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Darpa Presentation

  1. 1. CS – STEM and Virtual Worlds<br />DARPA presentation<br />Melissa Seifman<br />Project Lead<br />mseifman@mvctc.com<br />(937) 216 2497<br />
  2. 2. UNCLASSIFIED – suitable to get public released<br />Virtual World STEM/Collaboration<br />Challenge:<br /><ul><li>How can CS-STEM educators from colleges and/or high schools across the United States connect their students together for research, collaboration, and immersive learning?
  3. 3. How to use this technology to encourage careers in CS-STEM?
  4. 4. How can this be extended to organizations and government applications?</li></ul>Key Tech Areas: virtual world, robotics, smartphone technology, web application<br />
  5. 5. Virtual World STEM/Collaboration<br />Why?<br />Studies show significant decline in pipeline over the last 20 years due to lack of interest, perception of difficulty, and perception of more lucrative careers!<br />
  6. 6. Virtual World STEM/Collaboration<br />Relevance to AFRL: Prepare innovative, continuing educational opportunities in support of Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) CS-STEM initiative.<br />Approach: Develop methods to send and receive data between virtual world real world. Virtual world will respond to received data with meaningful, educational results.<br /><ul><li>Files and information
  7. 7. Video/Audio (live and static)
  8. 8. Information from robot/sensors
  9. 9. Information from Smartphone</li></ul>Andrew Hughes<br />CEO, Designing Digitally, Inc.<br />Industry mentor<br />Melissa Seifman<br />Instructor, Miami Valley Career Technology Center<br />Project Lead<br />
  10. 10. Team Members<br />Name: Christopher Hsu<br />School: Carnegie Mellon University<br />Year: Freshman<br />Task: Create application to develop interface between a robot and the virtual world<br />Name: Joseph Berling<br />School: Centerville High School<br />Year: Senior<br />Task: Develop a machinima movie filmed in the virtual world to tell a story. Use editing tools as necessary. <br />Name: PriyaChawla<br />School: Centerville High School<br />Year: Senior<br />Task: Develop a collaborative, interactive science lesson on the anatomy of the eye and eye diseases performing 3D modeling and scripting as necessary<br />Name: Adam Rogers<br />School: Wright State University<br />Year: Pursuing Master’s<br />Task: Research interactive ways to instruct in Math. Study the way students learn and how that can be adapted virtually.<br />Name: Mark Siebert<br />School: Wright State University<br />Year: Junior<br />Task: Create a collaborative, interactive lesson on the Big Bang Theory using 3D modeling, animation, and scripting to be educational and fun<br />Name: Gordon Clark<br />School: Miami Valley CTC<br />Year: Senior<br />Task: Develop a way to monitor and participate in the twitter backchannel of a mixed reality event. Perform 3D modeling and scripting as necessary<br />Name: Joseph Esperanza<br />School: Wright State University<br />Year: Pursuing Master’s<br />Task: Test the physics engine within the virtual world for physics demonstrations using 3D modeling, animation and scripting to be educational and fun<br />
  11. 11. Discoveries<br />Virtual world servers may be interconnected for a public, yet private grid, with seamless integration of activities while maintaining student safety. A great way to break down classroom walls and invite global learning.<br />Second Life provides shared media opportunities to integrate any web-enabled application. Tested Internet applications included: AIML (intelligent ‘teaching’ chatbot), Twitter, GoogleDocs, interactive drawing, live audio/visual streaming for mixed reality events.<br />Robots can be integrated via Bluetooth<br />Smart phones can be integrated to send/receive information from the virtual world.<br />Immersive Lesson plans 2D and 3D Modeling of concepts<br />Digital Storytelling Shared Media<br />Foreign Language ‘Teacher’ chatbots<br />Grid Computing connections Machinima<br />Educational collaboration across the United States with immersive research projects to excite interest in CS-STEM and other careers!<br />
  12. 12. Discoveries<br />Immersive collaboration that is fun, challenging, educational, that can be used to research and resolve real world CS-STEM projects<br />
  13. 13. Demo and Questions<br />