How phone data might change your search strategy - Brighton SEO 2013 - T W White & Sons
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  • I work at T W White & Sons are a multi-franchise car dealer group with 7 sites across South-East England.
  • This is an example of unique numbers served
  • This slide shows performance of branded terms for the conversion rate is low I doubt anyone surprised that organic produced a lot more visits than paid….or that it converted more.I also hope when you see this that you don’t think our site has that poor a conversion rate…and it doesn’t….because I have excluded soft goals…and I’ve excluded phone calls.
  • If we add the phone calls back you can see how our website truly performs….and….you might notice that organic is no longer top dog
  • Numbers as mentioned are small but the point still remains that the phone data can drastically change the metrics, and if the trend continues this may lead to a change in your strategy
  • No it isn’t about comparing mediums and saying PPC or SEO is a better activityThe point I want to make is one you already know – keyword research, and keyword measurement. Getting back to the fundamentals – which keywords do you optimize for your audience, and also how you benchmark your performance“Mazda dealer” related terms as an example here (generic term).
  • This is where most companies who run visitor level tracking & many articles I have read seem to stop. However, need to then look past conversions.Great quote from Neil Patel about CRO. Same applies to SEO
  • From a research perspective this puts Mazda Dealer in the driving seat although naturally stats are very low to make complete decision on Mazda garage – you may even ask whether it is worth tracking
  • Ranking snapshot for Mazda Dealer (from SEOmoz)Ranking for Mazda Garage also up
  • From organic traffic Dealer brings as car sales in addition to servicing and parts. Garage so far hasn’t delivered any car sales but on organic has delivered us servicing and parts business.
  • This is a new area for me to confuse myself over , but since we are investing more and more in SEO and also in new retargeting campaigns I want to make sure our Return on Investment is top notch. Conversion Segment filter:Organic = assist only & not last conversion
  • Can start to see what impact organic contributed to others. In the case of direct organic assisted for the period of time to 34 leads. This was well over a third of our leads for this period of timeWithout tracking phone calls this would have been very differentObviously the next step is to see what keywords it is that are generating the assists


  • 1. How phone data might change your search STRATEGY Ali White Marketing Communications Manager T W White & Sons
  • 2. T W White & Sons are a multi-franchise car dealer group with 7 sites across South-East England
  • 3. What is Visitor Level Call Tracking?• It will serve a unique trackable phone number for each visitor to your website• This allows you to fully track each individual that calls you…the exact search query that they used, what pages they visited on the site and their history back through the funnel• This gives you information you usually get in GA for online conversions now for offline conversions. 2
  • 4. Example of Visitor Level Call Tracking 3
  • 5. The Good Old DaysAt T W White & Sons, prior to implementingvisitor level call tracking, our website’s conversionrate looked like this: 4
  • 6. The Good Old DaysWe did know how many calls we were getting(and there were a lot) ……but didn’t know where they were originatingfrom. 5
  • 7. The Good Old DaysThis made measuring our marketing effectivenessfrom online stock portals, SEM e.t.c anunaccountable nightmare as we couldn’t seewhat was driving our calls. 6
  • 8. Image Credit: The Good Old DaysInstead we had to rely on sales staff to report, meant informationwas often inaccurate or incomplete – especially as customerswouldn’t remember source, medium, keywords etc 7
  • 9. Why Phone Data may change your Strategy 8
  • 10. Why Phone Data may change your Strategy 9
  • 11. Why is Paid out-performing Organic? • Both go to same landing page • Same keyword as well PAID ORGANICKeyword Visits Calls Call CR% Visits Calls Call CR%tw white 40 6 15.00% 173 24 13.87%t w white 36 4 11.11% 116 10 8.62%TOTALS 76 10 13.13% 289 34 11.76% NB: These are only 2 examples from hundreds of variations for our branded terms. Obviously numbers are very small and not a big enough sample to base decisions off, but one customer on a single purchase can be worth up to ££££s (excluding lifetime value) because of profit margin in some vehicles 10
  • 12. This isn’t just about Paid vs Organic Our MD wanted to know why we chose the term ‘dealer’ over ‘garage’: • Pages already (partly) optimised • More opportunity (including intent) 11
  • 13. This isn’t just about Paid vs Organic Our MD wanted to know why we chose the term ‘dealer’ over ‘garage’: • Pages already (partly) optimised • More opportunity (including intent) • Similar competition • Historical Data we had from PPC (on next slide) 12
  • 14. This isn’t just about Paid vs Organic 13
  • 15. Forget about conversions Don’t optimise for conversions Optimize for revenue! Neil Patel – 8th October 2012 14
  • 16. Optimise for RevenueIf we look at our Calltracks performance report for “MazdaDealer” and “Mazda Garage” terms we can also see the formergenerated ££££s of PROFIT, including multiple car sales, servicingwork. Below shows one example drilldownOver period “Mazda Garage” paid traffic unfortunately didn’t deliver revenue 15
  • 17. Would you bother with ‘Garage’?• Is there enough data there to make a decision?• Would you predict the same results from organic?• As we have recently seen good improvements from SEO for organic traffic for these terms ……we can look at our performance for organic as well (next slide) 16
  • 18. Would you bother with ‘Garage’?• As you can see suddenly a massive difference on Conversion Rate for organic (below) compared to paid (shown previously) 17
  • 19. Would you bother with ‘Garage’?HOWEVER, point still remains that unless you tie these conversionsthrough to sales and revenue these stats are incomplete.As already mentioned its not about the keywords, its about INTENTof your audience using them.Even though for organic “Mazda Garage” delivered more leads than“Mazda Dealer”…the latter was still more PROFITABLE and delivereda great ROI because it delivered car sales as well as servicing andparts business.“Mazda Garage” only delivered servicing and parts business, so isstill profitable, but not as profitable as “Mazda Dealer” 18
  • 20. Last Year PPC Strategy• December represented 26% of PPC Spend for period• Calltracks Performance Report shows December accounted for 52% of PPC Generated Profit• Achieved by focusing on revenue and profit as well as conversion 19
  • 21. Multi-Channel Funnels• How phone calls also impact assists by looking at “Organic Impact” conversion segment• Without phone call tracking: 20
  • 22. Multi-Channel Funnels• How phone calls also impact assists by looking at “Organic Impact” conversion segment• With phone call tracking: 21
  • 23. Multi-Channel Funnels• With phone call tracking enabled we can start to see the TRUE impact organic contributed to other channels as well.• In the case of direct traffic, organic assisted 34 leads over period.• This represents well over a third of all direct leads over period.• Next step is to see what keywords it is that are generating assists 22
  • 24. Key Points • Must be careful when predicting success of optimizing for SEO term • Measurement is key: “The true measure of success was never the rankings, nor the traffic but how well the page a given page converted for our visitors” • When I say measurement I mean measurement of sales and revenue • Remember phone data might change your keywords... ….it may also change your strategyQuote: 23
  • 25. 24