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Winterizing Your Garden Fountain V2
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Winterizing Your Garden Fountain V2

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  • 1. By DesignerStatues.com
  • 2. Why Winterize Your Fountain?
    • Protects your investment in a garden fountain
    • Frozen water and fountains don’t go together
      • Broken Bowls, Shells, or Basins
      • Cracked tubing
      • Ruined pumps
      • Damaged finishes
  • 3. Winterizing your Garden Fountain
    • Get the water out – prevents freezing and damage.
    • Dry the surfaces – it’s a great time of year to make sure your spring set up goes smoothly. Consult your Garden Fountain manufactures care guide for approved cleaning solutions and suggestions
    • Inspect for cracks- give the fountain a once over for weak cracks in the concrete
  • 4. Winterizing your Garden Fountain Indoor Storage and Covering tips
    • Storing
    • Disassemble and place in a garage, basement or storage facility
    • Blankets to protected the pieces
    • Plastic or a fountain cover to protect the finish
    • Keep the kids off of it
    • Covering
    • If you can’t store it inside
    • Use an Manufacturer recommend fountain cover .
    • Fill the bowls, basins, or shells with an absorbent material to keep the water from pooling.
    • Keep checking it wind and rain can wreck even the best secure covers
  • 5. Winterizing your Garden Fountain
    • Pumps and Tubing Should be taken out of the fountain
    • Store them inside in a warm dry space. They don’t like be cold
    • Resources
    • Free Winterizing your fountain Guide from Designer Statues
    • Replacement Pumps – should be purchased based on the original model. Third party pumps are available but may void the garden fountain warranty.
    • Fountain Covers – Make sure they’re not torn