IND-2012-161 SBS Majhila -Oxytocin is a sweet poison!


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Oxytocin is a sweet poison!

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IND-2012-161 SBS Majhila -Oxytocin is a sweet poison!

  1. 1. * Milkmen boycotted the oxytocin.* People promised not to purchase such type of milk .* Vatenary doctors will visit the village every week. Majhila is a remote village located between the rivers Garra and Khannout in district Shahjahanpur. People of this village mainly uses oxytocin on their milky animals. Due to excess of sandy land green roughage is very difficult to foundof whole year. Villagers have the substitute of green roughage that is oxytocin.
  2. 2. Many students of the school saw at their homes that their guardians used aninjection upon milk-animals before milking. when the children asked theirguardians about this injection, children were rebuked and said that they shouldnever shared about it any where. but children showed their eagerness and couldnot stop themselves and they put this matter in the assembly of school. Why the idea was chosen 1. 70% farmers used oxytocin. 2. 50% animals are found infected. 3.Many students are permanently unhealthy due to this type of milk. 4.The young ones of many animals had died after some times due to its effect.
  3. 3. .We will organize a meeting of villagers and veterinary doctors in thevillage. The students will organize rally and visit all over the village sothat the villagers may be aware and avoid the use of oxytocin.Students will present a roll play and meet door to door. Action against diseases 1.Meeting of veterinary doctors with milkmen. 2.Provide veterinary medicines from the veterinary hospital. 3.Legal process against the seller of oxitocin injections. 4.We will provide calcium syrup for the milk animals. 5.We will organize regular monthly meeting by veterinary doctors.
  4. 4. 1.Rally,Chart,posters & slogan writing to create awareness against use of oxytocin. 2.Liasoninng with the veterinary doctors & SARPANCH. 3.Support with Sarpanch, villagers & literate person to prevent oxytocin. f ro m First day was spent onCampai gn weak planning out the strategies of 12 7th Sept 22st to 2 the campaign, preparing slogans, charts ,posters & drawing a route for the rally.
  5. 5. 1.Oxytocin users Survey carried out by students to identify and search major level use of oxytocin. 2.Students marched in whole village with SARPANCH and told the farmers that how much oxytocin is harmful for milk-animals. 3.Students rehearsed & practice about what they will convey to villagers.Oxytocin ka Shudh doodh ka Oxyotcin hai upyog karo, jahan,prayog band oxytocin ka prayog Beemari hai karo band karo. wahan.
  6. 6. Meeting organized by the veterinary doctors, villagers and other community members. Free calcium syrup other nutrients were provided & arranged a meeting of doctors in the village25 Students & Medicines worth rs 2 Doctors,1 compoundar 2000/ distributed 175 villagers
  7. 7. 22nd Sept 12 24th Sept 12Setting up of the idea Survey in the village.Team formation Meeting with SARPANCH & villagersWriting Slogans, preparing charts & Brainstorming done on the survey results.postersOxytocin users survey. 26th Sep 1225th Sept 12 Animals fair was held & freeA rally was taken out in the village to medicines worth Rs 2000 weremobilize the community for the meeting distributed.with Dr.& to create awareness against After the fair Mr. A.K.Singh & D.Koxytocin. Mishra conducted some experimentsRally paused at the cow & buffalo shed to to display the harmful side effects ofsuggest the milkmen. oxytocin.
  8. 8. 27th Sep 12A play titled ‘Milk Poison’ organized in the village tohighlight the oxytocinized milk & its becomingdiseases that which a boy take milk (complete food)daily yet the boy becoming weak & fragile.At last villagers take an oath & promise that we willnot use oxytocin in the future.Village Sarpanch exhorted the villagers that theygrow green roughage keep out oxytocin theiranimals OATH Boycott of Oxytocin injections
  9. 9. The last day of the campaign started with news ofsuccess as1.Villagers bring oxytocin injection from at home &destroy.2.Village Sarpanch, BDC & JILA PACHAYAT memberinvolved & promised to provide help of veterinarydoctors.3.Villagers selected their effected animals & show thedoctors.4.Doctor from the veterinary hospital Khudaganjagreed to visit the village once in a week & will providefree medicines.
  10. 10. School Leader- Mr.Sanjeev singhMentor Teacher-Mr.Mohd.RashidStudents:Jyoti,Moni,Rani,Geeta,Sana-Bi,Arti,Rajni,Mahima,Kajal,Rani,Reena,Nagma,Anchal, Anurag,Sachin,Abdul Rahman,KadhaiLal,Ramu,Rajesh,Anshul,Abhishek,Raju Kushwaha,akash Mishra Sandeep.