Love the City spectacle


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Designing Dublin's presentation of the Love the City project at the Science Gallery, Dublin.

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Love the City spectacle

  1. 1. Spectacle at the Science Gallery 19.05.11
  2. 2. Designing Dublin : Learning to LearnDesigning Dublin : Learning to Learn is a Design TwentyfirstCentury project, supported by the Creative Dublin Alliance inpartnership with Dublin City Council.
  3. 3. Team A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O
  4. 4. Ethos
  5. 5. 01 / Discover02 / 03 / 04 /Understand Ideate Prototype 05 / Implement
  6. 6. Brief
  7. 7. Love the CityA. Grow awareness of the city centreB. Improve the destination experience
  8. 8. AGrow AwAreness of the city centre
  9. 9. Project deliverables› An exhibition and book called ‘100 hundred exciting things you did not know about the city centre.’› Identified project working area
  10. 10. ‘100 Exciting things’15 streeet conversations4 scheduled conversations100 hidden gems
  11. 11. ‘100 Exciting things’Book & exhibition
  12. 12. Project working area4 general areas identified
  13. 13. Bimprove the destinAtion experience
  14. 14. Project deliverables› Discover area potential› Transform the Markets Area› Prototype Extravaganza - test projects
  15. 15. Discover area potential1 site study3 open days
  16. 16. Transfrom the Markets Area8 concepts developed
  17. 17. Transfrom the Markets Area8 projects developed› 10 Enterprises / 10 Days / 10 Tests› Microcosmic Intervention› City Works› Golden Path› Pimp your Pavement› Broadcasting People› Urban Living› Creativity Network
  18. 18. Prototype Extravaganza - test projects8 prototypes1 day
  19. 19. 10 Enterprises / 10 Days / 10 TestsFresh enterprises transform our city A B ASSETS History Garda Bank Tattoo parlours PEOPLE Socialisers DCC officers Youth Students Finding needs in the Area Applying open source Belong To Bradog Carpark Dry cleaners Credit union DCC SARI HACE MACRO Homeless Pedestrians Cyclists transformation Markets Area & new business models Architects DIT Bolton Street Artist studios Christian mission Empty units Cafe Christian mission Service workers Shoppers Drivers Luas users Market suppliers Markets Restaurants Tourists Market shoppers Dublin bikes Get up and grow Old residents Delivery workers Luas Army bargains New residents Market workers MACRO Soup kitchen Foreign nationals Wholesale workers Legal profession Homeless shelter Irish Solicitors Playground Hairdressers Bargain hunters Garda Residential blocks ABC Fishing Parents Teacher Wholesale Tackle Elderly Professionals Schools Disabled Pubs Children Artists OPPORTUNITY TOURISM FOREIGN NATIONALS MARKETS DIVERSITY OF PRODUCE CORNER SHOP ANCHOR LEGAL FIRM SERVICES FOR PROFESSIONALS COMMUNITY SPACE SOCIALISING ENGAGING THE PASSERS-THROUGH PARENTS & CHILDREN DIVERSITY OF BUSINESS SPORTS & PLAY SERVICES FOR YOUTH GRAB & GO CULTURE RECREATION THERAPY FOR PROFESSIONAL PUBLIC SEATING OR GATHERING SPACE
  20. 20. City WorksShowing how people are conectedto eachother and the city 39 22 35 35
  21. 21. cconclusion
  22. 22. Total180 days work259, 200 minutes of learning5,000 people engaged12,000 post-its used10 birthdays celebrated350 blog posts27 inspirational speakers16 books reviewed for book club5 project presentations to outside groups11 weekly hour long radio shows recorded100,384 visitors to the blog
  23. 23. 12steps to deliverinG powerful projects
  24. 24. 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 /Engage in projects Work with people Ask questions and Search for hiddenwith optimism of different listen for the needs insights in perspectives and of the end user conversations backgrounds05 / 06 / 07 / 08 /Look broad and Develop many Think big, Nurture failure andwide for initial ideas and don’t start small, mistakesinspiration be precious with scale fast them09 / 10 / 11 / 12 /Allow processes to Work quick and Prototype Implementproduce outcomes dirty to try many iterations of an idea
  25. 25. Thank you!To learn more visit our
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