? • Would automatically integrating offline sales data help you make more money? • This is now possible by integrating your CRM data into UA
    • 13. #BrightonSEO @Calltracks 13 So what makes more $$$$$$?
    • 14. #BrightonSEO @Calltracks 14 What other CRM data to integrate?
    • 15. #BrightonSEO @Calltracks 15 How this will change re-marketing • Can already remarket differently to those customers who have / haven’t converted over the phone in standard GA • Imagine segmenting out customers who have converted but not yet transacted, depending on fields in your CRM you could target based on lead quality
    • 16. #BrightonSEO @Calltracks 16 Thanks @Calltracks @AlistairWhite 0203 199 5151