IND-2012-350 AKYSBI Eechoda -Anti Tobacco


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Anti Tobacco

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IND-2012-350 AKYSBI Eechoda -Anti Tobacco

  1. 1. DESIGN FOR CHANGE SCHOOL CHALLENGE 2012 SUBMISSION FORMName of School: Aga khan youth and sports board for EechodaAddress: majeed store ,kumargally nizamabad FEELList the situations/problems in your school/community that bothered you: Misuse of water, electricity, bad habits, bad traffic sense, smoking, tobacco etcWho was affected by the situation/problem and what did they say? A lot of people we know and see near schools are into smoking, there is a lot of misuse of electricity and water in school and our houses lot of seniors into bad habits. IMAGINEState the problem you chose and why did you CHOOSE it? Lot of people we see are having tobacco and smoking so we decided to work on stopping that.List the different solutions you came up with and which one did you choose toimplement and why? Tobacco – its not easy to stop people from eating tobacco but we can spread awareness what happens after eating . we can explore the net and meet doctors and find out diseases caused with that . we can put up photos of diseases around our buildings and shops around etc DO“Our story- anti tobacco”Its one thing very difficult for people to quit or stop but slowly cutting down mighthelp. We all sat together and discussed what we could do to stop people from eatingtobacco or stop smoking but we are just too small they would just slap us and walkaway. It is a very sensitive issue but very important we have heard of people dieingbecause of that so we just wanted to give it a try to talk to people into it and also topeople whos friends might be into it. We also have seen a lot of family members and
  2. 2. our own cousins having gutka and smoking and spitting here and there. They enjoy itso no one has tried stopping them but we don’t wish to lose them. So we decided tostarted talking to people. we did not want to upset them we then went and exploredwhat happens after eating that after a week we went back to them with a fewpictures of mouth ulcers and cancers and lung infections etc and showed it to themthe pictures were not nice to look at very scary when we showed it to them we toldthem this happens to people who smoke and eat gutka (tobacco) a few knew but afew were shocked and told us its difficult to quit but they would try cutting downslowly. Next day we went to shop keepers and people around asking if they smoke oreat tobacco some agreed if they did some denied but we anyways told them whathappens if they eat so even in future they would want to try will not. We don’t knowhow many would stop but it will be on their minds forever. This is how we chose tobegin and we will try to spread this to people we come across. Lets hope this wouldhelp in bringing some change.