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A versatile workshop programme that results in strong stakeholder ownership.  Modules cover strategic planning, product development, process design, issue resolution, action planning, requirements analysis and quality review. Multi-day workshop programmes involving 12 - 16 participants in a single session with over 100 stakeholders participating across sessions

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  • Can every one see the slide. The art of collaboration is the topic of today’s presentation! BluSky, workshop, facilitator, DSDM, JAD, RAD, rapid A versatile workshop programme that results in strong stakeholder ownership.  Modules cover strategic planning, product development, process design, issue resolution, action planning, requirements analysis and quality review. Multi-day workshop programmes involving 12 - 16 participants in a single session with over 100 stakeholders participating across sessions Metaphor Little Rabbit Foo Foo was a brown rabbit. He learned how to shoot a gun, and he wanted to hunt. He looked at an elephant and decided elephants where too big. He looked at a Jaguar and decided Jaguars are too fast. He decided to try out his gun on brown rabbits. He killed quite a number of brown rabbits. Then hunting season officially opened. There weren’t too many brown rabbits left, and one of the first brown rabbits captured by a human rabbit hunter was our gun toting friend. As the hunter trussed him up and took him away to the cooking pot, the rabbit lamented, “It’s not fair. Why does everything happen to me? ” NEXT SLIDE
  • 3 Involving Key Stakeholders

    1. 1.  v Art of Collaboration High performance teams collaborating to achieve great things BluSky
    2. 2.  v Agenda 1. Facilitated process 2. When to BluSky 3. BluSky collaboration services 4. Creative BluSky 5. BluSky workshop timeline 6. Motivation 7. Client experience 8. How to get there?
    3. 3.  v Facilitated BluSky Process A team of people that respect each others personal growth & success working together to rapidly produce a set of deliverables by following a structured process to solve a business problem they are empowered to resolve! A rigorous facilitation process The Right People High Performance TeamsA desire for change Participants are selected based on: 1. Relevant business knowledge 2. Motivation to find a practical solution 3. Authority to implement the solution 4. BluSky facilitation leadership PSDD CYCLE PSDD CYCLE Insurance: Segment by risk, manage by exception Supply Chain: One world | one purpose | one team Publishing: Unlocking the value of content bound by the book cover Telco: Partner incentives by product sales value, not just sales volume A four step approach designed to deliver a thorough facilitation process where combination of clear, concise instructions and industry examples set the expectation of what is required. Workshop participants only need to bring their knowledge of the business problem being addressed. Present - Show - Demonstrate - Do PSDD CYCLE
    4. 4.  v When to BluSky  Complex programmes involve many stakeholders across the organisation  Important contributions, decisions or commitment are required from a broad range of stakeholders  The solution requires comprehensive breadth of learning, robust analysis or extensive knowledge  A strong network is necessary communicate and influence a larger community affected by the change  A good foundation for partnering is needed to gain insight into the requirements and benefits expected  The team needs to achieve a quick result Business process engineering New product development Problem resolution Programme scope Definition and Planning Find white space opportunities… Implement transformational business change Business strategy BluSky is designed to address key issues that require ownership, alignment and strategic focus to help deliver value… Develop business operating models
    5. 5.  v BluSky Collaboration Services Strategy Map Workshop: Establishing strategic insight into the business change covering mission, strategic objectives, future scenarios and performance measures. Issue Resolution Workshop: Collaborative process for resolving cross functional issues that are primary roadblocks to achieving business goals or organisational alignment. Action Planning Workshop: Action planning session designed to identify and address the issues that must be resolved in order to implement a new change programme. Project Definition Workshop: Clear concise definition or programme or project scope covering product, organisation, process and data and non-functional constraints. Business Case Workshop: Framework for conducting detailed cost and benefit analysis to define project budget and prepare plan for realising programme benefits. Product Design Workshop: Designing horizon three products and product platforms that enhance buyer value through differentiation or reducing cost structures. Process Engineering Workshop : Innovative collaborative process design process for removing bottlenecks using technology enablers to increase self service channels, remove paper based processes and streamline workflow on high value activities. Requirement Analysis Workshop: Evolutionary process for preparing business requirements beginning at high level and drilling down into detailed descriptions based on project priorities. Solution Design Workshop: Requirements exploration and solution development covering architecture design, gap analysis, impact analysis, roadmap planning and cost estimation. Quality Review Workshop: Guided peer review conducted to ensure the best product is presented for stakeholder acceptance and signoff. InstigationDestination
    6. 6.  v Review Context Establish Practical Vision Analyse Roadblocks Determine Strategic Directions Prepare Action Plan Verify & Validate Outcome BluSky Iterative Cycle Example Output Actions to implement strategy 90 day implementations steps Implementation schedule Output Business problem - Why Statement Team research investigation results Output Pain points Root cause analysis Improvement opportunities Output Strategic goals and objectives Measures Strategic priorities Output Business strategy Ranked priorities Output Strategic scenarios Product revisions Workshop Evaluation Harmonise & Manage Requirements
    7. 7.  v Creative BluSky Approach The BluSky approach results in:  Ownership of the results  Enhanced business partnerships  Common understanding of the business  Broad-based alignment around the business vision  Accelerate the analysis process  Improve the quality and value of the end solution  Provide a structured & repeatable process that sets an expectation of high performance Synergy Bold Strategic A facilitated approach the brings together pressing issue, key stakeholders and proven process. Models are used extensively to brainstorm, draft and test business concepts (divergent ideas). Once the shape of the models become stable (convergent ideas) they are used to provide the framework for preparing detailed reports. Full participation in developing the new business model ensures strong stakeholder ownership of the end result, preparing a leadership team capable of driving the changes across the organisation.
    8. 8.  v BluSky Workshop Timeline Multi-day workshop programmes, with 12 - 16 participants per workshop, involving between 50 - 100 stakeholders. Project Brief ½-1 day Event Preparation 5 days Workshop Events 1-6 days Quality Review 3 + 1 days Action Plan 30-90 days • Brief Project team • Review objectives • Describe deliverables • Identify participants • Define workshop session • Agenda • Presentations • Workshop schedule • Workshop plan & worksheets • Equipment check & set-up • Integrate outcome into programme • Finalise and distribute reports • Communication outcome • Initiate implementation planning • Assess content • Identify the good & bad • Summarise review • Agree on action • Make changes
    9. 9.  v A farmer had a barn which a dozen mice made themselves at home. The mice were a nuisance and were eating the grain supply. The farmer had six cats that were supposed to be mousers, but the mice kept multiplying. The cats lay around in the sun all day and partied all night, and the mice prospered. Finally, a grey tabby caught a mouse and brought it to the farmer. He immediately poured thick cream in a saucer for the cat. The other cats had scanty rations that night, but the grey cat dined well. The next day the grey tabby caught three mice, and she was again rewarded by the farmer. By the third day the barn was free of mice. The farmer then moved that tabby into the kitchen, where her saucer was kept brimming with cream. BluSky
    10. 10.  v Client Experience The First Media OSS planning workshop was very well prepared and facilitated. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Manager, Network Management Planning The RPSS time box was by far the best run to date. The workshop process allowed us to focus on our requirements and formulate the concepts necessary to solve the RPSS publishing content problem, rather than just conducting the Rational Unified Process. Manager, Retail Support The product & pricing requirements analysis workshop was one of the most effective processes I have been involved in for a number of years. Manager, Retail Products A good day today - the concepts are falling into place and we are achieving and see we are achieving and progressing. Manager, OH&S The feedback from my staff for the 2 day workshop has been very positive and it seems Stephan worked them hard and facilitated strongly and left people with a sense of high value for their time spent. Well done, a good start on the way to the first deliverable! Director, Major Hazards Division I wanted to thank you for all your efforts on the project. I certainly have learned a lot. Publishing Manager, Lifestyle
    11. 11.  v How to get there? Technology architecture & solutions are justified at a strategic and financial level by preparing a business case. +61 (0) 432 690 196 stephan@designerdata.com.au www.designerdata.com.au