Design for community care
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Design for community care






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Design for community care Design for community care Presentation Transcript

  • Copyright © 2012, Peter JonesDesigning for Community asthe Source of CareCo-creating Care where it happensPeter JonesRedesign ResearchOCAD University, Toronto
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter JonesPracticesRedesign redesignresearch.comDialogic Design designwithdialogue.comPublicationsPapers / Blog designdialogues.comResearch sLab.ocad.caHealthcare designforcare.comProductsCdling.comClinical KeyProcedures ConsultScienceDirectdesignforcare.comPeter Jones, Ph.D. @redesignSenior Fellow, Strategic Innovation LabFaculty of Design, Strategic Foresight & Innovation
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter Jones“What if Design was designed asa care profession?” And if …Healthcare as systems of servicesEnabling those who serve peopleseeking care: Health practice &care organizations.• People not patients.• Systemic, touches every sector• Cases, Methods, ExperiencesRethinking Care1. Design as Caregiving2. Co-Creating Care3. Seeking HealthRethinking Patients4. Design for Patient Agency5. Patient-Centered Care ServiceRethinking Care Systems6. Innovating Points of Care7. Designing Healthy Information Technology8. Systemic Design in Healthcare Innovation9. Futures in Service for Care:Innovations in Healthcare Experience
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter Jones
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter JonesReal care occurs in-place, acommunity we share with others.Caring requires knowing, trust, patience, humility,honesty, & the primacy of life’s rhythms.“… there must also be developmental change onthe other as a result of what I do; I must actuallyhelp the other grow.” M Mayerhoff
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter JonesSchools of Design Thinking in Healthcare• User Experience / IxD / IA• Service Design• Evidence-Based Design• Environmental Design• Participatory Design• Generative Design• Radical Innovation• We tend to forget – Sociotechnical systems
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter Jones
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter Jones8SERVICE
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter JonesA Healthcare Revolution?Two trends are preparing ux for what’s next :• Tech - Mobile & Health 2.0• Social - ePatient & patient-centered• Our investment mattersThe way we design for care now defines our field
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter JonesWhat’s your Possibility?• Choose your ContextConsumer HealthCare PracticeHealthcare OrganizationsEducation, Policy & Institutions• From designing services to co-creating care
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter Jones
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter JonesPeople are health-seekersA health-seeking journey occurs over a lifetime, a continuitythat proceeds through youth, adulthood, & older age.
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter JonesDesign more for value demandLess for failure demand• From systems perspective,disease focus is intervention• Patient context is temporary• Prevention, adherence, & continuity
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter Jones
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter JonesWhere does Health Live?
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter JonesWhere does Health Live?Dis-eases emerge from so many factors …Can we design for:• Home conditions• Connectedness - Friends & family circles -• Autonomy, mobility & communications• Neighborhood, safety, food supply• = community
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter Jones
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter JonesHow does identity change as a patient?
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter Jones
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter Jones
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter Jones
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter Jones
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter JonesCan we distribute care resourcesamong different points of connection?
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter Jones
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter Jones• Person-Family• Person-Community• Patient-Patient• Patient-Providers• Providers-Community
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter JonesDesign skillsets in healthcareCommunity “All 4 at once”D3.0 & 4.0 require powertools of systems &collaboration.Transfer down:- Sensemaking mindset- Stakeholders- Reframing power- AdjacencyAdapted from Humantific with permission
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter JonesD3.0 & 4.0 “Changemaking”Power tools are necessary:- Systemic design approaches.- Multi-stakeholder collaboration.- Participatory research.- Strategic innovation.- Design of practice & service.Healthcare Design Contexts in …Clinical practices for complex careNew organizational modesRedesigning business modelsService systemsClinical educationCommunity engagementHealthcare networksPublic health - PreventionPolicy developmentTransforming education
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter JonesAtrial Fibrillation CareMany health services treat chronic &complex illness as exceptions. Patients fallbetween the cracks & are shuttled around,getting fragmented care. By not adapting tothe changing reality of the chronicdemographic, costs rise as hospitals increasetheir exception cases.Morra, et al (2010). Reconnecting the pieces to optimize care in Atrial Fibrillation in Ontario.D3 & D4
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter Jones29Atrial Fibrillation Aftercare Pathway(Service design is not inherently systemic.)
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter Jones30Atrial Fibrillation System RedesignThe improvement of individual experience isan effect in healthcare. Nice but notsystemic. Redesign institutional practices &business models.
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter JonesIf 90% of U.S. babies were breastfedfor 6 months, save $13 billion /yearThe United States has one of thelowest rates of breastfeeding of anycountry in the developed world.Only 13% of children are exclusivelybreastfed for the first 6 months.Correlated with fewer infections,illnesses, & diseases, such as asthma,diabetes and obesity.1st place Rotman Design ChallengeMayo Clinic
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter Jones• P2P network & service• Simple & decentralized• Enduring connectionsMDes Strategic Foresight & InnovationLiving communities are co-creative.
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter JonesUnderstanding the design momentThe Experience ofBreastfeedingHuman-centeredInterventionUnderstanding phaseExpert interviewsLactation ConsultantChild Life SpecialistAnthropologistMoms & DadsIn-depth interviewsResearch Design Research DesignExpert interviewsMidwifeSociologistMomsIn-depth interviews withmothers focused on themoment of intervention.“The Latch”Moment ofWellness
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter JonesMDes Strategic Foresight & InnovationPrepare a mother for the emotional andphysical challenges ahead to ensure ingoingassumption is not that “it comes naturally”Offer safe, unbiased, emotional support andpositive reinforcement during the “latchexperience” when it is needed most
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter JonesMAYO MOMNEW MOMFacilitate ConnectionConnection
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter JonesHow do we design for healthy communities?D4.0 designresearch skillsCo-creative forSocial SystemsComplex – all 4Trans-disciplinaryNot-radical Innovation
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter Jones37Accessibility of Family Physicians in OntarioJosina Vink, Jessica Mills, Phouphet SihavongSocial Systems project, Strategic Foresight & Innovation, OCAD UThe average age of family physicians in Ontario is 52 years old.9.8% of family physicians in Ontario practice in rural communities, where as13% of Ontarians live in rural communities.One third of physicians in Canada practice family medicine, but to meetthe need, it should be closer to one half of all physicians.
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter JonesOCAD UniversityMills, Sivavong, & Vink, 2011Positive Systems Change InRural Communities Without AFamily Physician: A Case Study
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter JonesService design for caregiver community
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter Jones“How can the community of Thessalon First Nation meet and exceedtheir primary health care needs?”
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter Jones
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter JonesHow do we design for healthy communities?D4.0 designresearch skillsCo-creative forSocial SystemsComplex – all 4Trans-disciplinaryNot-radical Innovation
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter Jones
  • Copyright © 2012, Peter JonesThank you.@redesign @designforcaredesignforcare.comdesigndialogues.comredesignresearch.comStrategic Innovation LabOCAD University TorontoStrategic Foresight & Innovation